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2 Big Airlines Will Stop Flying to China

Delta, American are suspending flights

(Newser) - The coronavirus fallout continues. American Airlines and Delta Air Lines say they will stop flying to mainland China, reports CNBC . American's move is effectively immediately through at least March 27, though the airline will continue to fly into Hong Kong. Delta's suspension will begin Feb. 6 and run...

Fliers Made Others Nervous. Delta Fined Over Its Reaction

US Transportation Department found the airline violated federal statutes against discrimination

(Newser) - Nazia and Faisal Ali marked their 10th anniversary with a trip to Paris, but things took a turn when they tried to return home to Ohio—and what happened next is now costing Delta. The US Transportation Department fined the airline $50,000 over that and a second incident involving...

It Pays to Be a Delta Employee
It Pays to Be a Delta Employee

It Pays to Be a Delta Employee


(Newser) - Delta employees will receive their February pay as usual next month—except the total amount will be equal to pay for February, March, and April. That's because eligible employees have gotten a profit-sharing bonus each year since 2012, and this year's payout is a record at $1.6...

Calif. Teachers Waste No Time Suing Delta Over Fuel Dump

4 of them say they were exposed to 'overwhelming' fumes when troubled plane shed fuel over school

(Newser) - Four teachers from a Los Angeles-area school sued Delta Air Lines on Friday, saying they were exposed to jet fuel when a plane with engine trouble dumped its fuel over a densely populated area, including several schools, while making an emergency return to the airport. The teachers described the fuel...

It's Not Yet Clear Why Pilots Dumped Fuel on Schoolkids

Lots of questions for Delta after plane making emergency landing dumps fuel over school

(Newser) - Delta Flight 89 experienced engine trouble shortly after taking off from Los Angeles International Airport en route to China, forcing it to turn around and make an emergency landing back at LAX—after first dumping fuel on the city of Cudahy , where dozens of children were exposed to it while...

Aircraft Dumps Fuel... Onto School Playground

17 kids playing outside at the time reported minor injuries

(Newser) - Jet fuel dumped by an aircraft returning to Los Angeles International Airport fell onto an elementary school playground where children were playing Tuesday, fire officials said. The Los Angeles County Fire Department said firefighters assessed 17 children and nine adults who complained of minor injuries and none needed to be...

Delta Workers Just Sued Lands&#39; End
Delta Workers
Just Sued
Lands' End

Delta Workers Just Sued Lands' End

Class-action filing blames rashes, breathing issues on uniforms

(Newser) - Hundreds of Delta Air Lines employees have filed a pair of class-action lawsuits against Wisconsin-based clothing manufacturer Lands' End, claiming that uniforms they are required to wear are causing serious medical problems. The first lawsuit against the Atlanta-based airline was filed in October with a second on Tuesday in federal...

10-Year-Old Girl Dies After Plane Takes Off From LAX

Janice Xu is believed to have suffered cardiac arrest on flight from LA to Seattle

(Newser) - A young girl was pronounced dead Thursday at Los Angeles International Airport after she suffered an apparent cardiac arrest on her Delta Air Lines flight that had just taken off for Seattle, forcing the plane to return due to the medical emergency, CBS News reports. CBS Los Angeles notes the...

Woman Somehow Boards Plane Without Ticket, ID

She was screened by TSA, but beyond that not much is clear

(Newser) - Jenni Clemons found another woman sitting in her assigned seat when she boarded her Delta Air Lines flight at Orlando International Airport Saturday, and Clemons alerted flight attendants that they may have been assigned the same seat. Not so: The woman, who had no ID on her but whom authorities...

Cops: JFK Baggage Handler Swiped $300K, Called in Sick

Missing cruise ship cash has not been recovered

(Newser) - A Delta Air Lines baggage handler at New York City's JFK Airport who allegedly swiped around $300,000 from a cash shipment Tuesday became a suspect after he called in sick, law enforcement sources say. Quincy Thorpe, 40, was arrested at his Brooklyn home Thursday morning, ABC7 reports. Sources...

Plane Plunges 30K Feet in Minutes, Then Lands Safely

Passengers praise Delta flight crew

(Newser) - A Delta Air Lines flight landed safely Wednesday after plunging almost 30,000 feet in less than 8 minutes while over the west coast of Florida. The plane had taken off from Atlanta and was on its way to Fort Lauderdale when the Boeing 767-300 went into what a spokesman...

'Glitch in the Matrix' Leads to Odd Flight for One Passenger

Filmmaker Vincent Peone had entire Delta plane all to himself

(Newser) - Everyone boarding a plane secretly hopes that no one will be seated next to them, opening up a tad more elbowroom and space for magazines, purses, and other personal items. For Vincent Peone, he didn't have to worry one bit about sharing space on his Delta flight from Aspen,...

Pilot Jumped Out of TSA Line, Raising Suspicions

Delta pilot was later arrested on suspicion of being intoxicated

(Newser) - All passengers had already boarded their Delta flight Tuesday morning when airport police pulled the pilot off the plane on suspicions that he was intoxicated. Those suspicions were first raised when Gabriel Lyle Schroeder, 37, stepped out of a TSA screening line for crew members after, apparently, noticing that agents...

He Had a Window Seat. The Dog Lunged From the Middle: Suit

Suit says he bled so much after attack on Delta flight 'entire row of seats had to be removed'

(Newser) - A Delta flight Marlin Jackson took in June 2017 from Atlanta to San Diego ended up being a horrific one, he claims—and now he's suing the airline and another passenger for negligence after an animal attack he says caused him "severe physical pain and suffering," as...

Delta's Suggestion: Keep Union Dues, Buy Booze, Video Games

The union isn't happy about it, calling Delta poster "insulting"

(Newser) - Delta Air Lines really doesn't want its flight attendants or ramp and cargo attendants to unionize. That seems to be the reason, at any rate, behind a Delta poster that's causing a ruckus. The poster, tweeted out Thursday by the International Association of Machinists and Aerospace Workers, shows...

Airline to Test Free WiFi on Domestic Flights
Airline to Test Free WiFi

Airline to Test Free WiFi

Delta won't charge passengers for internet service for two weeks

(Newser) - Travelers can use free WiFi at their hotel, at restaurants, and sometimes in airports. But, except for JetBlue passengers, the free ride ends when they get on a plane. Delta is reconsidering that business model. The airline is says it will test free WiFi for passengers on 55 domestic flights...

Here Are the Main US Airlines, Ranked

Alaska Airlines comes in at No. 1 overall, and it's also the safest

(Newser) - While it always feels like a win to score a cheap plane ticket, price isn't the only factor that makes an airline desirable. WalletHub looked at the nine biggest domestic airlines, plus three regional carriers, examining four categories: safety; incidents involving animals; in-flight comfort and cost; and baggage, departures,...

No Room on Jet for His Antique Violin. Then, a Great Idea

Giora Schmidt performs onboard after flight attendant rallies passengers to make room

(Newser) - Stories about airplanes and musicians with antique instruments often don't end well. Witness exhibit A from 2016. But Classic FM has a story that provides an antidote. It seems American-Israeli violinist Giora Schmidt just barely made his Delta flight to Cincinnati, and by the time he boarded, there was...

Delta Airlines Adjusts Its Seats—So You Can't

(Newser) - Love leaning all the way back on flights? Then you may take exception to a new Delta Airlines move to limit seat recline on its Airbus 320 planes—but the person behind you will likely be happier, the Atlanta Journal-Constitution reports. The airline is reducing main-cabin and Comfort+ recline from...

US Has a New Airline Top Dog
Delta Has a New Crown

Delta Has a New Crown

Airline is top dog in US in annual survey

(Newser) - Delta Air Lines comes in first in a long-running study that ranks US airlines by how often flights arrive on time and other statistical measures. Researchers who crunch the numbers also say that as a whole, US airlines are getting better at handling baggage and overcrowded flights and are getting...

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