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Here Are the Best Cities in America for a Staycation

Honolulu tops WalletHub's list

(Newser) - Want to save your wallet this summer and hover closer to home for some R&R? Those contemplating a "staycation" might want to check out WalletHub's latest rankings , which lists which US cities are best for such homebound holidays. The site looked at more than 180 of the...

Gas Prices in Every State Reach an Unwelcome Mark

Average has crossed $4 for the first time in all 50 states

(Newser) - There's apparently nowhere for Americans to hide from rising gas prices. For the first time, prices in every state average at least $4 per gallon, AAA data show. The immediate cause is the increasing cost of crude oil, which is almost $110 a barrel globally, per NBC News . AAA...

Vaxxed and Ready to Relax? These US Cities Are Waiting

San Francisco tops LawnStarter's list of best places for the vaccinated to enjoy summer vacation

(Newser) - Summer is here, and if you're cautiously starting to reemerge from the pandemic, you may wonder if it's possible to contemplate some well-deserved holiday time. LawnStarter answers that question for the fully vaccinated with its ranking of US cities ideal for "vaxcations." The site looked at...

Let's Get Rid of Summer Vacation
 Let's Get Rid of 
 Summer Vacation 

Let's Get Rid of Summer Vacation

It's creating gap between rich, poor kids: Matthew Yglesias

(Newser) - Imagine the government deciding to shut down the military, or the transit system, or law enforcement, for a few months every year, for no particular reason. The outcry would be insane, because that's a ridiculous idea. So why, then, is there no backlash over the three months out of...

Our Kids Just Get 'Dumber, Fatter' Each Summer

But Peter Orszag has some ideas on how to remedy the situation

(Newser) - Ahh, those halcyon days of summer … from which our children emerge "dumber and fatter," writes Peter Orszag on Bloomberg . Come fall, the average child is at least one month behind where they were academically before going on break, and they've also most likely put on weight...

Secret Service Partied Hard on Obama's Vacation

Anonymous Martha's Vineyard residents detail debauchery

(Newser) - Apparently when they're not allegedly picking up prostitutes , Secret Service agents throw some wild parties. Fox News tracked down some Martha's Vineyard residents who say the boys in black engaged in some serious debauchery during the Obama family's 2011 vacation there, trashing rented homes, inviting college girls...

UCLA Student Vacations With Libya Rebels

Math major thought a rebel holiday would be 'sick'

(Newser) - It's a vacation package you can't find on Travelocity: Sun, sand—and firing heavy weapons in a revolution. But that's the summer trip that UCLA math major Chris Jeon , 21, is enjoying, reports the Christian Science Monitor . “At spring break I told my friends a '...

Top 10 Presidential Getaways
 Top 10 Presidential Getaways 

Top 10 Presidential Getaways

Martha's Vineyard isn't the only game in town

(Newser) - President Obama is chilling in swanky Martha's Vineyard this week ... again. And while the Massachusetts hotspot is a vacation destination that has attracted presidents Kennedy and Clinton, Time r uns down a list of other noted places where commanders in chief have gone to unwind:
  • Florida White House: Richard

Obamas to Vacation on Gulf Coast

First family will practice what it preaches

(Newser) - The Obamas will do next month what they've been asking Americans to do all summer: vacation on the Gulf Coast. The first family will head to the region the weekend of Aug. 14, reports ABC . The Obamas took some flak when the first lady urged people to visit the region...

French Kids Strike Over Vacation Cut

All good fun, but the cut doesn't exist

(Newser) - French schoolkids are saying "non" to a shortened summer, with young people nationwide joining wildcat strikes and staging walk-outs to denounce plans to cut a month of vacation time. Which is all very French, notes the Independent , except that the plan doesn't exist—the education minister merely called for...

Obama Wants More School, Less Summer Break

Wants to give US kids boost globally, idea 'not popular' with Sasha, Malia

(Newser) - Well, Barack Obama’s approval rating just plummeted in the K-12 demographic. The president is calling for longer school days and a shorter summer break, arguing that it’s a necessary step to catch up with kids from around the world. The president admits they’re “not wildly popular...

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