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Greene Sticks to Post Calling Eclipses a Sign From God

They're predictable but still a message, GOP lawmaker says after blowback

(Newser) - Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene has conceded that eclipses are predictable but stuck to her contention that they can be signs from God to repent. Greene had posted on X on Friday that the earthquake in New York and the total solar eclipse that arrived Monday were messages. "God is...

Skyscrapers Actually a Good Place to Be in an Earthquake

Though earthquakes are rare in NYC, high-rises are built to withstand them

(Newser) - The ground rumbled Friday beneath New York City, home to famous skyscrapers like the Empire State Building and One World Trade Center. Though buildings that can reach above 100 stories might seem especially vulnerable to earthquakes, engineering experts say skyscrapers are built with enough flexibility to withstand moderate shaking, the...

East Coast Is Shooketh From Surprise Morning Quake
What We Know About
the East Coast Earthquake

What We Know About the East Coast Earthquake

Travel was snarled but no major damage or injuries have been reported after 4.8 quake

(Newser) - So far, there've been no reports of major injuries or damage as a result of the 4.8 magnitude earthquake that surprised the East Coast on Friday morning, with its epicenter near Whitehouse Station, New Jersey. The AP reports that the temblor was felt by 42 million people, and...

Earthquake Shakes New York, New Jersey Region
Earthquake Shakes
New York, New Jersey Region

Earthquake Shakes New York, New Jersey Region

It had a preliminary magnitude of 4.7

(Newser) - An earthquake shook the densely populated New York City metropolitan area Friday morning, the US Geological Survey said, with residents reporting they felt rumbling across the Northeast. The agency reported a quake with a preliminary magnitude of 4.7, centered near Lebanon, New Jersey, or about 45 miles west of...

That This Building Didn't Fall Is a Testament to Taiwan

Country's earthquake preparedness likely contributed to its low death toll

(Newser) - In the wake of Thursday's magnitude-7.4 earthquake in Taiwan, "the precariously leaning 10-story Uranus Building quickly became a symbol of the tragedy," reports Nikkei Asia . But the fact that it's standing at all is a sign of just how well prepared the country was for...

Dozens Missing, Hundreds Trapped After Taiwan Quake

But death toll is far lower than in 1999 quake

(Newser) - Dozens of people are missing and hundreds are trapped or stranded in the aftermath of Taiwan's most powerful earthquake since 1999. Most of the stranded people are employees and guests at the remote Silks Place Taroko hotel, the BBC reports. Authorities are working to repair roads to the area....

Massive Quake Hits Taiwan, Causes Tsunami
Taiwan Hit by
Most Powerful
Quake in 25 Years

Taiwan Hit by Most Powerful Quake in 25 Years

9 dead, hundreds wounded as quake collapsed buildings in eastern city

(Newser) - A powerful earthquake rocked the entire island of Taiwan early Wednesday, collapsing buildings in an eastern city and creating a tsunami that washed ashore on southern Japanese islands. It was the island's most powerful quake in 25 years.
  • Taiwan's earthquake monitoring agency gave the magnitude as 7.2

Earthquakes Will Hit These States Worst in Next Century

New model says 75% of the US could have damaging earthquakes in the coming decades

(Newser) - Updates to the National Seismic Hazard Model predict a whole lot of shakin' will be going on in the United States over the next century. Though they currently cannot predict the exact timing of earthquakes, the Washington Post notes, studying past events and seismic faults allows experts to model risks...

Magnitude 4.1 Earthquake Shakes Southern California

No immediate reports of damage or injuries reported around Los Angeles

(Newser) - Much of Southern California got rattled late Friday morning, thanks to a 4.1 magnitude earthquake, reports KTLA . The quake struck at 10:55am Pacific time north of Rancho Cucamonga in the San Gabriel Mountains, according to the US Geological Survey. No immediate reports of injuries or damage were reported,...

Utility Says NYC Quake May Have Caused Explosions

No injuries reported in rare quake

(Newser) - A 1.7 magnitude earthquake that hit New York City early Tuesday may have caused a series of small explosions on an island between Manhattan and Queens, officials said. The US Geological Survey reported that the quake occurred at 5:45am near the Astoria section of Queens. There were no...

Japan Suffers a Series of Major Earthquakes
Japan Suffers a Series
of Major Earthquakes

Japan Suffers a Series of Major Earthquakes

At least 8 are dead, and more powerful quakes could come

(Newser) - At least eight people are dead after the series of powerful earthquakes that hit western Japan Monday, damaging buildings, vehicles, and boats. Officials were warning people in some areas on Tuesday to stay away from their homes because of a risk of more strong quakes, the AP reports. Aftershocks continued...

Cold Snap Complicates Race to Save Quake Survivors

Rescuers battle cold snap, with temperatures as low as minus 4 degrees Fahrenheit

(Newser) - Subzero temperatures are complicating efforts to rescue people trapped and injured by an earthquake that struck China's Gansu province bordering Mongolia late Monday. The quake—described as a 6.2 magnitude temblor by the China Earthquake Networks Center and a 5.9 magnitude quake by the US Geological Survey—...

First a 7.6 Magnitude Quake, Now a Tsunami Warning

(Newser) - A powerful earthquake with a preliminary magnitude of 7.6 struck Saturday night off the coast of the southern Philippine island of Mindanao, and Philippine authorities issued a tsunami warning. The quake struck at 10:37pm local time at a depth of 20 miles, according to the US Geological Survey....

Aftershocks Can Come Centuries Later
We Might Still Feel
Aftershocks From
1800s Quakes
new study

We Might Still Feel Aftershocks From 1800s Quakes

So finds a new study that looked at three historical North American quakes

(Newser) - If you live around the Missouri-Kentucky border and have experienced an earthquake, there's a roughly 30% chance it was an aftershock from a trio of quakes that struck the area between 1811 and 1812, or so says a new study. The Guardian reports on the research into the lifespan...

Big Quake Hits, Crumbling Mall Ceilings

Magnitude 6.7 temblor caused ceilings to plunge to the ground at 2 shopping centers in Philippines

(Newser) - A powerful undersea earthquake shook the southern Philippines on Friday, causing ceilings in shopping malls to plunge to the ground as shoppers screamed. There were no immediate reports of injuries, and no tsunami warning was in effect. The magnitude 6.7 quake was located 16 miles from Burias at the...

Iceland's 'Intense Wave' of Quakes Could Mean Something More

Island nation declares state of emergency, shutters Blue Lagoon, warning of possible volcanic eruption

(Newser) - Officials have declared a state of emergency in Iceland and are scrambling to evacuate a southwestern coastal town after what CNN describes as an "intense wave of earthquakes"—and they fear it all portends yet another hit from Mother Nature. According to the Icelandic Meteorological Office, there were...

Quake One of Strongest to Hit Texas Since 1900

It had a magnitude of 5.2

(Newser) - "You probably were just rudely awakened by an earthquake," tweeted the National Weather Service El Paso in the wee hours of the morning. The temblor that hit western Texas at 4:27am local time had a magnitude of 5.2; Fox Weather reports only three stronger earthquakes have...

'I Tried to Run, but the Whole House Collapsed'

Powerful quake in northwest Nepal kills more than 150

(Newser) - Survivors of a strong earthquake that shook Nepal's northwest in the middle of the night described sudden shaking, followed by houses collapsing and burying entire families, as the death toll rose to 157 on Saturday. Most of those killed were crushed by debris when their houses—usually made by...

'In the Very First Shake All the Houses Collapsed'
'100% of Homes Have
Been Completely Destroyed'

'100% of Homes Have Been Completely Destroyed'

Taliban says earthquakes have killed nearly 3K in western Afghanistan

(Newser) - A series of earthquakes in Afghanistan on Saturday killed nearly 3,000 people, say Taliban officials, with the Guardian reporting that subsequent quakes as strong as 5.9 magnitude hit the area on Monday. "Vans filled with dead bodies are arriving here each minute," said a medic at...

Two Earthquakes Kill Scores in Afghanistan

WHO, local organizations try to reach the injured

(Newser) - Two 6.3 magnitude earthquakes killed dozens of people in western Afghanistan on Saturday, the country's national disaster authority said. The United Nations gave a preliminary figure of 320 dead but later said the figure was still being verified, the AP reports. Local authorities gave an estimate of 100...

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