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Trump Picks Up 'Notable' GOP Endorsement

House Majority Leader Steve Scalise says he's proud to endorse former president

(Newser) - With less than two weeks to go until the Iowa caucuses, Donald Trump has picked up an endorsement from one of the most powerful congressional Republicans. "I am proud to endorse Donald Trump for president in 2024, and I look forward to working with President Trump and a Republican...

Scalise Refuses to Answer 'Stolen Election' Question Multiple Times

A clearly frustrated George Stephanopoulos eventually cut off the interview

(Newser) - At least seven times during a sit-down Sunday on ABC News' This Week, host George Stephanopoulos tried to get a straight answer from House Majority Leader Steve Scalise on whether he believes the 2020 presidential election was stolen. And at least seven times, Scalise avoided answering the question. The Hill...

Jordan Has a Challenger in House Speaker Race
Jim Jordan Is GOP's New
Pick for House Speaker

Jim Jordan Is GOP's New Pick for House Speaker

But it remains unclear whether he has enough support in the full House to get the position

(Newser) - After some late political drama , Republicans have chosen Rep. Jim Jordan as their new nominee to be House speaker. However, it remains very much up in the air whether Jordan, a staunch ally of Donald Trump, will be able to get enough votes in the full House to secure the...

Steve Scalise Drops Out of Speaker's Race

House majority leader knew he'd never get enough votes to win

(Newser) - One day after he won a GOP ballot to seek the position of House speaker, Steve Scalise is out of the running. "It's been quite a journey," the GOP majority leader told reporters Thursday night. "And there's still a long way to go. I just...

House GOP Remains Divided After Speaker Nomination

Jim Jordan retains support despite losing GOP vote to Steve Scalise

(Newser) - "The House GOP's hoped-for moment of unity never materialized" Wednesday as Republicans picked Majority Leader Steve Scalise of Louisiana for speaker only to find at least a dozen of their members opposed, per Politico . Scalise nabbed just 50.7% of the House GOP conference's support, illustrating a...

GOP Lands on Scalise for Speaker, but Some Say No Way

Sources say full House vote won't happen today

(Newser) - House Republicans have landed on Majority Leader Steve Scalise as their pick for next speaker, with the Hill reporting he bested Jim Jordan in a 113-99 closed-door vote. Things will next head to the House floor, where he'll face off against Democrats' pick: House Minority Leader Hakeem Jeffries. The...

After Meeting Ahead of Speaker Vote, No Idea 'How You Get to 218'

2 candidates spoke at closed-door conference meeting, but consensus seems hard to reach

(Newser) - By the end of Tuesday night's closed-door meeting, the AP was reporting that the Republican House majority appeared "stuck ... in a stalemate that threatens to keep Congress partly shuttered indefinitely." The two House speaker candidates who spoke at the meeting, Reps. Jim Jordan and Steve Scalise, appeared...

McCarthy on Leaving the House: That's a No

Ex-speaker addresses rumors; meanwhile, TV forum for his possible replacement falls through

(Newser) - Kevin McCarthy has already indicated he won't run for the House speaker position again, after a historic vote that booted him from that seat. On Thursday, the rumor mill started churning anew after sources told Politico and NBC News that the California Republican was considering stepping down from the...

House No. 2 Confirms Bid for Speaker

Steve Scalise is competing with Jim Jordan for gavel

(Newser) - Rep. Jim Jordan was the first Republican to announce a bid to replace Rep. Kevin McCarthy as House speaker Wednesday, but he wasn't in the race alone for long. House Majority Leader Steve Scalise announced his bid hours after Jordan, telling fellow lawmakers, "We all need to come...

No. 2 Republican in House Reveals Cancer Diagnosis

Steve Scalise says his multiple myeloma was caught early and is treatable

(Newser) - Rep. Steve Scalise, the No. 2-ranking House Republican, said Tuesday he has been diagnosed with a form of blood cancer known as multiple myeloma and is undergoing treatment. Scalise, 57, said he will continue to serve in the House. He described the cancer as "very treatable" and said it...

Here Are 3 Possible McCarthy Replacements

Though all of them face hurdles

(Newser) - After a historic day in the House of Representatives that ended with the legislative body adjourning without having elected a Speaker , it's not clear what will happen next—other than the fact that representatives will reconvene at noon Wednesday, PBS reports. A fourth round of voting is expected at...

McCarthy Fails to Win Speakership on First Ballot

House must keep voting until a speaker is selected

(Newser) - So who will be the next House speaker? After one round of voting in the chamber, the answer remains unclear. Frontrunner Kevin McCarthy, who served as House Minority Leader when Democrats were in charge, failed to get the necessary 218 votes on the first ballot, reports the Washington Post . Instead,...

McCarthy Confirms Bid to Become House Speaker

He didn't wait for confirmation of GOP victory

(Newser) - Control of the House is still up in the air after Tuesday's midterm elections, but with Republicans looking likely to take a slim majority in the chamber, senior caucus members are eyeing new positions. Rep. Kevin McCarthy, currently the House minority leader, announced his bid to become House speaker...

GOP Bid to Oust Liz Cheney Just Got Stronger
House's No. 2 Comes Out
Against Liz Cheney
the rundown

House's No. 2 Comes Out Against Liz Cheney

Rep. Steve Scalise backs Elise Stefanik to take Cheney's post

(Newser) - The tide turned more sharply against Rep. Liz Cheney on Wednesday with the No. 2 House Republican publicly calling for her ouster from her post over her continuing criticism of former President Trump . Rep. Steve Scalise, the House GOP whip, said via a statement that he's in favor of...

2nd Member of Congress Tests Positive for COVID-19

Lawmakers are being warned of possible exposure

(Newser) - A second member of Congress has now tested positive for coronavirus—and numerous other lawmakers are now in self-quarantine. Rep. Ben McAdams, a Democrat from Utah, announced Wednesday night that he has self-quarantined after testing positive, NBC reports. "On Saturday evening, after returning from Washington, DC, I developed mild...

Trump Gets Personal After Fox Host Interviews Scalise

He slams 'nasty, obnoxious' Chris Wallace

(Newser) - After Fox News host Chris Wallace clashed with House Minority Whip Steve Scalise over the impeachment inquiry in an interview Sunday, President Trump called him "nasty" and said he would never measure up to his father, late 60 Minutes lead reporter Mike Wallace. Scalise "blew the nasty &...

GOP 'Stunt' Delayed Pentagon Official's Testimony for 5 Hours
GOP Lawmakers' Storming
of Room Caused 5-Hour Delay

GOP Lawmakers' Storming of Room Caused 5-Hour Delay

House Republicans accused of flouting security procedures

(Newser) - Defense Department official Laura Cooper testified before House committees at a closed-door impeachment hearing Wednesday—eventually. The hearing was delayed for five hours after at least two dozen House Republicans stormed the secure area where Cooper was due to speak and staged a sit-in, demanding that the proceedings be opened...

A Year After Shooting, Scalise Returns to Play Ball

'It's been a long road to this day,' congressman says

(Newser) - Republicans and Democrats put aside the sectarian hostilities that have increasingly defined Washington and came together on the baseball diamond Thursday, a year after bullets from a would-be mass assassin shook Congress to its core. Democrats prevailed 21-5 in the 57th Congressional Baseball Game for Charity at Nationals Park. But...

Congressional Baseball Attack: Everything Went 'Exactly Right'

BuzzFeed recounts how a 'series of miracles' prevented a much larger tragedy that day

(Newser) - On June 14, 2017, a gunman with a semiautomatic opened fire on congressional Republicans and staffers practicing for a baseball game. The shooting, which injured Rep. Steve Scalise and four others, has been well covered, but a report at BuzzFeed provides what is perhaps the most in-depth account so far...

'I'm Back': Steve Scalise Returns to Congress
'I'm Back': Steve Scalise
Returns to Congress

'I'm Back': Steve Scalise Returns to Congress

It's the first time since the congressman was shot over the summer

(Newser) - To bipartisan hugs, tears, and a roaring standing ovation, a hobbling House Republican Whip Steve Scalise returned to the House on Thursday, more than three months after a gunman sprayed fire at a baseball practice and left the lawmaker fighting for his life . Scalise limped into the chamber on crutches...

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