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All Federal Workers Must Get Vaccinations
All Federal
Must Get
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All Federal Workers Must Get Vaccinations

President Biden putting new rules into effect

(Newser) - The details of an aggressive new push by the White House on COVID are emerging, with new rules affecting federal employees, larger businesses, and health care workers.
  • Federal workers: Biden will sign an executive order requiring all of the estimated 2.1 million federal employees to get their shots, reports

Federal Workers Push Back Over Shutdown
Federal Workers File Suit

Federal Workers File Suit

Union doesn't want them working for nothing

(Newser) - Work without pay? Nope, federal workers are balking at that requirement and filing suit over the US government shutdown, ABC News reports. The lawsuit , filed Wednesday by the American Federation of Government Employees, objects to the requirement that so-called "essential" employees work for nothing. That category includes roughly 420,...

Judge Curbs Trump Effort to Overhaul Bureaucracy

US District Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson rules against Trump plan

(Newser) - A federal judge dealt a blow Saturday to President Donald Trump's efforts to "promote more efficient" government, ruling that key provisions of three recent executive orders "undermine federal employees' right to bargain collectively" under federal law, the AP reports. US District Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson also ruled...

Hack on Feds May Be 4 Times Bigger Than We Thought

18M Americans may have had personal data stolen, sources say

(Newser) - The hack on the personal data of a 4.2 million current and past federal employees just increased fourfold. Although the Office of Personnel Management is so far keeping to the original figure, briefed US officials say that 18 million people were actually affected, and that number is expected to...

Hackers May Have Hit Every Federal Employee

Union says they got Social Security numbers, other information

(Newser) - We knew the recent federal hack was big , but a federal employees' union says it was much bigger than has been disclosed. In fact, it alleges that the hackers got sensitive information on every single federal employee and retiree, along with 1 million former federal workers, reports AP . The news...

Government Workers Told: Bring Your Own Paper Plates

Workers should bring own dishes, cutlery to work: GAO

(Newser) - Federal workers need to provide their own dishes and cutlery at work, according to the Government Accountability Office. National Weather Service employees have been feuding with the Commerce Department, arguing federal agencies should foot the bill for dishware, since 2013 when Commerce said it could no longer provide "disposable...

Obama Declares Dec. 26 Holiday for Federal Workers
Obama Declares
Dec. 26 Holiday

Obama Declares Dec. 26 Holiday

Federal employees will get the day off

(Newser) - Federal employees just got a Christmas present from President Obama in the form of a four-day weekend. Obama issued an executive order giving the workers off on Dec. 26, reports the Washington Post . Because it's a Friday, that means an extra-long weekend. An online petition on the White House...

Federal Workers Getting Back Pay Next Week

Most will start seeing it in Oct. 25 paychecks

(Newser) - Most furloughed federal workers, who went 16 days without pay, will start getting back pay a week from tomorrow. When exactly the back pay starts showing up depends on the payroll provider used by each agency, but most workers will start seeing it Oct. 25, CNN reports. More good news:...

Federal Employees Go Back to Work ... on a Huge 'Mess'

Assuming they got the news at all

(Newser) - Federal employees are officially back on the job this morning—assuming they got the news. The bill reopening the government was signed late last night , and agencies couldn't exactly email their employees to let them know, because it was actually illegal for workers to check their email during the...

Nearly All Federal Agencies Monitor Workers' Computers

One monitoring program can track 'every activity, in complete detail'

(Newser) - Government leaks—Wiki and otherwise—have inspired heightened monitoring of federal workers' computers, and the practice has privacy advocates worried. Nearly every government branch electronically monitors its employees, according to industry insiders; one program frequently purchased by agencies promises to reveal "every activity, in complete detail." It can...

Thousands Must Fight Wildfires Uninsured

...because they're 'temporary workers'

(Newser) - As if fighting an "epic" and "apocalyptic" wildfire doesn't sound bad enough, try doing it without health insurance. That's actually what an estimated 15,000 to 20,000 federal firefighters do, writes Sarah Kliff for the Washington Post . "Of all the jobs where you might...

Vets on Jobs: Feds Are Discriminating Against Us

Returning service members file large number of complaints against government

(Newser) - Unemployment has long been a problem for returning vets, but the Washington Post now reports a troubling fact: Each year, more than 1,000 returning troops say they have lost jobs or been penalized due to their service, despite the fact that such treatment is against the law under the...

House Votes to Freeze Congress, Federal Pay

Bill expected to die in Senate

(Newser) - House lawmakers have voted in favor of a pay freeze for themselves and millions of other people whose paychecks come from Uncle Sam. The House voted 309-117 in favor of extending President Obama's 2-year pay freeze for federal employees , reports the Washington Post . Obama has called for an 0....

Federal Workers Owe $1B in Back Taxes

2010 figure soars $32M from year before

(Newser) - Some 98,000 federal workers owed $1.03 billion in unpaid taxes at the end of the 2010 fiscal year. While that's fewer employees than in 2009, the amount of cash owed climbed by $32 million, the Washington Post reports. Defense Department workers owed the most, with more than...

Starting Pay for Federal Workers Rises—a Lot
Starting Pay for Federal Workers Rises—a Lot

Starting Pay for Federal Workers Rises—a Lot

But overall, federal pay growth is slow

(Newser) - It’s a good time to be an entry-level federal worker, according to a new USA Today analysis: Starting pay is much higher today than it was for the same positions in years past. For example, the average salary for a 20- to 24-year-old government auto mechanic was $46,427...

Perry: I'll Send Bureaucrats to a 'God-Awful Place'

He says it would be his way or the highway

(Newser) - Watch out federal workers: If you don’t agree with his small-government views, President Rick Perry would send you to someplace like Siberia. At a campaign event in New Hampshire today, Perry vowed to fill the government with “individuals that understand my core philosophy that government should do a...

Uncle Sam Pays Dead People $120M a Year

Report: Office of Personnel Management does a bad job stopping fraud

(Newser) - The government has been paying retirement benefits for a whole lot of dead federal workers, according to a new report from the Office of Personnel Management’s inspector general. Over the past five years, the amount accidentally paid to the dearly departed has jumped a whopping 70%, with $601 million...

Death More Likely Than Pink Slips for Federal Workers

Government fired just 0.55% of workers last year

(Newser) - If you’re looking for job security, look no further than the federal government, where you’re more likely to leave feet-first than be fired or laid off. According to a new USA Today analysis, the government fired just 0.55% of its workforce in the past budget-year, or 11,...

As US Hits Debt Limit, Treasury Taps Fed Pensions

Move staves off default until Aug. 2

(Newser) - Washington hit the debt ceiling today, barring the Treasury Department from borrowing from the public, so it will begin borrowing from federal workers’ pensions to keep the government afloat. Treasury is legally bound to reimburse the pensions, so retirees won't be affected, notes the Washington Post , but if the...

Union: Boycott Florida, Ohio, and Wisconsin

That is, if you can afford to vacation at all

(Newser) - A Chicago-based federal employees union is urging its members to put off their vacations, stop going out to dinner, and otherwise tighten their belts in the face of a two-year pay freeze and Washington’s general newfound zeal for spending cuts. And it’s adding that if they are going...

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