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Target Recalls Weighted Blankets After Girls' Deaths

Pair suffocated with Pillowfort product

(Newser) - Target is recalling more than 200,000 weighted blankets after a pair of young girls suffocated earlier this year, reports CBS News . The recall involves 204,000 Pillowfort blankets, the chain and the Consumer Product Safety Commission said Thursday. The recall notice warns that a "young child can become...

Target, Other Retailers Weigh Down Markets
Target, Other Retailers
Weigh Down Markets

Target, Other Retailers Weigh Down Markets

Target drops 13.1% after dismal financial report

(Newser) - Wall Street closed lower on Wednesay as hefty drops in retailers and technology companies offset gains elsewhere in the market. The S&P 500 fell 32.94 points, or 0.8%, to 3,958.79. The Dow Jones Industrial Average fell 39.09 points, or 0.1%, to 33,553....

Boy, Woman Stabbed in 'Unprovoked' Attack at Target

Suspect was shot and killed by security guard in Los Angeles store

(Newser) - A security guard at a Target store in downtown Los Angeles shot and killed a man who allegedly stabbed two people, including a 9-year-old boy, in an "unprovoked" attack Tuesday. Police say the "heinous act" began around 6:40pm when the 40-year-old suspect plucked a 9-inch knife from...

Inflation Affects Walmart, Target Holiday Strategies

With prices going up, retailers expect shopping to start earlier

(Newser) - This fall, it won't just seem like the holiday shopping season is starting early. Walmart and Target on Thursday announced an earlier-than-normal launch as part of their holiday sales strategy. As CNN puts it, "Halloween is still a month away, but Walmart is ready for Christmas." Anticipating...

Cops: YouTubers Built Fort, Hid Inside Target Until 3am

They could get up to 7 years for '24-hour Target challenge'

(Newser) - Police in Pennsylvania say two people hid inside a Target store and remained there for hours after it closed—and they might have gotten away with it, if they hadn't documented their activities in a YouTube video titled "24 Hour Overnight Challenge in Target." Police say Charlotte...

Some New Hires at Target to Get Paid a Lot More

Company plans to raise starting wage to $24 where competition for workers is fiercest

(Newser) - Target's current starting wage is $15 per hour, more than double the federal minimum wage—and in some areas, it's going to go a lot higher. The company said Monday that it plans to spend an extra $300 million this year to attract and retain workers with moves...

Target Will Soon Hand-Deliver Starbucks to Customers

The ones using curbside pickup, that is

(Newser) - If your Saturday to-do list generally involves Target and Starbucks, life may be about to get easier. Target on Wednesday announced it will this year start testing an option in select stores where you can add a Starbucks coffee order to your Target Drive Up order, meaning your Target goods...

Target Makes a Permanent Move on Thanksgiving

All stores will be closed on the holiday, this year and going forward

(Newser) - Target is bailing from one aspect of the holiday shopping rush: Its stores will be closed on Thanksgiving—not just this year, but on all Thanksgivings going forward, reports MarketWatch . The shift can be chalked up to the pandemic: The chain chose to close last Thanksgiving, and it also spread...

As Competition for Workers Heats Up, Target Offers Debt-Free Education

Company says it will cover entire cost of 250 business-related programs

(Newser) - With competition for retail workers heating up, Target has joined a growing number of employers, including rival Walmart , offering free college tuition. The retail giant says it plans to invest $200 million over the next four years in a program to offer " debt-free undergraduate degrees " and free textbooks,...

Target to Stop Selling Pokemon Cards in 'Abundance of Caution'

Trading cards are rising in value and spurring threats; store also won't sell MLB, NFL, NBA cards

(Newser) - If you're looking to add to your stash of Pokemon trading cards, don't head to your local Target: The retail giant has decided to no longer sell them after a violent confrontation last week in a Target parking lot. Starting Friday, Target will no longer sell trading cards...

PETA's Monkey Labor Claim Sees Another Big Casualty

Target the latest to drop Chaokoh coconut milk

(Newser) - A brand of coconut milk is slowly disappearing from the shelves of America's retailers thanks to an effort by PETA . Target on Monday confirmed to USA Today that it no longer sells Chaokoh coconut milk after PETA accused the Thai brand of relying on forced monkey labor. Since 2019,...

Hasbro Warns: Take These Water Guns Away From Kids

53K Super Soakers recalled due to lead risk

(Newser) - Squirt guns: the perfect activity for a summer stuck at home, right? Well, not so much for the thousands of people who bought two particular styles of Nerf's Super Soaker water guns between March and July of this year at Target. Hasbro is recalling 52,900 Super Soaker XP20...

She Tore Down Masks in Target, Now Blasts 'Classless' Act
She Tore Down
Masks in Target,
Now Blasts
'Classless' Act
in case you missed it

She Tore Down Masks in Target, Now Blasts 'Classless' Act

Melissa Rein Lively blames mental health struggles for July 4 incident in Scottsdale, Ariz.

(Newser) - "This s---'s over!" Melissa Rein Lively ranted in a video posted last month, ripping face masks for coronavirus protection off their rack at an Arizona Target and throwing them on the floor. The self-recorded clip—in which Lively also shows off a Rolex watch she says is...

COVID Changing Big Retailers' Holiday Plans

Target joins Walmart in closing for Thanksgiving

(Newser) - The coronavirus is already causing big retailers to modify their holiday shopping season. On Monday, Target said it would close its stores on Thanksgiving for the first time since 2011, reports USA Today . The move comes after Walmart announced that it, too, would close on Thanksgiving, the first time that'...

Target Giving Every Single Hourly Worker a Bonus

And company is completing its plan to raise its minimum wage ahead of schedule

(Newser) - For those of you wishing that 2020 would just end already—Target is at least bringing the end of 2020 to early July. The company on Wednesday announced that all workers would make a minimum of $15 an hour as of July 5. In 2017 it announced that it would...

Shoppers Told to Wear Masks Fight With Guards

Target employee's arm is broken in melee

(Newser) - Two brothers who were told to leave a Target in California because they weren't wearing face masks started a fight with security guards instead. The men were being escorted out of the Van Nuys store by the employees on May 1 when the struggle began, the Los Angeles Times ...

US Stores Cut Hours, Close Doors
US Stores Cut
Hours, Close Doors

US Stores Cut Hours, Close Doors

Shortened hours give chains like Walmart time to restock, clean

(Newser) - For those Americans whose answer to social distancing is to crowd their local grocery stores and frantically empty paper product aisles like there would never be Charmin to be squeezed again, well, those stores see you and they are reacting. Walmart is typical in its efforts, reports NPR , announcing this...

Target Ad About Black-Owned Business Spurs 1-Star Reviews

Honey Spot commercial for Target becomes flashpoint in conversation about race

(Newser) - Another TV commercial is the subject of unintended controversy, but this one has nothing do with exercise bikes . Instead, the Target commercial features the African-American owner of the Honey Pot, which sells feminine hygiene products, as she talks about her business and its potential to inspire. Coverage:
  • The ad: Watch

Baby Carriers Sold Through Amazon, Target Recalled

Buckle can break on Infantino product, meaning the baby can tumble out

(Newser) - Baby carriers literally have one job—to carry babies—which is why a recall announced by the Consumer Product Safety Commission is particularly alarming. USA Today reports that around 14,000 Infantino baby carriers made in China and sold at Target and through Amazon have been recalled because their buckles...

Man Dumped From Wheelchair in Dispute Over Parking Space

Philip Kinstler, who is paralyzed, says his wrist was broken

(Newser) - A California man is facing charges of attempted kidnapping and assault after a Target customer was dumped out of his wheelchair. Philip Kinstler, who has used a wheelchair for 30 years, arrived at the Pleasant Hill store on Jan. 11 to find a vehicle parked in a disabled spot without...

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