Nun Says Sex Is Such a Gift That Even Mary Probably Had It

Sister Lucia Caram's remarks aren't going over well
By Jenn Gidman,  Newser Staff
Posted Feb 2, 2017 2:48 PM CST
Nun Said Virgin Mary Likely Had Sex. It's Not Going Over Well
Fire up the Madonna.   (Getty Images/Germano Poli)

Mary was in love with Joseph and they probably had sex—full stop. That's the general gist of what a popular Dominican nun known for her huge Twitter following and recipes she whips up in her Catalan convent said on Spanish TV Sunday, and it's causing a whole lot of Catholic-fueled controversy, the Guardian reports. Sister Lucia Caram made the gasp-inducing statements during the Chester in Love show: On the topic of love and sex, Caram said she doesn't really see what the big deal is, even when it comes to the mother of Jesus. "Having sex is a normal thing," she said, adding that the Catholic Church has had a "poor attitude" toward human sexuality, which she says is a gift from God.

The Bishop of Vic swiftly responded to Caram, reminding her that the "Virgin" in "Virgin Mary" should be taken literally, referencing the concept of "perpetual virginity" that dictates Mary didn't do the deed any time before or after Jesus' birth. He also informed followers that Caram's remarks were regrettable and "do not conform to the faith of the church." The 51-year-old Caram—who also admitted during the program that she doesn't masturbate, per—put out a statement Wednesday saying she's received death threats and that people shouldn't twist her thoughts about Mary's sex life into something negative. "Sex is neither dirty nor something to be condemned," she said. (A New Jersey woman crowdfunded her mission to become a nun.)

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