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Denver Without Snow in December: It's 'Unheard Of'

City could log 2nd-longest period without snow within days

(Newser) - Never in recorded history has Denver entered December without logging some snowfall—until now. The city, which has yet to receive its first measurable snow (more than a tenth of an inch) of the 2021 winter season, has blown past its previous record for the latest first snowfall set on...

Major Storm Threatens Thanksgiving Travel

Forecasters see a couple of scenarios

(Newser) - A major storm could throw a wrench into the plans of Thanksgiving travelers next week. It's too soon to know how the weather will break, meteorologists said, but several ways could affect millions of people planning holiday trips, USA Today reports. "We could be looking at a huge...

Winter Weather Makes a Late Reappearance

Next week, many of the same areas that are cold now will be in the 80s

(Newser) - A resurgence of wintry weather is moving east after leaving snow behind in Colorado and Kansas, with accumulation expected in the East by Wednesday. Frost and freeze watches and warnings have been issued from Texas to Virginia by the National Weather Service, the Washington Post reports, covering 87 million people....

Texas Wind Turbines Are Frozen
Texas Wind Turbines
Are Frozen

Texas Wind Turbines Are Frozen

Unprecedented storm continues to take its toll

(Newser) - The historic winter storm causing power outages, canceled flights , and lots of snow and ice across Texas has also frozen many wind turbines in the state. So many, in fact, that nearly half of the state's installed wind power generation capacity is offline, the Austin American-Statesman reports. The unfrozen...

In Frigid Texas, a 'Last Resort' Move to Save Power

Utility begins rotating blackouts

(Newser) - A winter storm dropping snow and ice also sent temperatures plunging across the southern Plains, prompting a power emergency in Texas a day after conditions canceled flights and impacted traffic across large swaths of the US. Rotating power outages were initiated by the Electric Reliability Council of Texas, or ERCOT,...

It Is Bizarrely Cold in Texas
It's Snowing in Texas

It's Snowing in Texas

The entire state is under a winter storm warning

(Newser) - It is surprisingly cold in Texas currently, with the entire state under a winter storm warning and heavy snow coming down in many areas. CBS DFW reports a federal emergency declaration was approved for the state, after Gov. Greg Abbott declared a disaster Friday and warned residents that the entire...

It Took a Group 2 Days to Create This Giant Snow Art

Finns in snowshoes made it happen

(Newser) - An ephemeral artwork made with thousands of footsteps in the snow has captured attention near Finland's capital of Helsinki. Under the guidance of local resident and amateur artist Janne Pyykko, 11 snowshoe-clad volunteers stamped a series of complex geometric patterns on a golf course. Together, the designs create a...

US Sees Most Avalanche Deaths in a Century
2 Factors May Explain
Spike in Avalanche Deaths
the rundown

2 Factors May Explain Spike in Avalanche Deaths

A weak snowpack, combined with more people outdoors in the pandemic

(Newser) - If it seems like you've been reading about avalanches more than usual lately, you're not wrong. The US has recorded 15 fatalities in the last week, the most in a seven-day span since 1910, reports BuzzFeed . The number so far this winter is 21, two shy of last...

Very Thirsty Southwest Is About to Get a Cool Drink

Record rainfall expected in some parts of drought-stricken California, Nevada, Arizona

(Newser) - Residents in the Southwest have wished for rain for some time, and they're likely going to see that wish granted. CNN notes that 70% of the region has been suffering from severe drought—Las Vegas, for example, has only had two episodes of rain over the last 273 days....

Thousands Trapped in Rare Blizzard
It's the 'Worst
Storm in 80 Years'

It's the 'Worst Storm in 80 Years'

Thousands are trapped in cars, airports, and train stations as blizzard buries Spain in snow

(Newser) - An unusual and persistent blizzard that Madrid's mayor is calling "the worst storm in 80 years" has blanketed large parts of Spain with snow, freezing traffic and leaving thousands trapped in cars or in train stations and airports that had suspended all services as the snow kept falling...

A Snowplow Buried His Car in 4 Feet of Snow. He Was Still in It

A determined Sgt. Jason Crawley finally found him after 10 hours in upstate New York

(Newser) - A man trapped in his car for 10 hours under almost 4 feet of snow almost didn't get found, save for the efforts of a persistent police officer. USA Today and NBC News report that Tioga County authorities in upstate New York received a series of 911 calls Wednesday...

Big Surprise for Virtual Students After Big Snow

W. Va. school district cancels remote classes to let students, staff just enjoy the day

(Newser) - Do you want to build a snowman? Thanks to a West Virginia school district, Anna and Elsa weren't the only ones donning their hats and gloves Wednesday to frolic in the snow after Winter Storm Gail slammed the East Coast. Jefferson County Schools could have still made kids go...

Massive Snowstorm to Wallop the East Coast

Some areas could get half a season's worth of snow in one day

(Newser) - The biggest snowstorm to hit the area in years is heading for the Northeast, and is forecasted to bring a lot of snow to the region starting Wednesday. Per CBS News , New York City is expected to receive more than a foot of snow—something that hasn't happened in...

Northeast Braces for Possible 'Bomb Cyclone'

Some areas could see double-digit snowfall levels in area's first major snowstorm of the season

(Newser) - The Northeast's first major snowstorm of the season is set to blanket multiple states over the weekend, with strong winds, anticipated snowfall in the double digits, heavy rains, and power outages in some areas. The weather event may even turn into a "bomb cyclone," which occurs when...

Thought We Avoided the Polar Vortex? Not So Fast

Parts of Northeast US may experience rare May snow, record low temps

(Newser) - The northeastern US is about to get a cold spring farewell from the polar vortex, which could bring rare May snowfall and record-low temperatures to some areas over the Mother's Day weekend. Usually the polar vortex is a batch of cold air that stays trapped in the Arctic all...

They Heard a Yell, Then Saw the Snow-Covered Home

74-year-old man rescued after 5 days stuck in his house

(Newser) - Amid a sea of stories about Americans being stuck in their homes, a different version out of Northern California. CBS Sacramento reports that after heavy snow in Calaveras County, a 74-year-old man became trapped in his home. He was reportedly stuck there with no food, power, or phone with which...

2 Places in America Recorded No Snow for First Time

Since record keeping began, snow had always fallen in Baltimore and Islip in February

(Newser) - A whole bunch of snow shovels likely collected dust in Baltimore and Islip, New York, last month. The National Weather Service on Monday shared "one for the record books": the fact that neither of those locations saw any snow in February for the first time on record. The same...

Searchers Thought They'd Find a Body. Instead, a 'Miracle'

Paula James, who has dementia, found alive and talking in snow-covered car after 6-day search

(Newser) - The sheriff of Butte County, Calif., was sure rescuers would find a body upon locating the snow-covered vehicle of a woman who'd been missing in the mountains for six days. "When I heard that she was alive, I was just absolutely amazed," Kory Honea says, per CNN...

This Is What a 'Snow Squall' Looks Like
This Is What
a 'Snow Squall'
Looks Like

This Is What a 'Snow Squall' Looks Like

Time-lapse video shows New York City being blanketed

(Newser) - The definition from the National Weather Service is clear enough. "A snow squall is an intense short-lived burst of heavy snowfall that leads to a quick reduction in visibilities and is often accompanied by gusty winds." But this time-lapse video , or this one from NBC News might do...

For Some Americans, Winter Is Already Here

A Rocky Mountains snowstorm drops record amounts of snow

(Newser) - Areas of the northern Rocky Mountains looked more like mid-winter rather than early fall on Sunday as a snowstorm dumped record amounts of wind-driven snow that caused hazardous travel conditions and scattered power outages, the AP reports. Winter storm warnings were posted for parts of western Montana, northern Idaho and...

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