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Boris Johnson Finally Spills on How Many Kids He Has

British PM verifies he has 6 children, putting to bed years of rumors

(Newser) - There's probably a Johnson joke in here somewhere, but we'll just give it to you straight: Boris Johnson has six kids. We can finally say that with authority, because the British prime minister has cleared up the details of what the Guardian calls his "notoriously complex family...

Judge: Prince Philip's Will to Be Kept Under Wraps for 90 Years

Even then, it may not see the light of day

(Newser) - If you've been dying to know who's going to get Prince Philip's hunting apparel, 13,000 books , and autographed pictures of himself, you'll be waiting till around the year 2111. Andrew McFarlane, a judge at London's High Court, has ruled that the will of the...

Marathon Course Goof Leads to Debate About Real Winner

Brighton Marathon organizers apologize after cone line was placed incorrectly

(Newser) - A marathon runner who runs an extra half-kilometer might be proud. Then again, a runner winning at the 26.2-mile mark, where the finish line should be, might be more than a little annoyed if that extra distance gives another runner a chance to pass and win. Sunday’s Brighton...

Vaccine Passports in the Works for UK
England Drops Plan 
for Vaccine Passports

England Drops Plan for Vaccine Passports

Health minister cancels requirement for nightclubs, other large places

(Newser) - Update: England won't require vaccine passports for entry to nightclubs and other large venues after all. Days after the plan was announced, officials sounded cool to it, the BBC reports. A Labor leader said there was confusion about how the passports might work, calling the government's approach "...

Judge Sentences Extremist to Read Better Literature

A 21-year-old in England was sentenced to start with Pride and Prejudice

(Newser) - It’s probably not the first time someone told Ben John to read a book already. John, 21, was recently sentenced to read something more enriching than white supremacist literature or a recipe for making a bomb, Vice reports. He was found guilty of possession of information useful for preparing...

Out of Options, Alpaca Owner Vows to 'Obstruct' Executioners
A Public Fight to Save
Alpaca Is Over

A Public Fight to Save Alpaca Is Over

UK health officials euthanize Geronimo even though Helen Macdonald insisted he was healthy

(Newser) - Update: Geronimo the alpaca is dead. UK health officials euthanized the animal on Tuesday over the objections of its owner and despite a public outcry. The Telegraph reports there were "ugly scenes at the farm" as supporters tussled with the police who arrived to remove him. Our original story...

Stonehenge Builders Made a Smart, or Lucky, Choice
Stonehenge Builders Made
a Smart, or Lucky, Choice
in case you missed it

Stonehenge Builders Made a Smart, or Lucky, Choice

Stone core is 99.7% quartz, and unlikely to succumb to erosion

(Newser) - Researchers have uncovered a secret to Stonehenge's everlasting survival, thanks to a long-lost core taken from the ancient structure. Stonecutter Robert Phillips got his hands on one of the three cores taken from a cracked sarsen stone as metal rods were inserted during restoration work in the 1950s . But...

Loch Ness Tourist Leaves a Bitter, Hilarious Review

Where the heck is Nessie?!

(Newser) - A tourist visiting Inverness in the Scottish Highlands apparently thought a Nessie sighting was guaranteed. In a bitter yet amusing one-star TripAdvisor review of the trip, posted in June, "Ron" from Grimsby, a port town in North East Lincolnshire, England, described his disappointment at failing to catch a sight...

Cheap, Accessible Drug May Offer Hope for Aggressive Cancer

Researchers hope aspirin will boost immunotherapy in new clinical trial

(Newser) - A trial is underway to determine whether an aggressive breast cancer might be treated with help from an inexpensive and widely available drug: aspirin. Researchers at the Christie NHS Foundation Trust in Manchester, England, will test whether aspirin makes difficult-to-treat tumors more responsive to cancer-fighting drugs, as animal studies suggest,...

UK Mass Shooting Suspect Wanted a Girlfriend

Witnesses say gunman kicked in house door; child is reportedly among the dead

(Newser) - Six people, including a child, died Thursday in Plymouth, in Britain's first mass shooting since 2010 . The suspected shooter, believed to have taken his own life, has been identified as 23-year-old Jake Davison, a scaffolder who has "posted videos expressing despair about the future and frustrations about failing...

Shooter Kills 5 People, Himself in England
Mass Shooting in UK
Leaves 6 Dead

Mass Shooting in UK Leaves 6 Dead

Plymouth incident not terror-related

(Newser) - Police in southwest England said six people were killed, including the suspected shooter, in the city of Plymouth Thursday in a "serious firearms incident" that wasn't terror-related. Devon and Cornwall Police said in a statement on Twitter that several other casualties were receiving treatment following the shooting. They...

Alpaca Set for Execution Gets a Human Shield

Male tested positive for bovine tuberculosis; supporters say the tests are flawed

(Newser) - If dogs are man's best friend, alpacas must not be far behind, given that more than 100,000 people are appealing to save an alpaca in England from execution. Geronimo, an 8-year-old who came to Gloucestershire from New Zealand four years ago, tested positive for bovine tuberculosis when his...

A 1989 Soccer Tragedy Claims One More Victim

55-year-old dies in Britain from injuries suffered in crush of fans decades ago; death toll now 97

(Newser) - A British man who died 32 years after being caught in a crush of soccer fans at an overcrowded Hillsborough Stadium has been recorded as the 97th victim of the tragedy, per the AP . Andrew Devine was badly injured in a crush of Liverpool fans at the stadium in Sheffield...

England Makes Things Easier for Vaccinated Tourists

It does away with 10-day quarantine for vaccinated travelers

(Newser) - Fully vaccinated travelers from the United States and much of Europe can enter England without quarantining starting next week. The British government says people who have received both doses of a vaccine approved by the FDA in the US or the European Medicines Agency can take pre- and post-arrival coronavirus...

Low-Pressure 5K Parkruns Resume
Mass Runs Resume

Mass Runs Resume

Before the pandemic, hundreds of thousands were joining inclusive event that began in England

(Newser) - After 16 months of solo jogging, Saturday's return of the weekly 5-kilometer mass runs in England's parks was met with widespread jubilation. Days after all remaining lockdown restrictions were lifted in England, the organized 5K runs were allowed to resume for the first time since the pandemic struck...

With Quick Swap, She Allegedly Made Off With $6M in Diamonds

Lulu Lakatos on trial in London for 2016 theft

(Newser) - A woman stole nearly $6 million worth of diamonds from a jeweller by swapping them out with tiny, worthless stones, according to UK prosecutors. Lulu Lakatos of France was posing as a gem expert, who was to inspect the diamonds on behalf of a presumed client, when she visited a...

For Only the 3rd Time, a Site Loses World Heritage Status

UNESCO blames developments in Liverpool city center, England

(Newser) - Civic leaders in Liverpool expressed outrage Wednesday after the English port city was stripped of its World Heritage status by the United Nations' culture organization, per the AP . It is now only the third site to lose its World Heritage status since the list began in 1978, per the BBC...

Johnson Isolates as England Prepares to Dance

Scientists worry that pandemic restrictions are ending too soon

(Newser) - Prime Minister Boris Johnson has decided to self-isolate after a meeting with an infected person, just as the rest of England prepares for the end of coronavirus restrictions —and the return of dancing in nightclubs, even. Johnson will keep to himself for 10 days, the Wall Street Journal reports,...

After England Loses, Racist Trolls Go After 3 Black Players

They missed penalty kicks in soccer championship

(Newser) - England lost a major soccer championship Sunday in a shootout to Italy, and the ugly fallout has racial overtones. Three Black players on the team who failed to score on their penalty kicks were subjected to online abuse by racist trolls, reports Reuters . Things got so bad that Prime Minister...

Cop Claimed He Delivered Sarah Everard to a Gang

Murder details released as Wayne Couzens pleads guilty

(Newser) - Sarah Everard's killer rented a car and bought a roll of self-adhesive film before cruising London's streets, where he spotted the 33-year-old walking home from a friend's house late on March 3. A camera on a police car observed Everard walking alone just after 11:30pm....

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