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Biden-Trump Poll 'Way Too Close to Call'

Analyst says national poll shows things are about as close as they can get

(Newser) - A new national poll reveals a presidential race that is "about as close as it can get," a polling analyst says. The Quinnipiac University poll shows President Biden edging Donald Trump 48% to 45% when the poll asked about just those two candidates. However, when the question expanded...

Poll: 67% of Voters Think Biden Is Too Old for a Second Term

But he still has a 4-point lead over Trump in latest Quinnipiac University poll

(Newser) - A large majority of voters think President Biden is too old to effectively serve another term, but they still prefer him to Donald Trump by a 4-point margin, according to the latest Quinnipiac University poll . The poll put Biden, 81, ahead of the 77-year-old Trump 49% to 45% in a...

Poll: 86% of Americans Say Biden Is Too Old to Run

Smaller majority of 62% feel the same about Trump, per ABC/Ipsos survey

(Newser) - The age-old question of "how old is too old for a presidential candidate?" has taken on increasing urgency as we barrel toward November with two frontrunners who are getting up there in years. Now, according to a new poll, an "overwhelming majority" of Americans say that the incumbent,...

What's the 'Mood of the Nation'? Kinda Meh
What's the
'Mood of the
Kinda Meh

What's the 'Mood of the Nation'? Kinda Meh

Only 47% of Americans consider themselves 'very satisfied' with their lives, per latest Gallup poll

(Newser) - Last year, an even half of all Americans considered themselves "very satisfied" with their lives. This year, that figure has dropped, with just 47% falling into that category, per the latest Gallup survey —close to a record low, reports the Hill . It's only the third time since...

New Yorkers Give Their Mayor Lowest Job Approval Rating Yet
Eric Adams' Approval Hits 28%

Eric Adams' Approval Hits 28%

Handling of budget cuts, affordable housing shortage drag Eric Adams down with voters

(Newser) - Steep budget cuts that Mayor Eric Adams blames on New York City's migrant crisis and a shortage of affordable housing are contributing to his plunge in polls. A Quinnipiac University poll released Wednesday shows 28% of registered New York City voters approve of his job performance, with 58% disapproving....

Millionaires Feel Like They're Just Middle Class These Days

Only 8% of those with at least $1M consider themselves wealthy, per new survey

(Newser) - A million dollars just doesn't stretch the way it used to. So say all the millionaires who now place themselves squarely in the "middle class" category, according to a new poll from Ameriprise Financial. In the survey of more than 3,000 US adults, nearly 600 were found...

Nearly 10% of Us Have No Close Friends

New Pew survey finds having such pals in our corner is crucial to living a satisfying life

(Newser) - Your partner, kids, and how much you've got in the bank are all key to living a satisfying life—but not as much as having friends you can rely on, according to a new survey. The April poll of 5,000-plus US adults released earlier this month from the...

Support for Political Violence in America Is Kind of Shocking

Poll finds 23% of Americans believe it could be necessary 'to save our country'

(Newser) - Nearly one in four Americans support political violence in a new national survey that pollsters say is likely to indicate a "challenging election season." Some 75% of Americans surveyed by the Public Religion Research Institute and the Brookings Institution—including 84% of Democrats, 77% of Republicans, and 73%...

4 in 10 Californians Consider Getting Out

Most love their state, but many are contemplating a move

(Newser) - With the 2024 election looming, California has a "contradiction" at play ahead of next year's polls: People there love their state, but many are also mulling packing it up and leaving. That's per the Los Angeles Times , which reports on a new survey that details what's...

Poll: Most Want Trump to Quit, but Republicans Don't

Asked after indictment, more in GOP now say former president did nothing wrong

(Newser) - Donald Trump should drop out of the presidential race, say most poll respondents when asked what the former president should do after being indicted last week. Donald Trump should not go anywhere, say an overwhelming majority of Republicans polled. The share overall suggesting Trump end his candidacy was 56%, a...

In Poll, 26% Couldn't Name a Famous Asian American

Another 18% gave wrong answers

(Newser) - More than a quarter of Americans drew a blank when asked to name a famous living Asian American, according to a study released by the Asian American Foundation . The nonprofit says it polled more than 5,000 Americans and the top answer was "Don't know," at 26%....

More Tie Extreme Weather to Changing Climate: Poll

Respondents say they're talking about the issue if not acting

(Newser) - An overwhelming majority of people in the US say they have recently experienced an extreme weather event, a new poll shows, and most of them attribute that to climate change. But even as many across the country mark Earth Day on Saturday, the poll shows relatively few say they feel...

Americans Aren't Exactly Gung-Ho on EVs

Less than half say they're somewhat likely to switch when they next buy a car

(Newser) - Many Americans aren’t yet sold on going electric for their next cars, with high prices and too few charging stations the main deterrents. About 4 in 10 US adults are at least somewhat likely to switch, but the shift from the country’s love affair with gas vehicles still...

Educator Calls Poll Results About College a Wake-Up Call

Most respondents don't consider a degree worth the cost

(Newser) - They're not necessarily saying that having a college degree is a bad thing, but a majority questioned in new poll say it's not worth the cost. In a poll by the Wall Street Journal and NORC Center for Public Affairs Research at the University of Chicago, 42% of...

Approval Rating Nears Biden's Low Point

Roughly one-fourth of respondents say the economy is doing well

(Newser) - Approval of President Biden's job performance has dipped slightly since a month ago, nearing the lowest point of his presidency as his administration tries to project a sense of stability while confronting a pair of bank failures and inflation that remains high. That's according to a new poll...

Poll: 27% of Republicans, 19% of Democrats Approve of Capitol Riot

More than half of GOPers think 'people participated in a legitimate public discourse'

(Newser) - More than a quarter of Republicans now approve of the Capitol riot, according to a new poll—and, puzzlingly, almost a fifth of Democrats agree. "Do you approve or disapprove of the Trump supporters taking over the Capitol building in Washington, DC on January 6th, 2021 to stop Congressional...

Americans' Predictions for US in 2023 Aren't Good

Majorities expect tax increases, political conflict, more crime: Gallup

(Newser) - New year, new country? Not the way most Americans see it, according to Gallup . Given the partisan politics and economic struggles of 2022 , a new poll finds Americans are "largely pessimistic" about the state of the US in the coming year. Some 80% expect economic difficulty, with tax increases...

In Our Recreational Substances of Choice, a Big First

11% of US adults tell Gallup they smoke cigarettes; pot smokers surpass that for first time, with 16%

(Newser) - In the mid-1950s, nearly half of US adults copped to smoking cigarettes. After decades of PSAs and warnings from the medical community on the dangers of smoking, it's probably not surprising that that figure has plummeted to just 11%—and it's now been surpassed by Americans who say...

Poll: Trump Gains Steam Among GOPers After FBI Raid

Percentage of GOP voters who support Trump over Republican Party spikes from May, per NBC poll

(Newser) - After the FBI search of Mar-a-Lago earlier this month, the walls may feel like they're closing in on former President Trump, at least from a legal standpoint. In the court of public opinion with fellow Republicans, however, that search may have helped to give Trump a boost, at least...

Poll: Most Black Americans Fear More Racial Attacks

Most say white supremacy is a bigger problem than it was 5 years ago

(Newser) - Black people in the US were well aware of the danger racism posed to them before the shootings in Buffalo, polling confirmed. Since then, the concern is clear: Three-fourths of Black people are concerned that they or someone they love will be attacked physically because they're Black, a Washington...

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