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Check Out Team USA's Olympics Attire

Outfits for American athletes have been designed by Ralph Lauren

(Newser) - If you're going to compete in the fashion capital of the world, you'd best be dressed for the part. Team USA doesn't have to worry in that regard, as athletes vying for medals at the Paris Olympics this summer will be decked out for the opening and...

Trend Alert: Sweatpants Jeans Are a Thing Now

Sweatpants printed to look like jeans can run hundreds of dollars

(Newser) - Comfy is in, according to the Wall Street Journal , as jean-printed sweatpants are hitting shelves, and not in an ironic way. Writer Rory Satran notes that the comparison to '80s jeggings cannot be ignored, but the quality from brands like Rag & Bone's Miramar line makes the faux...

A Fast-Fashion Juggernaut Shows a Darker Underbelly
Shein Brings Fast Fashion
to New Extremes

Shein Brings Fast Fashion to New Extremes

'Guardian' explores the ethical issues in the world of cheap, disposable clothing

(Newser) - Quick, name the most-Googled clothing brand on the planet. As Nicole Lipman explains in the Guardian , the answer is Shein, a retailer founded in China that has become a juggernaut in the world of "fast fashion." And "fast" might be an understatement—in a 12-month span during...

Man Wanted to Open a Prince Museum, Holds Auction Instead

Pieces of late singer's wardrobe, other memorabilia are up for sale after museum idea is ditched

(Newser) - Fans of Prince, who was known nearly as much for his extravagant wardrobe as for his chart-topping hits, will have a chance to bid on some of the late musician's sartorial splendor in an online auction this week. The collection, including more than 200 lots up for sale, was...

Italian Fashion Designer Dies Days After Joining Moschino

Brand's new creative director Davide Renne, formerly with Gucci, is dead at 46

(Newser) - Just days after Davide Renne left Gucci and arrived at Moschino to take over as creative director, the Italian fashion designer has died, reports the New York Post . "It is with deep sorrow and great sadness, Moschino announces that Davide Renne passed away on November 10th, 2023 in Milan,...

$5K Designer Jacket Is Dyed With an Unusual Source

Design company uses algae, fungi, and bacteria to create products in the name of sustainability

(Newser) - Dropping nearly $5,000 on a jacket isn't something most of us could sneeze over, though sneezes have something oddly in common with the newest line from Normal Phenomena of Life (known as NPOL). Their Exploring Jacket, which costs $4,895, gets its fun pink hue from bacteria, specifically...

France Makes an Aggressive Push Against 'Fast Fashion'

Rebate program will offer up to $28 to fix clothes, shoes instead of buying new, but some are wary

(Newser) - Don't toss those ripped jeans or that shirt missing a button just yet, at least not if you live in France. That's because starting in October, the French government will be offering what's essentially a rebate to people who mend their own clothes and shoes instead of...

Some Said She Was to Fashion What the Beatles Were to Music

Mary Quant, mastermind of Swinging '60s style, dies at 93

(Newser) - Mary Quant, the visionary fashion designer whose colorful, sexy miniskirts epitomized London in the 1960s and influenced youth culture around the world, has died. She was 93. Quant’s family said she died "peacefully at home" in Surrey, southern England, on Thursday. Quant helped popularize the miniskirt—some credit...

Oscars' Champagne Carpet: 40 Amazing Looks

Some of the best outfits from the not-red carpet

(Newser) - Fan Bingbing made a regal entrance in sparkling silver and emerald green on the champagne-colored carpet Sunday at the 95th Academy Awards. Hong Chau wore a high-neck pink Prada column gown with a feathery black train and Malala Yousafzai worked the hood of her silver sparkler from Ralph Lauren like...

She 'Gave the Punk Movement a Look'
She 'Gave the Punk
Movement a Look'

She 'Gave the Punk Movement a Look'

Fashion maverick Vivienne Westwood dies at 81

(Newser) - Vivienne Westwood, an influential fashion maverick who played a key role in the punk movement, died Thursday at 81. Westwood's eponymous fashion house announced her death on social media platforms, saying she died peacefully. A cause of death was not disclosed. "Vivienne continued to do the things she...

SBF May Have Ruined the Disheveled CEO Look
SBF May Have Ruined
the Disheveled CEO Look

SBF May Have Ruined the Disheveled CEO Look

It now sends a disturbing message, writes 'NYT' fashion critic Vanessa Friedman

(Newser) - The financial misdeeds of fallen crypto wunderkind Sam Bankman-Fried are being dissected everywhere. In the New York Times , fashion critic Vanessa Friedman explores an entirely different angle to the story, suggesting that SBF's demise might also spell the demise, finally, of the "schlubby" fashion style of tech CEOs....

Balenciaga Faces Backlash for 2 Eyebrow-Raising Ads

One featured kids with teddy bear bags draped in fetish gear, the other SCOTUS docs on child porn

(Newser) - A fashion giant is under the microscope after two recent ad campaigns went awry, spurring a lawsuit and even dragging Kim Kardashian into the fray. The complaint filed Friday by Balenciaga in the New York State Supreme Court for the County of New York seeks $25 million in damages from...

Brad Pitt's Red-Carpet Look Attracts a Lot of Attention

It's a linen skirt

(Newser) - CNN calls the celebrity's "breezy" linen skirt its look of the week, and you'd be forgiven for not immediately realizing that the network is talking about Brad Pitt. The actor has been grabbing headlines for the red-carpet outfit he donned Tuesday while promoting Bullet Train in...

Fashion Force Andre Leon Talley Is Dead at 73
Fashion Legend
Andre Leon Talley
Is Dead at 73

Fashion Legend Andre Leon Talley Is Dead at 73

He was the former creative director and editor-at-large of 'Vogue' magazine

(Newser) - André Leon Talley, the towering former creative director and editor-at-large of Vogue magazine, has died. He was 73, reports the AP . Talley’s literary agent David Vigliano confirmed Talley’s death to USA Today late Tuesday, but no additional details were immediately available. Talley was an influential fashion journalist who...

Top Fashion Magazine Is Going Fur-Free

Elle is dropping fur from all 45 global editions

(Newser) - Fashion magazine Elle has 45 global editions—and fur will be banned from all of them as of Jan. 1, 2023. Elle senior vice president and international director Valeria Bessolo Llopiz tells Reuters that fur is being ditched because tastes are changing and support for animal welfare is growing. "...

Influential Designer's Death Stuns Fashion, Art Worlds

Virgil Abloh, 41, was artistic director for menswear at Louis Vuitton

(Newser) - Virgil Abloh, the groundbreaking designer for Louis Vuitton and Off-White, died Sunday at age 41. He had been diagnosed with cardiac angiosarcoma, but had chosen not to go public with his diagnosis, battling the disease in private, according to a post on his Instagram profile. Abloh didn’t start his...

Senators Go to Bat for Sinema Over 'Sexist' NYT Coverage

Susan Collins, Lisa Murkowski, Jeanne Shaheen slam paper for focusing on Ariz. senator's clothes

(Newser) - Kyrsten Sinema has become known for her "penchant for patterns and bold colors" in a Senate chamber that's "still largely buttoned up," as the Hill puts it. That's a problem, though—not the Arizona senator's choice of clothing, but the plethora of headlines about...

AOC's Met Gala Dress Has a Message

Congresswoman wore dress reading 'tax the rich' to Monday's high-society event

(Newser) - The Met Gala red carpet was dotted with political messages, including from Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez. Attending her first high-society Met Gala, where tickets reportedly cost $35,000, the New York congresswoman wore a floor-length white gown with the words "tax the rich" emblazoned on the back in red. "...

1 in 4 of Us Need a New Jeans Size
Levi's CEO: Number Who
Need New Size 'Staggering'
in case you missed it

Levi's CEO: Number Who Need New Size 'Staggering'

About 25% of buyers need either a bigger or smaller jeans size, says Chip Bergh

(Newser) - The pandemic didn't just change the style of jeans people are buying— skinny jeans are out and more comfortable fits are in—but something more fundamental: waist sizes. In an interview with the AP , Levi's CEO Chip Bergh estimates that 25% of customers are in need of a...

Balenciaga, Crocs Team Up to Make Uncomfortable Shoes

And the resulting negative reaction about stiletto crocs is likely the whole point

(Newser) - Crocs are having a moment. They were hot sellers during the pandemic lockdowns, which makes sense. They put out a KFC-branded pair that looks—and smells!—like fried chicken, which really doesn’t make much sense. They’ve turned up on the famous feet of Nicki Minaj and...

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