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Fauci Has Predictions on Vaccine Pause, Booster Shots

Expert says he didn't enjoy his confrontation with Jordan

(Newser) - Dr. Anthony Fauci said Sunday that the pause on the Johnson & Johnson coronavirus vaccine could be lifted as soon as Friday. Restrictions on its use could be imposed, however, USA Today reports. The nation's top infectious disease expert made the rounds of the Sunday TV talk shows, addressing...

Fauci to Jordan: 'You're Ranting Again'

The two argue liberties and pandemics until time runs out

(Newser) - With voices raised, Dr. Anthony Fauci and Republican Rep. Jim Jordan clashed over personal liberties and pandemics during a hearing Thursday. The heated exchange, over several rounds of questioning, went on until Jordan ran out of his allotted time and Democratic Rep. Maxine Waters told the congressman to "shut...

Greene Wants to Nix Fauci's Salary, Prevent Vax 'Discrimination'

Congresswoman's 'We Will Not Comply Act' would bar businesses from keeping out the unvaccinated

(Newser) - GOP Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene hasn't let getting kicked off her House committees slow her down, with the latest item on her to-do list focusing on the concept of vaccine "passports," documentation that would allow Americans to prove they've received the COVID vaccine to businesses and...

Fauci Takes CDC's Point but Wouldn't Say 'Doom'
Fauci Isn't
Sure He'd
Say 'Doom'

Fauci Isn't Sure He'd Say 'Doom'

CDC director has felt more hopeful since her warning

(Newser) - Dr. Anthony Fauci said Thursday that he agrees with the emotional warning Dr. Rochelle Walensky issued this week about coronavirus cases increasing. But he might have phrased it differently, the Hill reports. "You know, I don't know if I would use the word 'impending doom,'"...

Trump Has a Lot to Say About Fauci, Birx

He responds to their comments in CNN documentary

(Newser) - Former President Trump was, perhaps not surprisingly, displeased with the things Drs. Anthony Fauci and Deborah Birx had to say in a CNN documentary about COVID-19 that aired Sunday night. Birx said hundreds of thousands of deaths could have been mitigated had Trump handled the pandemic differently, and Fauci bemoaned...

Study to Track Virus Spread Among Vaccinated Students

Fauci calls the issue involving asymptomatic carriers 'of extreme importance'

(Newser) - A new study will try to provide answers to what Dr. Anthony Fauci calls "a question of extreme importance"—whether asymptomatic people who have been vaccinated can spread the coronavirus. And "if they’re asymptomatic, how much virus do they have in their nose and do they...

Fauci Gets Into It With Rand Paul
Fauci Gets Into It
With Rand Paul

Fauci Gets Into It With Rand Paul

White House's chief medical adviser pushes back at senator's claims

(Newser) - Rand Paul has long pushed back on wearing face masks and previously sparred with Dr. Anthony Fauci . On Thursday, he managed to do both during a Senate hearing on the country's coronavirus response efforts. In what CNBC bills as a "fiery exchange" between President Biden's chief medical...

CDC Looks at 3-Foot Rule
CDC Looks at 3-Foot Rule
new study

CDC Looks at 3-Foot Rule

Research finds no difference in infection rates in schools that don't maintain 6-foot distance

(Newser) - One restriction that complicates reopening schools could be eased soon. New research has found that schools might be able to safely welcome students back in person as long as they wear masks and follow other pandemic guidelines—even if they maintain only 3 feet of social distancing instead of the...

You Probably Recognize the Memento Fauci Donated to Smithsonian

The good doctor gives museum his personal model of the coronavirus

(Newser) - Dr. Anthony Fauci, the face of the US government’s pandemic response, has donated his personal 3D model of the COVID-19 virus to the Smithsonian’s National Museum of American History, the AP reports. The museum on Tuesday honored Fauci with its Great Americans Medal. “Dr. Fauci has helped...

Meghan McCain: Fauci Doesn't Understand Science

Frustrated about 'inconsistent messaging,' co-host wants expert replaced

(Newser) - Meghan McCain is "over Dr. Fauci." The co-host of The View criticized the vaccine rollout on Monday's show and the coronavirus guidance given by Dr. Anthony Fauci, the nation's top expert on infectious diseases, the Hill reports. McCain said he's guilty of "terribly inconsistent...

US on Brink of 500,000 COVID-19 Deaths
US Set to Hit Grim
COVID Milestone

US Set to Hit Grim COVID Milestone

500,000 deaths

(Newser) - The U. stood Sunday at the brink of a once-unthinkable tally: 500,000 people lost to the coronavirus. A year into the pandemic, the running total of lives lost was about 498,000—roughly the population of Kansas City, Mo., and just shy of the size of Atlanta. The figure...

Experts Caution Those Who Have Been Vaccinated

Masks shouldn't be dropped just yet

(Newser) - Experts have a dose of reality for people who were hoping to gleefully throw their masks away after receiving a coronavirus vaccination. "Unfortunately, getting vaccinated does not instantly mean we can go back to how life was before," Dr. Kristin Englund, an infection disease expert, told the Cleveland...

If You're Dating, You Won't Want to Be a Victim of 'Fauci-ing'

Infectious diseases expert has spurred creation of a whole new word on rejection

(Newser) - Do you know what it means if you're a victim of "Fauci-ing"? Don't worry—neither did the man the term is named after, until Axios filled him in. Dr. Anthony Fauci spoke with the site's managing editor, Margaret Talev, as part of its "Axios...

Fauci Calls Virus Mutations a 'Wake-Up Call'

Treat each new case as if it's caused by a new strain, CDC advises

(Newser) - The coronavirus will keep mutating into new variants, Dr. Anthony Fauci said Friday, unless we achieve vaccination levels so high that new strains have nowhere to go. "Mutations occur because the virus has a playing field, as it were, to mutate," he said, the Hill reports. "If...

US Confirms First Case of COVID Variant From Brazil
COVID Strain Reaches
US From Brazil

COVID Strain Reaches US From Brazil

Variant found in Minnesota concerns Dr. Fauci because of the number of mutations

(Newser) - Minnesota health officials have confirmed they've found a new coronavirus variant in a patient, a strain that has been spreading fast in Brazil. It's the first known case in the US, the New York Times reports. The patient, who lives in the Twin Cities area and is now...

Fauci Opens Up About Working With Trump

He also reveals that he opened a letter filled with powder

(Newser) - Dr. Anthony Fauci has previously said it feels "liberating" to work in the new White House, and in an interview with the New York Times , Fauci elaborates on what 2020 was like for him. Among other things, he reveals that he once opened a letter in his office, only...

Fauci: UK Strain Could Be Worse Than Thought

British experts find a higher death toll in one age group

(Newser) - Recent data suggests the UK strain of the coronavirus is more deadly, Dr. Anthony Fauci said Sunday. "We want to look at the data ourselves," Fauci said. Until that happens, he said, the US needs to "assume now that what has been circulating dominantly in the UK...

Here's How Dr. Fauci Feels About Working Under Biden

'Liberating' is a word the doctor used

(Newser) - Wondering how Dr. Anthony Fauci, frequently dissed and ultimately sidelined by former President Trump, feels about working in the Biden administration? Pretty darn good, he revealed in answer to a question at Thursday's White House press briefing. "I can tell you I take no pleasure at all in...

On COVID Toll, Trump Gets Pushback
On COVID Toll, Trump
Gets Pushback

On COVID Toll, Trump Gets Pushback

Fauci, Adams say the numbers are real after president tweets the CDC exaggerates

(Newser) - President Trump tried to discount the destruction caused by COVID-19, tweeting Sunday that government counts of cases and deaths are "far exaggerated in the United States." He blamed the way the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention compiles the statistics, adding, "When in doubt, call it COVID....

Don't Expect Normal Before Fall: Fauci

Infectious disease expert calls vaccination effort disappointing

(Newser) - Vaccinations have begun, but the goal of resuming American life something like it was before the coronavirus struck is not within reach yet. "It's going to take several months. ... It's not going to happen in the first few months," Dr. Anthony Fauci said Thursday. "If...

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