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Star Wars Script Harrison Ford Left in Apartment Sells for $13.5K

Ford left it in a London flat he was renting in 1976

(Newser) - While in London in 1976 filming the first Star Wars movie ever made, Harrison Ford rented a flat near the studio—and when he moved out, he left behind an incomplete copy of the script that has now sold at auction for more than $13,500. Its pre-sale auction low...

For Ford's Indy, a 'Satisfying Goodbye'
For Ford's Indy,
a 'Satisfying Goodbye'

For Ford's Indy, a 'Satisfying Goodbye'

At 80, this 'top-notch action hero' can still 'run away with a movie'

(Newser) - For the fifth and apparently final time, Harrison Ford cracks the whip as Indiana Jones in Indiana Jones and the Dial of Destiny , which jumps across time, following the iconic adventure hero as he chases a time-shifting artifact. At times digitally de-aged, Ford's Indy still manages to wow critics....

Harrison Ford's Marvel Debut: Captain America: Brave New World

Ford takes over a role vacated by the death of actor William Hurt

(Newser) - Iconic actor Harrison Ford is trading in his fedora and bullwhip for a role in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. CNN reports that a recent Instagram post from Anthony Mackie, who stars as Captain America in the upcoming movie Captain America: Brave New World, Ford is seen sharing a laugh with...

Here Were the Best Moments From the Oscars
The Oscars Got
Pretty Emotional

The Oscars Got Pretty Emotional

Some of the night's best moments included a tribute from Travolta, reunion between Indiana Jones stars

(Newser) - Everything Everywhere All at Once was the big winner at Sunday night's Academy Awards , but there were plenty of big moments to go around at the star-studded event:
  • Irritation, actually: Before the show even began, Hugh Grant made an appearance on the "red" carpet that had everyone buzzing,

Harrison Ford Gets De-Aged for New Indiana Jones
Trailer, Title Are Out
for 5th Indiana Jones

Trailer, Title Are Out for 5th Indiana Jones

Preview sees Harrison Ford digitally de-aged

(Newser) - We have our first look at Harrison Ford in his fifth turn as Indiana Jones, which will also be his last. "I will not fall down for you again," the 80-year-old Ford, who injured his shoulder while rehearsing an action scene for the upcoming Indiana Jones and the ...

Meet 'Pan Solo,' a Bread Replica of Star Wars Hero

Mother-daughter bakery in Calif. crafted the 6-foot-tall sculpture using wood and dough

(Newser) - Han Solo may be a hunk, but "Pan Solo" is a hunk of bread. That's what a bakery in the San Francisco Bay Area has dubbed its 6-foot-tall bread sculpture of the Star Wars character as he appeared after being frozen in carbonite in The Empire Strikes Back....

Our 'Sole Remaining Great Movie Star' Turns 80

Harrison Ford 'still has it'

(Newser) - Harrison Ford turned 80 on Wednesday, and there was plenty of love for the iconic actor. At the Guardian , Richard Heritage writes that with the likes of Robert De Niro having "dissolved into parody" long ago and others still "too young to qualify," Ford is "our...

Story of Harrison Ford and the Lost Credit Card Ends Happily

Police in Sicily say they returned card to actor after tourist turned it in

(Newser) - "What was briefly yours is now mine," nemesis Rene Belloq told Indiana Jones in Raiders of the Lost Ark. Fortunately for Harrison Ford, a tourist who found his lost credit card in Sicily did not adopt the same attitude. Police in Palermo said the German tourist found the...

Harrison Ford Injured on Set of Indiana Jones 5

78-year-old star was rehearsing fight scene

(Newser) - Harrison Ford has suffered another on-set injury, seven years after a door on the Millennium Falcon almost killed him . The 78-year-old suffered a shoulder injury while rehearsing a fight scene for the fifth Indiana Jones movie , which is filming in Britain, the BBC reports. The extent of the injury has...

Indiana Jones 5 Lands Big Name for Lead Actress

Phoebe Waller-Bridge will star with Harrison Ford

(Newser) - A fifth installment of the Indiana Jones franchise is in the works, and it just landed a big-name female lead to co-star with Harrison Ford. Phoebe Waller-Bridge, the star and creator of the much-praised Fleabag , is on board, reports Deadline . No word yet on who her character will be, but...

At 78, Harrison Ford Will Play Indiana Jones One Last Time

Filming is set to start in the spring

(Newser) - Indiana Jones will be back in 2022 for one last crack of the whip. Disney confirmed Thursday that Lucasfilm is in pre-production for what will be 78-year-old Harrison Ford's fifth and final appearance as the character, 12 years after Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull, with...

Harrison Ford on Runway: 'I'm Terribly Sorry'
The Feds Investigate
Harrison Ford

The Feds Investigate Harrison Ford

The aviation enthusiast apparently misheard a control-tower message

(Newser) - "You know, sometimes I amaze even myself." Han Solo's iconic line didn't quite apply Friday when Harrison Ford flirted with disaster on a Southern California runway, the Daily News reports. The 77-year-old actor apparently misheard the control tower operator at Hawthorne Airport and crossed a runway...

No Superhero Rescue at Calif. Car Crash—Just Harrison Ford

Star rushed to help woman whose car veered off Santa Paula highway

(Newser) - A woman who crashed her car off the side of a California highway over the weekend probably wasn't expecting Indiana Jones to come to her rescue. But that's who she got, in the form of the real-life Harrison Ford, who happened to be driving behind her late Sunday...

Blade Runner Sequel Disappoints at the Box Office

The film only did well among men over 25

(Newser) - Blade Runner 2049 opened surprisingly weakly at the North American box office, debuting with an estimated $31.5 million, AP reports. That's a disappointing start for a highly touted, well-reviewed sequel that cost at least $155 million to make. Warner Bros. and Sony Pictures, which collaborated on the Alcon...

For a Sequel, Blade Runner 2049 Is Uncommonly 'Original'
Blade Runner 2049
Isn't Just a Movie.
It's 'High Art'

Blade Runner 2049 Isn't Just a Movie. It's 'High Art'

Critics are raving about this 'original' sequel

(Newser) - Set 30 years after the original Blade Runner, Denis Villeneuve's Blade Runner 2049 finds LAPD cop and blade runner K (Ryan Gosling) on a meandering path that eventually leads to Rick Deckard (Harrison Ford), who's long been in hiding—and hiding a secret. What critics are saying about...

Harrison Ford Gives a Harrison Ford Answer on Fisher Affair

He finally addresses their alleged extramarital fling—kind of

(Newser) - Han was allegedly not so Solo while making Star Wars in the mid-'70s with Carrie Fisher: The late actress, who played Princess Leia, revealed in her 2016 memoir, The Princess Diarist, that she had a three-month affair with Harrison Ford, who played Solo, during the making of the movie....

Harrison Ford Won't Be Punished for Plane Incident

He told controllers he'd been a schmuck, lawyer says

(Newser) - Federal authorities have decided not to penalize Harrison Ford for an incident that caused him to tell air traffic controllers that he was a "schmuck." Ford's lawyer says that after a full investigation of the Feb. 13 incident , the Federal Aviation Administration has decided not to fine...

Harrison Ford's Harrowing 45 Seconds Captured on Video

He mistakenly flies low over airliner

(Newser) - Video released Tuesday shows a plane piloted by Harrison Ford suddenly and mistakenly flying low over an airliner with 110 people aboard at a Southern California airport. The 45 seconds of soundless video show the 74-year-old star's potentially serious mishap at John Wayne Airport in Orange County last week,...

Another Scary Plane Incident for Harrison Ford

Actor mistakes taxiway for runway

(Newser) - Perhaps it's time for Harrison Ford to consider a safer hobby? On Monday, the actor was landing his single-engine Husky aircraft at California's John Wayne Airport when he accidentally aimed for a taxiway instead of the runway he'd been instructed to land on, sources tell NBC News...

Watch Out, Replicants, Blade Runner Trailer Is Here

Get ready for the much-anticipated Harrison Ford-Ryan Gosling matchup

(Newser) - People (and/or replicants) are buzzing online about one of the most anticipated movies of 2017. The trailer for Blade Runner 2049 was released Monday, and per USA Today , the 1:45 clip "hits all the right notes." Denis Villeneuve, director of 2016's hit Arrival, is the director...

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