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Columbia's Classes Go Remote: 'We Need a Reset'
Columbia's Classes Go
Remote: 'We Need a Reset'

Columbia's Classes Go Remote: 'We Need a Reset'

Monday classes will be virtual at Ivy League, where pro-Palestinian protests are at center of commotion

(Newser) - On the West Coast, a canceled valedictorian speech ; on the East Coast, canceled in-person classes at Columbia. The Israel-Hamas war factors into both incidents, as tensions continue while the conflict rages overseas. Columbia President Nemat "Minouche" Shafik has announced classes at Columbia will be held virtually on Monday,...

Struggling College Calls It Quits
Struggling College Calls It Quits

Struggling College Calls It Quits

Alumni of Vermont's Goddard College include William H. Macy, most of Phish

(Newser) - Vermont's Goddard College, a small school known for its progressive education, is closing after years of declining enrollment and financial struggles, the board of trustees announced Tuesday. The decision to close at the end of the semester was heart-wrenching but unavoidable as the school faces financial insolvency, the board...

More Colleges Crack the $90K Threshold
Some Colleges Cost
$95K This Year

Some Colleges Cost $95K This Year

Wealthy families face a hefty bill, though lower-income students are getting bigger breaks

(Newser) - As more than 2 million graduating high school students from across the United States finalize their decisions on what college to attend this fall, many are facing jaw-dropping costs—in some cases, as much as $95,000. A number of private colleges—some considered elite and others middle-of-the-pack—have exceeded...

'Harvard Has Taylor, Vermont State Has Weird Al!'

University will offer a course on comedic singer Yankovic in the fall

(Newser) - If you've ever longed for a glimpse inside the imagination of Alfred Yankovic and you're a student at Vermont State University, your two worlds are about to collide. The higher-ed institution will be offering a course this fall dedicated to the quirky singer-songwriter known as "Weird Al,...

Yale Reverses Course, Will Require Standardized Tests

It joins Dartmouth in the Ivy League in again focusing on tests such as the SAT and ACT

(Newser) - First, Dartmouth. Now, Yale. The latter has become the second Ivy League institution to reverse course and require standardized testing for incoming students, reports the New York Times . Both were among schools that ditched SAT and ACT requirements during the pandemic. Yale will allow students to submit scores from the...

2 Found Fatally Shot in College Dorm

Police are treating deaths as homicides at University of Colorado-Colorado Springs

(Newser) - A lockdown has been lifted at the University of Colorado-Colorado Springs after two people were found shot dead in an on-campus dorm. Per KKTV , Colorado Springs police say that a lockdown and shelter-in-place directive were put in place after shots were reported around 6am local time on Friday, with students,...

Colorado Teens Get First-Ever Cornhole Scholarships

They were recruited by college near American Cornhole League HQ

(Newser) - Two high school students in Colorado have turned throwing beanbags at boards into tickets for college. Gavin Hamann and Jaxson Remmick, 17-year-old seniors at ThunderRidge High School in Highlands Ranch, have become the first students to receive athletic scholarships for cornhole, NPR reports. The scholarships for the pair, who are...

University Saw 7 Suicides in 6 Months, Took Action

'NYT Magazine:' Worcester Polytechnic Institute has shifted thinking after a series of student deaths

(Newser) - In January 2022, a student at Worcester Polytechnic Institute in Massachusetts died of an apparent suicide. It was the seventh WPI student death in six months, a stretch in which the school scrambled to cope with what is described as an "unthinkable mental health crisis" in a story by...

'Transformational' Gift Is a Record for Black Colleges

Billionaire couple donates $100M to Spelman

(Newser) - A billionaire couple is giving $100 million to Atlanta's Spelman College, which the women's school says is the largest-ever single donation to a historically Black college or university. The donation was announced Thursday by Ronda Stryker and her husband, William Johnston, the AP reports. She is the billionaire...

Gay, Critics Concur: Harvard Hubbub Isn't Just About Her

In 'NYT' op-ed, Gay notes there's a 'broader war to unravel public faith in pillars of American society'

(Newser) - This week, Claudine Gay made the "wrenching but necessary decision" to step down as president of Harvard University, amid backlash on her testimony about antisemitism on campus, as well as accusations of plagiarism . But while she's lost her plum position as the head of an elite Ivy League...

University of Wisconsin Fires Chancellor Over Porn

Joe Gow and his wife have been making adult videos in recent years

(Newser) - The Universities of Wisconsin system has fired its UW-La Crosse chancellor because he and his wife have been unapologetically making adult content in recent years, reports . The board fired 63-year-old Joe Gow after discovering that he and wife Carmen Wilson have appeared in pornographic videos on adult websites...

After U Penn Chief's Remarks, $100M Donation Is Withdrawn
U Penn
Steps Down
After Outcry

U Penn President Steps Down After Outcry

Elizabeth Magill, whose answers on antisemitism sparked a backlash, will remain on the faculty

(Newser) - This file has been updated with Scott Bok's resignation. Elizabeth Magill, the University of Pennsylvania president who had been pressured to resign since her congressional testimony this week about antisemitism on campus, said Saturday that she's stepping down. She will remain a tenured law faculty member, the Daily ...

Yale Students Worry About 'Grade Inflation'

The proportion of A-range grades soared during the pandemic and the 'COVID effect' persists

(Newser) - Grades at Yale went up sharply during the pandemic and they've barely come down since, faculty members were told at a meeting late last month. Just under 79% of students received A's or A-minuses in the 2022-23 academic year, causing concerns about "grade inflation." The proportion...

Ivy League Presidents Face Backlash Over Comments on Israel

Penn president apologizes for focusing too much on free speech policies at House hearing

(Newser) - Presidents of three colleges faced a backlash Wednesday over their answers to questions on campus antisemitism at a hearing in Congress the previous day. The New York Times reports that the presidents of Harvard, MIT, and the University of Pennsylvania said they strongly opposed antisemitism and supported Israel's right...

Here Are the Best Colleges in America

WalletHub looks at everything from post-grad outcomes and campus experience to the cost factor

(Newser) - Deciding on where to attend college doesn't just come down to academic programs and prestige—it also depends on the cost, and whether students and their parents feel they're getting a decent bang for their buck. WalletHub analyzed more than 850 colleges and universities across the US to...

Morgan State University to Build Itself a 1.5-Mile Wall

Decision comes in wake of homecoming shooting

(Newser) - In the wake of a shooting that left five people injured during Oct. 3 homecoming festivities, Morgan State University leaders announced Tuesday they plan to build a wall around most of the northeast Baltimore campus and station security personnel at entrances and exits, reports the AP . The wall would extend...

These Colleges Offer the Most Bang for Your Buck

'WSJ'/College Pulse rank higher-ed institutions based on their value

(Newser) - Picking a college or university can be a daunting task—especially when students and their parents have to fork over so much money to attend. Some higher-ed institutions offer more bang for the buck, however. Using research from the Third Way public policy think tank, the Wall Street Journal and...

Here Are the 10 Best Colleges in the US

Princeton University is No. 1, per new 'WSJ'/College Pulse rankings

(Newser) - The Wall Street Journal is out with its annual college rankings , prepared in conjunction this year with College Pulse, and, perhaps unsurprisingly, an Ivy League takes the top spot. Princeton University is No. 1, and the Journal says that instructors, a rigorous curriculum, and ample resources all play a part...

Some Parents Pay Thousands for Sorority Rush Consultants

Mentorship includes practical guidance as well as advice about complex social interactions

(Newser) - Kids enter college thinking they've begun their adult lives—but they often still need help from mom and dad. The Wall Street Journal reports that for some parents, helping means spending thousands on consultants who can guide their daughters through the increasingly competitive process of getting into a sorority....

DOE Looking Into How Harvard Admits Students

Harvard's legacy, donor admissions in the spotlight after SCOTUS ruling on affirmative action

(Newser) - A landmark ruling last month by the US Supreme Court struck a blow against using affirmative action in college admissions, and soon after that decision, murmurs began intensifying on an adjacent controversy—legacy and donor admissions. Now, one of the Ivy Leagues is under the microscope over the practice: The...

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