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Scientists Want to Store a 'Lunar Ark' on the Moon

It would hold frozen samples of sperm, eggs in case disaster strikes on Earth

(Newser) - It's like an emergency kit, but in this case the label would read, "open in case of Armageddon." Scientists are floating the idea of storing samples of sperm, eggs, spores, and seeds from pretty much every life form on Earth up on the moon, reports CBS News...

America's 2 Biggest Rivals Are Building a Lunar Base

China, Russia say they will 'conduct close interaction' on scientific base

(Newser) - China and Russia are gearing up to become America's biggest rivals on the moon as well as the Earth. China's National Space Agency and Russia's Roscomos agency have announced plans to jointly build a lunar research station, the BBC reports. "China and Russia will use their...

Want to Go on SpaceX Flight to the Moon? He's Paying

Japanese billionaire Yusaku Maezawa launches contest for 8 to ride with him to lunar orbit in 2023

(Newser) - It's a Frank Sinatra song come to life, courtesy of a billionaire. In 2018, tycoon and art collector Yusaku Maezawa, founder of Japanese online fashion mall Zozotown, was announced as the first signed passenger aboard SpaceX's Starship rocket, set to fly to the moon sometime in 2023. At...

The Wolf Moon Is Coming
Behold, the Wolf Moon

Behold, the Wolf Moon

Expect some howling as January's full moon peaks Thursday

(Newser) - It's time to revive the howl in honor of the first full moon of the year. January's full moon is known as the "wolf moon" because "wolves were more often heard howling at this time," per the Old Farmer's Almanac . The traditional belief was...

Japan Thrilled About 'Treasure Box' From Space

Capsule with material from asteroid was successfully dropped to Earth

(Newser) - China's mission to retrieve moon rocks isn't the only successful space feat in the news these days. A small capsule containing asteroid soil samples that was dropped from 136,700 miles in space by Japan's Hayabusa2 spacecraft landed as planned in the Australian Outback on Sunday, per...

Bezos' Blue Origin Wants a Woman on the Moon

NASA getting ready to pick a company to build a moon lander

(Newser) - If NASA can put 12 men on the moon, Jeff Bezos' space company thinks it can put a woman on our lunar neighbor, reports the Guardian . With NASA getting ready to pick between three companies vying to supply it with a lunar lander, Blue Origin posted an Instagram video of...

China Plants Its Flag on the Moon
China Plants Its
Flag on the Moon

China Plants Its Flag on the Moon

It was left during mission to collect moon rocks

(Newser) - China did more than collect rocks in this week's mission to the moon . The state-controlled Global Times says the unmanned mission also left behind a national flag. While previous Chinese lunar missions have displayed a flag, this is the first free-standing one from China, made with fabric, to unfurl...

China's Ambitious Moon Mission Off to Good Start

Probe lands, aims to bring back moon rocks

(Newser) - A Chinese robot probe launched to return lunar rocks to Earth landed on the moon Tuesday, the government announced. Assuming all goes well, the mission will be the first in 40 years to retrieve moon rocks. The Chang'e 5 probe "successfully landed on the moon in the preselected...

China Readies an Historic Launch
China Readies
an Historic

China Readies an Historic Launch

It aims to bring back moon rocks for the first time in 40 years

(Newser) - China is continuing to flex its space muscles. On Tuesday, it rolled a rocket into place that is scheduled to lift off for an ambitious mission to the moon early next week, reports the AP . The Long March-5 will carry the Chang'e 5, whose mission is to fetch rocks...

Halloween Comes With a Bonus Treat This Year

There's a blue moon on the rise

(Newser) - No matter how you plan to spend Halloween night amid a pandemic, Mother Nature plans to deliver the appropriate setting. For the first time since 1944, a full moon will rise over all US time zones on Saturday, reports USA Today . Halloween only sees a full moon every 19 years,...

NASA Confirms Major Moon Find
NASA Confirms
Major Moon Find

NASA Confirms Major Moon Find

Water exists outside incredibly cold craters

(Newser) - Good news for thirsty lunar explorers: NASA says it has detected water on the sunlit surface of the moon for the first time. Researchers using the Stratospheric Observatory for Infrared Astronomy—a Boeing 747 that makes observations from 45,000 feet—confirmed that the chemical signature of H20 was spotted...

Nokia Gets 4G Lunar Contract
Nokia Gets 4G Lunar Contract

Nokia Gets 4G Lunar Contract

NASA wants a cellular network up there

(Newser) - To the moon, Alice! And call me when you get there. Yes, NASA is giving Nokia $14.1 million to install a cellular network on that big rock in the sky, Mashable reports. The idea is to deploy a 4G/LTE network—and later move to 5G—to "support lunar...

NASA Releases New Lunar Code of Conduct

Fighting, littering will not be allowed on the moon

(Newser) - NASA’s new moonshot rules: No fighting and littering. And no trespassing at historic lunar landmarks like Apollo 11's Tranquility Base. The space agency released a set of guidelines Tuesday for its Artemis moon-landing program, based on the 1967 Outer Space Treaty and other agreements., the AP reports. So...

Jaws Drop at NASA: The Moon Is Rusty
Jaws Drop
at NASA:
The Moon
Is Rusty
in case you missed it

Jaws Drop at NASA: The Moon Is Rusty

'At first, I totally didn't believe it'

(Newser) - Rust, on the moon? Scientists say they were shocked to find it lurking on the moon's polar surfaces, reports. "At first, I totally didn't believe it. It shouldn't exist based on the conditions present on the moon," says NASA scientist Abigail Fraeman, co-author...

NASA Patents Cheaper Way to Reach the Moon

New course is for small, unmanned missions

(Newser) - One of NASA's newest patents is about something laymen might not have thought was necessary—a map to the moon. But as the Observer reports, the newly patented route is designed for small, unmanned scientific missions. And it will not only save money, it will allow those missions to...

The Moon's Lava Tubes Can Fit Entire Cities
The Moon's Lava Tubes
Might Fit Entire Cities
new study

The Moon's Lava Tubes Might Fit Entire Cities

Imagine a tunnel that fits Dubai's Burj Khalifa. Now that's big.

(Newser) - Looks like Mars and the moon contain huge lava tubes that offer protection from solar radiation and meteors—which makes them possible homes for future explorers, LiveScience reports. A new paper says Martian tunnels appear to range from 130 to 1,300 feet in diameter, while the moon's are...

Moon May Be Younger Than We Thought
Researchers Revise
Age of the Moon
new study

Researchers Revise Age of the Moon

Study takes 85M years off its age

(Newser) - It's not such a huge change in the cosmic scheme of things, but researchers say the moon is millions of years younger than we thought. Specifically, a new model laid out in Science Advances pegs its creation at 4.425 billion years ago instead of the generally accepted figure...

For When You Go to the Moon, and You've Got to Go

NASA offers prize money for a better toilet design

(Newser) - We don't know where or when NASA does its best thinking, but at some point recently, the agency decided there might be a better idea for a toilet to use in space. One that works on the surface of the moon would be especially helpful. So it's asking...

As Nations Eye Mining Moon, the 'Artemis Accords' Emerges

Trump administration reportedly creates international pact on moon bases, resource mining

(Newser) - The Trump administration is reportedly working on an international agreement that would lay out ground rules for moon bases and lunar mining. The Artemis Accords, named for NASA's new Artemis moon program, proposes having "safety zones" around a country's moon base. "The idea is if you...

Own a Chunk of the Moon—for a Price

Big rock up for sale at Christie's for $2.5M

(Newser) - Rich space enthusiasts who can't get a seat on a rocket now can settle for having space come to them. Christie's has a chunk of the moon for sale, and it's valued at $2.5 million, reports Reuters . The lunar meteorite (designated formally as NWA 12691) weighs...

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