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900 Had Period Issues After Portland Protests
900 Women Had Period Issues
After Portland Protests

900 Women Had Period Issues After Portland Protests

Survey raises concerns about the effect of tear gas on endocrine system

(Newser) - A new study is lending credence to widespread claims from protesters that tear gas messed with their periods. Dozens of protesters told media outlets about period irregularities, which they blamed on tear gas exposure, following protests across the country last summer. Now, those claims take center stage in an anonymous...

Here's Where Millennials Are Flocking to Across America

The 25-to-39 set is defecting from big cities to smaller ones

(Newser) - Before the pandemic, millennials were already starting to ditch America's biggest cities, leaving New York, Chicago, and Los Angeles for opportunities in cozier urban enclaves, per CNBC . COVID hasn't changed that trend, and SmartAsset wanted to see which smaller cities draw the demographic of those ages 25 to...

After Police Fatally Shoot Man, a Nighttime 'Riot' in Portland

Authorities say Ore. protesters smashed windows, stole from businesses after officer-involved shooting

(Newser) - Police in Portland, Ore., declared a riot Friday night after authorities say protesters smashed windows and burglarized businesses during demonstrations that started earlier in the day after police fatally shot a man while responding to reports of a person with a gun. The vandalism downtown came after the Friday morning...

New York Is No Longer an 'Anarchist' City

New York City, Seattle, and Portland, Oregon, have designation rescinded

(Newser) - New York City is no longer an "anarchist" place in the eyes of the federal government after President Biden rescinded an order from his predecessor. The September order from former President Trump directed federal agencies to review grants and funds for Democratic-run cities "permitting anarchy, violence and destruction"...

Here Are the Healthiest, Least Healthy Cities in America

Is there something in the water out West?

(Newser) - Staying healthy is a priority for many people, and where you live makes a difference. WalletHub has done the work to help you figure out which places might help you reach your wellness goals. The site looked at 180-plus of the most populated cities across the nation, using nearly four...

Thief Steals Van of Dogs, Portland Says Not So Fast

Helpers from around the Oregon city helped doggy day care owner get her pooches back

(Newser) - A woman who co-owns a doggy day care in Portland, Ore., had quite a scare Tuesday, but thanks to the efforts of locals, a thief who tried to steal her pooch-filled vehicle wasn't successful. Sunni Liston—whose company, Coopers Dogpatch, picks up dogs from their owners in the city...

Portland Mayor Gets Confronted, Uses Pepper Spray

Ted Wheeler says the man 'seemed surprised'

(Newser) - Portland Mayor Ted Wheeler pepper-sprayed a man in the eyes as he was accosted near a restaurant for the second time in a month on Sunday, according to a police report. Wheeler had just finished having dinner with former Mayor Sam Adams—who is rumored to be joining Wheeler's...

Want an Active Lifestyle? Check Out These Cities
Want an Active
Lifestyle? Live Here

Want an Active Lifestyle? Live Here

These are the US cities where you can be the fittest version of you

(Newser) - New year, new you? If that's one of your goals for 2021, and fitness is integral to that goal, there are parts of the US that may suit you best. In its quest to track down where the promise of an active lifestyle beckons, WalletHub analyzed the 100 largest...

Portlanders Waging War on ... Port-a-Potties

Units are meant to benefit the homeless population

(Newser) - Residents of Portland, Ore., should "take a minute to think about what it would be like to not have working plumbing in their homes … before sending profanity-laden threats." That's the message from Heather Hafer, a public information officer, whose initial excitement at $75,000 per month...

National Guard Activated as Riot Declared in Portland

Protesters demanded every vote be counted

(Newser) - A riot was declared in Portland, Oregon, and protesters took to the streets in Seattle on Wednesday as people demanded that every vote in Tuesday’s election be counted. Hundreds were protesting in both cities against President Trump’s court challenges to stop the vote count in battleground states, the...

'Anarchist' Cities Sue Trump
'Anarchist' Cities
Sue Trump

'Anarchist' Cities Sue Trump

New York, Seattle and Portland argue president can't withhold funding

(Newser) - Three cities labeled " anarchist " by President Trump are fighting back with an un-anarchist weapon: a lawsuit. New York, Seattle and Portland announced the suit Thursday, WABC reports. The Seattle filing names the president, Attorney General Bill Barr, and other administration officials. If it stands, the designation could cost...

Things Are Getting Ugly Again in Portland

Protester pepper-sprayed an officer who was in a police cruiser, among other incidents

(Newser) - Life goes on in Portland, but not peacefully. Among the tales: A man was arrested Sunday morning for allegedly shattering the window of a police cruiser and pepper-spraying the officer inside, per KATU . The suspect, 41-year-old John Russell, was later arrested, with a slingshot, laser pointer, window punch tool, and...

DoJ Deems These 3 Cities 'Anarchist Jurisdictions'

NYC, Portland, and Seattle

(Newser) - The Justice Department identified New York City; Portland, Ore.; and Seattle as three cities that could have federal funding slashed under a memorandum by President Trump that sought to identify localities that permit “anarchy, violence and destruction in American cities.” The designation, which could open the door for...

Joe Rogan on Wildfire Rumors: 'I'm Very Upset With Myself'

Podcast host apologizes for spreading misinformation about fires out West

(Newser) - Comedian Joe Rogan moved his popular eponymous podcast to Spotify at the beginning of the month, and he got things moving last week by making an accusation regarding wildfires near Portland, Ore. "There is a madness going on there," Rogan said during Thursday's podcast, per CNN Business...

Portland Mayor Tells Police: No More Tear Gas

Use resumed after Ted Wheeler ordered force to cut back

(Newser) - Portland Mayor Ted Wheeler had already told police in the Oregon city to go easy on the tear gas during demonstrations. He got a dose of it himself in July when he stopped by one of the protests. So now he's leaving police no wiggle room, telling them Thursday...

Molotov Cocktails Fly in Portland
Molotov Cocktails
Fly in Portland

Molotov Cocktails Fly in Portland

Police declare a riot and arrest more than 50 people

(Newser) - Hundreds of people gathered for rallies and marches against police violence and racial injustice Saturday night in Portland, Oregon, as often violent nightly demonstrations that have happened for 100 days since George Floyd was killed showed no signs of ceasing, the AP reports. Molotov cocktails thrown in the street during...

Jacob Blake: 'You Can Change Your Lives Out There'

Kenosha man releases first words from hospital bed as protests rage on elsewhere

(Newser) - Jacob Blake released a message from his hospital bed in which he beseeched viewers to take to heart that "Your life and not only just your life, your legs—something that you need to move around, to move forward in life—can be taken like this, man," said...

Suspect in Portland Death Killed by Authorities

Michael Reinoehl, suspected of killing Aaron Danielson, reportedly shot as task force closed in

(Newser) - A man suspected of fatally shooting a supporter of a right-wing group in Portland, Oregon, last week after a caravan of Donald Trump backers rode through downtown was killed Thursday as investigators moved in to arrest him, the US Marshals Service said Friday. The man, Michael Reinoehl, 48, was killed...

Trump Seeks to Cut Funding to 'Anarchist' Cities

His attempts at similar moves were previously blocked

(Newser) - President Trump is seeking to cut what could amount to billions of dollars in federal funding to several Democratic-run cities in response to "anarchy, violence, and destruction." In a Wednesday memo , Trump directed Attorney General William Barr and Office of Management and Budget Director Russell Vought to find...

Suspect in Portland Shooting Had Gun at Previous Rally
Portland Suspect's Tattoo
Helped Lead to His Arrest
the rundown

Portland Suspect's Tattoo Helped Lead to His Arrest

Estranged sister of Michael Forest Reinoehl called police

(Newser) - New details are emerging about the man suspected of a fatal shooting over the weekend during clashes between supporters of President Trump and counterprotesters in Portland, Ore. The Oregonian reports that Michael Forest Reinoehl, 48, has identified himself as "100% ANTIFA all the way!" in an online post...

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