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Idaho Dad Spends All of 2021 Breaking World Records

David Rush says he broke 52 world records last year; Guinness has so far confirmed 43 of them

(Newser) - David Rush spends more time than the average person trying to break world records, and he racked up 150 of them since 2015, according to the bio on his website . Now, the Idaho author and entertainer who calls himself "one of the most prolific Guinness World Records title holders...

Alabama Boy Is Most Premature Infant to Survive

Curtis Means was born at 21 weeks and one day of gestation

(Newser) - An Alabama boy who weighed less than a pound at birth after his mother went into labor at only 21 weeks and one day of gestation has been certified as the world's most premature baby to survive. Guinness World Records and UAB Hospital announced Wednesday that Curtis Means, who...

He Modeled the Challenge Off Hercules, and It's Wild

'Outside' looks at Mike McCastle's 'Labors'

(Newser) - One badly executed jump ended Mike McCastle's hope of becoming a Navy SEAL—he blew out both his knees while in training—but it launched something else just as physical, and much more jaw-dropping. In a lengthy story for Outside , Julian Smith writes that the injury robbed McCastle of...

That's Not a Puppy. That's a Potato
It's a Potato So Big
It Has a Name

It's a Potato So Big It Has a Name

Doug, the New Zealand spud, could be a new world record holder

(Newser) - Colin and Donna Craig-Brown were weeding their garden in New Zealand on Aug. 30 when Colin's hoe struck something big just beneath the soil's surface. After Colin pried it out, he scratched away a bit of the skin and tasted it. A potato. "We couldn't believe...

Tony Bennett Sets Another World Record

For his latest album with Lady Gaga

(Newser) - Tony Bennett has set a Guinness World Record, his fifth. The 95-year-old is now officially the oldest person to release an album of new material, the recordkeeping organization has confirmed. Love for Sale, Bennett's collaboration with Lady Gaga, was released October 1, CNN reports. Bennett, who has Alzheimer's...

New World Record Looks Incredibly Easy to Break. It's Not

Will Cutbill says stacking 5 M&Ms was quite the challenge

(Newser) - The coronavirus pandemic found Will Cutbill eating a lot of chocolate. But by the end of January, during the UK's third COVID-19 lockdown, the Englishman had found a way to turn his habit into a dream come true. See, Cutbill, a civil engineer, has always wanted his name in...

Reward Offered in Theft of World's Longest Rabbit

Darius, a continental giant rabbit, was stolen in England over the weekend

(Newser) - Darius the continental giant rabbit has the Guinness World Record for being the longest living rabbit in the world, at more than 4 feet long. He also apparently has some admirers. The massive rabbit was reportedly stolen from his owners' yard in Worcestershire, England, on Saturday. "We are appealing...

Borat Sequel Breaks Oscars Record
Borat Sequel Breaks
Oscars Record

Borat Sequel Breaks Oscars Record

It's all in the name

(Newser) - Sasha Baron Cohen's Borat sequel is nominated for two Oscars at next month's Academy Awards, but it's already a winner in a totally different category. Per Deadline , Borat Subsequent Moviefilm: Delivery of Prodigious Bribe to American Regime for Make Benefit Once Glorious Nation of Kazakhstan officially holds...

Ariana Grande Now Has 20 Guinness World Records

Singer wins 'most songs to debut at No. 1 on the Billboard Hot 100'

(Newser) - Ariana Grande has an impressive 20 Guinness World Records to her name as of last week, when the 27-year-old broke the record for most songs to debut at No. 1 on the Billboard Hot 100. Her single, "Positions," did so on Nov. 7, her fifth song to ever...

World's Tallest Dog Dies at Age 8
World's Tallest
Dog Dies at Age 8

World's Tallest Dog Dies at Age 8

Freddy the Great Dane was also the 'dog with the most love and the biggest heart,' UK owner says

(Newser) - He was born the runt of the litter, but Freddy certainly made up for that over time. The Great Dane from Essex, England, ended up becoming the tallest dog in the world, and that wasn't all that was large about the imposing pooch, who has died at the age...

Behold the Ring With the Most Diamonds Ever

The 'Marigold,' featuring 12,638 stones, has been recognized by Guinness World Records

(Newser) - Start doing your hand exercises now if you ever want to slip the "Ring of Prosperity" on your finger—it'll be a heavy lift. That's because the piece of jewelry (aka the "Marigold") designed by Harshit Bansal of India's Renani Jewels features 12,638...

103-Year-Old Dives Right Out of the Sky

Al Blaschke said he wasn't doing it for himself

(Newser) - Falling from 14,000 feet up is hair-raising enough, but doing it at 103? "I never thought I would be around this long," Al Blaschke told ABC News after making his Guinness World Records-breaking leap with two grandsons. Blaschke, who tied the record back in 2017 at age...

Band for Miners Collects an Apt World Record

Shaft Bottom Boys perform 'deepest concert' ever

(Newser) - The appropriately named Shaft Bottom Boys have nabbed the world record for " deepest concert ," performing for 50 miners at the bottom of one of the deepest mines in the world. A Guinness World Records adjudicator was on hand Saturday as the Canadian "novelty band" known for celebrating...

What Virus? 3.5K People Dress Up, Hang Out as Smurfs

Event criticized as 'potentially a very dangerous viral bomb'

(Newser) - A day before France banned gatherings of more than 1,000 people, some 3,500 of them gathered to break a world record. The village of Landerneau in northwestern France, home to the annual Festival of the Starry Moon, was betting on breaking the world record for the "most...

Record-Setting Firework Turns Sky Red Over Colorado Festival

Team had worked for 7 years toward Guinness recognition

(Newser) - After thousands of hours of building fireworks over seven years—and one failed attempt due to a premature explosion—a team has brought the record for the world's largest firework to Colorado. The explosion turned the sky over Steamboat Springs' winter carnival red on Saturday night and earned a...

Shortest Mobile Man in the World Dies at 27

Khagendra Thapa Magar of Nepal was just 2 feet, 2.41 inches tall

(Newser) - Khagendra Thapa Magar reigned as the world's shortest man who could walk, according to Guinness World Records , but he never thought of himself as small. "I'm a big man," he said after a 2010 ceremony recognizing his diminutive stature. Which is why the Nepal man's...

Why One Group Did the Conga for 14 Miles

To set a record—and raise money for a meaningful cause

(Newser) - Conga lines are fun and all, but can you imagine traveling in one for 14 miles over the course of five and a half hours, all while the song "Do the Conga" plays on a loop—a total of 110 times? That's what a group of financial advisers...

Nurse Who Wore Pants Will Get World Record After All

Guinness reverses its decision

(Newser) - An uproar was sparked when a British nurse was denied the Guinness World Record for fastest woman to run the London Marathon while wearing a nurse's uniform—because she was wearing scrubs instead of the required dress, apron, and cap. But now Guinness is making things right, the Guardian...

The World Has a New Pi Champ
The World Has
a New Pi Champ
the Rundown

The World Has a New Pi Champ

Google's Emma Iwao calculates it to 31 trillion digits

(Newser) - It's Pi Day, the 3/14 celebration of perhaps the most famous number in history. Google is celebrating with a record-breaking feat: One of its employees calculated pi to 31 trillion digits, 9 trillion more than the previous record, with help from cloud computing, reports the BBC . Emma Hauka Iwao...

After 66 Years of Growing, Longest Fingernails Are Cut

They'll be displayed at Ripley's Believe It or Not! Museum in NYC

(Newser) - They were only fingernails, but to Shridhar Chillal, cutting them off probably felt a bit like cutting off his own hand. That's because for 66 of his 82 years, Chillal, of Pune, India, has been growing the longest fingernails ever recorded on a single hand, his left. They together...

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