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This 90-Year-Old Fish Likes Belly Rubs

Australian lungfish Methuselah is believed to be world's oldest aquarium fish

(Newser) - Meet Methuselah, the fish that likes to eat fresh figs, get belly rubs, and is believed to be the oldest living aquarium fish in the world. In the Bible, Methuselah was Noah's grandfather and was said to have lived to be 969 years old. Methuselah the fish isn't...

'Nimblewill Nomad' Oldest to Hike Appalachian Trail at 83

He did the trail in sections for better weather

(Newser) - An 83-year-old from Alabama started walking when he retired more than a quarter-century ago — and never stopped. M.J. “Sunny” Eberhart strode into the record books Sunday as the oldest hiker to complete the Appalachian Trail. Eberhart, known by the trail name Nimblewill Nomad, acknowledged that despite having...

That&#39;s Not a Puppy. That&#39;s a Potato
It's a Potato So Big
It Has a Name

It's a Potato So Big It Has a Name

Doug, the New Zealand spud, could be a new world record holder

(Newser) - Colin and Donna Craig-Brown were weeding their garden in New Zealand on Aug. 30 when Colin's hoe struck something big just beneath the soil's surface. After Colin pried it out, he scratched away a bit of the skin and tasted it. A potato. "We couldn't believe...

Tony Bennett Sets Another World Record

For his latest album with Lady Gaga

(Newser) - Tony Bennett has set a Guinness World Record, his fifth. The 95-year-old is now officially the oldest person to release an album of new material, the recordkeeping organization has confirmed. Love for Sale, Bennett's collaboration with Lady Gaga, was released October 1, CNN reports. Bennett, who has Alzheimer's...

Both Beat the World Record, but Only One Could Win Gold

Sydney McLaughlin of the US wins Olympics' 400-meter hurdles event

(Newser) - Sydney McLaughlin broke the world record. Dalilah Muhammad broke it, too. Only one of the world's best hurdlers could win the Olympic gold medal—and McLaughlin came out ahead in the latest installment of the best rivalry in track, the AP reports. The 21-year-old out of East Orange, NJ,...

Hottest Place on Earth Could Be Getting Hotter

Death Valley recorded a temperature of 130 degrees for just the fifth time ever

(Newser) - Death Valley on Friday saw some of the hottest temperatures ever recorded on Earth, and this may not be the end of it. Dubbed the hottest place on the planet for its official record temp of 134 degrees Fahrenheit, set in 1913, the spot in eastern California had only seen...

On Mount Everest, a World Record Twofer

75-year-old becomes oldest American to climb peak; HK climber nabs fastest ascent by woman

(Newser) - Two new climbers made the Mount Everest record books over the past week, including a man who now holds the title of oldest American ever to ascend the 29,032-foot peak. Per Reuters and the Himalayan Times , 75-year-old Arthur Muir is that man, completing his ascent on Sunday and taking...

Woman Gives Birth to 9 Babies. At One Time

Malian woman gives birth to nonuplets in Morocco

(Newser) - If all goes well, Halima Cisse should be able to field an entire baseball team with all nine children she gave birth to on Tuesday. The 25-year-old Malian woman had expected to deliver seven babies, based on an ultrasound. In a surprise, she instead gave birth to nonuplets in Morocco,...

Ariana Grande Now Has 20 Guinness World Records

Singer wins 'most songs to debut at No. 1 on the Billboard Hot 100'

(Newser) - Ariana Grande has an impressive 20 Guinness World Records to her name as of last week, when the 27-year-old broke the record for most songs to debut at No. 1 on the Billboard Hot 100. Her single, "Positions," did so on Nov. 7, her fifth song to ever...

Behold the Ring With the Most Diamonds Ever

The 'Marigold,' featuring 12,638 stones, has been recognized by Guinness World Records

(Newser) - Start doing your hand exercises now if you ever want to slip the "Ring of Prosperity" on your finger—it'll be a heavy lift. That's because the piece of jewelry (aka the "Marigold") designed by Harshit Bansal of India's Renani Jewels features 12,638...

It&#39;s a World Record for ... Singing Port-a-Potties
Singing Port-a-Potties
Clinch a World Record

Singing Port-a-Potties Clinch a World Record

That would be for 'most animated faces on a single holiday light display'

(Newser) - The Jingle Johns are back, and in a big way. This year, the singing port-a-potties brought to you by Indiana’s Service Sanitation have apparently set a World Record while saying "Hallelujah" to the end of 2020. "Fusing together the elements of lights, music, and #portapotties, the #JingleJohns...

She Dove 374 Feet Without Taking a Breath

For Alenka Artnik and freediving, 'it was love at first sight'

(Newser) - Those watching the surface of the water were likely somewhat worried about Alenka Artnik, who was attempting to free dive to a depth no woman had before. But Tito Zappalá wasn't too concerned. Having taken an underwater scooter to depths of 200 feet, the safety diver watched Artnik ascend...

Runner's 200-Meter Time Too Good to Be True

Sprinter Noah Lyles gets disappointing news

(Newser) - What the Guardian calls a "farcical ending" to an elite running event must've felt as crushing as it did absurd to the sprinter at the center of it all. On Thursday, 22-year-old Noah Lyles was a contender in the 200-meter race in the Inspiration Games, in which 30...

The Crash Killed Her, but She Got Her Record
The Crash Killed Her,
but She Got Her Record
in case you missed it

The Crash Killed Her, but She Got Her Record

Earth's 'fastest woman,' Jessi Combs, awarded female land-speed record

(Newser) - Jessi Combs was killed in a horrific crash last year—but the professional racer and Mythbusters star known as Earth's "fastest woman on four wheels" achieved the world record she was trying to set. Guinness World Records announced this week that Combs had been awarded the record for...

Paralympian Dies Trying to Row Across Pacific Ocean

Angela Madsen was attempting to set world record

(Newser) - A spinal cord injury during her time in the Marines left Angela Madsen a paraplegic, but it didn't slow her down. She went to the Paralympics three times, including a 2012 trip during which she won bronze in the shot put event, and won several gold medals at the...

'The Mountain' Just Deadlifted More Than Anyone Ever Has

Hafthor Bjornsson lifts 1,104 pounds, breaks world record

(Newser) - The Mountain is at the top of the deadlift world. Game of Thrones actor Hafthor Bjornsson, who played Gregor “The Mountain” Clegane in the HBO series, set a deadlift world record by lifting 1,104 pounds on Saturday, the AP reports. Bjornsson, the 2018 World’s Strongest Man , made...

He Broke the 2-Hour Marathon 'Barrier.' How? There's No Secret

Eliud Kipchoge did what many believed couldn't be done

(Newser) - For decades, it was believed to be impossible to run a marathon in less than two hours. Then, in October, Eliud Kipchoge became the first person to do it. How? Knox Robinson spent time with Kipchoge at his rural training camp in Kenya, and in an extensive piece for GQ...

What Virus? 3.5K People Dress Up, Hang Out as Smurfs

Event criticized as 'potentially a very dangerous viral bomb'

(Newser) - A day before France banned gatherings of more than 1,000 people, some 3,500 of them gathered to break a world record. The village of Landerneau in northwestern France, home to the annual Festival of the Starry Moon, was betting on breaking the world record for the "most...

Record-Setting Firework Turns Sky Red Over Colorado Festival

Team had worked for 7 years toward Guinness recognition

(Newser) - After thousands of hours of building fireworks over seven years—and one failed attempt due to a premature explosion—a team has brought the record for the world's largest firework to Colorado. The explosion turned the sky over Steamboat Springs' winter carnival red on Saturday night and earned a...

Nike Nailed It With These Shoes—and That's a Problem

The Vaporfly is helping marathon runners break records

(Newser) - Some shoes aren't just good, they're too good—which has World Athletics seeking a response to Nike's Vaporfly sneakers, Quartz reports. The governing body of track and field knows these shoes are helping runners set marathon records, but what to do? The Times of London reports a...

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