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These Cities' Job Markets Are A-Plus for Young Workers

Tucson, Arizona, tops LinkedIn list of best places for young workers seeking job opportunities

(Newser) - As young adults launch their work lives after graduation, where to start off is one of the biggest questions at top of mind. That could mean relocation is in the cards, notes Quartz —so enter LinkedIn , which just put out its 2024 "kickstarting your career" primer, including the...

Here Are the Best (and Worst) Places to Kick Off Your Career

Atlanta tops WalletHub's list for those just starting off

(Newser) - With college commencement ceremonies currently taking place around the nation, lots of eyes are on where this latest slew of grads will end up working. WalletHub wanted to find out which US cities were the best places to kick off one's career, so it looked at more than 180...

People Are Happiest at Work Than Ever...Sort of

Conference Board's latest survey ranks job satisfaction higher than ever, but with a caveat

(Newser) - Morale is up for employees these days, at least according to Conference Board's latest report on US job satisfaction. Worker satisfaction hit an all-time high since the nonprofit research group began distributing the survey in 1987, with 62.7% of respondents reporting back that they're satisfied on the...

Good News for Chipotle Workers: Let Them Eat Chicken Again

Fast-food chain rescinds directive that staff not order chicken in meals due to customer demand

(Newser) - Excellent news if you love chicken and you happen to work at Chipotle: You're allowed to order the pollo version of your meals again. After a strong suggestion was sent last week to staffers in the US and Canada asking them not to add chicken to any of their...

Socializing at Start of a New Job Benefits Men More
Men Are Rewarded More
When Socializing at Work

Men Are Rewarded More When Socializing at Work

Study saw men reap greater benefits when making an effort to get to know new colleagues

(Newser) - A new study led by researchers from Rutgers University suggests that men receive greater benefits than women when they make an effort to socialize with new co-workers after starting a job. The university writes that the findings show a stark contrast in how men and women must navigate workplace culture...

These Pregnancy Rules Could Upend the Workplace

New regulations offer guidance on morning sickness, doctor appointments, abortion, and more

(Newser) - Pregnant employees have the right to a wide range of accommodations under new federal regulations for enforcing the Pregnant Workers Fairness Act that supporters say could change workplace culture for millions of people. The Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, the agency in charge of enforcing the law, adopted an expansive view...

At Google, a 'Flagrant Act of Retaliation' Against Workers

On Tuesday, 9 workers were detained over protests over Israeli contract; on Wednesday, 28 were fired

(Newser) - On Tuesday, nine workers were arrested for trespassing at Google offices on both coasts while protesting their employer's contract with the Israeli government. A day later, the company fired dozens more employees, reports the New York Times . More on what's happening:
  • The contract: The workers who converged upon

More Than a Week After Bridge Collapse, a 3rd Body

Divers in Baltimore recovered remains on Friday of 38-year-old Maynor Yasir Suazo-Sandoval

(Newser) - A third body has been found at the site of the March 26 collapse of the Francis Scott Key Bridge in Baltimore. Authorities announced Friday evening that salvage divers recovered a third body from the water, identified as 38-year-old Maynor Yasir Suazo-Sandoval, one of the missing workers. His body was...

State Bill Would Give Workers the 'Right to Disconnect'

It's the brainchild of California Democrat Matt Haney

(Newser) - Emailing an employee during their time off could become punishable by law in California, the first state in the US weighing employees' " right to disconnect ." Such laws are already on the books in 13 countries and just over the US-Canada border in Ontario. California could potentially become the...

Consulting Giant Has Offer for So-So Employees

McKinsey will provide 9 months' pay, career counseling to get mediocre workers to leave

(Newser) - The bad news for underperforming employees at consulting giant McKinsey & Co. is that their days are numbered at the firm. The good news is that the company isn't exactly in a hurry to rush them out the door. The details:
  • An offer: Over the weekend, the UK Times

Worker: Shift Change Saved Me From Bridge Collapse
He Should've
Been on the
Bridge, but
Changed Shift

He Should've Been on the Bridge, but Changed Shift

Moises Diaz mourns co-workers who died during collapse of Baltimore's Key Bridge

(Newser) - The bodies of two Brawner Builders construction workers have been pulled from the waters of Maryland's Patapsco River following the collapse of Baltimore's Francis Scott Key Bridge on Tuesday, and four more are presumed dead; the search for them has been suspended. Now, another of the company's...

This City Is the Biggest Slacker in America

Burlington, Vermont, comes in last in WalletHub's rankings of hardest-working cities; DC is first

(Newser) - If you're itching to work hard toward that elusive American dream, there are some US cities that are waiting for you with open arms and rolled-up sleeves. WalletHub wanted to see which ones boast the best work ethic, so the site looked at nearly 120 of the nation's...

It's Going to Be a Quiet Day at the Eiffel Tower

Paris landmark shuttered amid staff strike

(Newser) - Wednesday marks the 100th anniversary of the death of Gustave Eiffel, the engineer behind the famous Paris landmark that bears his name. Anyone who wants to visit the Eiffel Tower on the centennial, however, is out of luck: Staff are currently on strike, to protest what their union says is...

Wayfair CEO Tries to Inspire With Message on 'Laziness'

Niraj Shah encourages employees to work longer hours: 'Winning requires hard work'

(Newser) - If you're a Wayfair employee and hoping that 2024 will bring a more relaxed workplace, think again. In a recent email to workers, CEO Niraj Shah delivered what The Street calls a "harsh wake-up call" that involved pushback against slacking. "Working long hours, being responsive, blending work...

Today at Starbucks, a 'Red Cup Rebellion'

Staffers at 200-plus US stores will walk off job on Thursday to protest company's anti-union stance

(Newser) - Thousands of workers at more than 200 US Starbucks stores plan to walk off the job Thursday in what organizers say is the largest strike yet in the two-year-old effort to unionize the company's stores. The Workers United union chose Starbucks' annual Red Cup Day to stage the walkout,...

One of Detroit's Big 3 Is Making Its Next Big Move

Stellantis plans on offering buyout packages to about half of its salaried workers

(Newser) - The autoworkers strike is over , but one of Detroit's Big Three is now making another move it hopes will help its bottom line. The Wall Street Journal reports that on Monday, Mark Stewart, CEO of Chrysler parent company Stellantis, announced in a meeting that the company is offering buyouts...

Young Professionals, Check Out the Work Climate Here

New England dominates Scholaroo's best states for workers trying to establish their careers

(Newser) - If you've just graduated or are graduating soon and are looking for a place to jump-start your career, some states offer more in the way of job markets and affordable living. Scholaroo attempts to flesh out which US states are the best for today's young professionals, using nearly...

Tycoon Says 270K Aussies Need to Lose Their Jobs

Multimillionaire Tim Gurner courts controversy in saying workers need to be shown their place

(Newser) - One of Australia's richest men has apologized after calling for 270,000 job losses to show workers their place. Gurner Group founder and CEO Tim Gurner, a multimillionaire real-estate tycoon, was speaking at the Australian Financial Review's property summit on Tuesday when he said workers have become "...

Extreme Heat? There Are US Workers Blistering in It

Efforts are being made at state and federal levels, but in the meantime, the suffering continues

(Newser) - Santos Brizuela spent more than two decades laboring outdoors, persisting despite a bout of heatstroke while cutting sugar cane in Mexico and chronic laryngitis from repeated exposure to the hot sun while on various other jobs. But last summer, while on a construction crew in Las Vegas, he reached his...

Biden Proposal Would Expand Overtime to Millions More

White House proposal would require overtime for workers who make less than $55K a year

(Newser) - The Biden administration will propose a new rule Wednesday that would make 3.6 million more US workers eligible for overtime pay, reviving an Obama-era policy effort that was ultimately scuttled in court. The new rule, shared with the AP ahead of the announcement, would require employers to pay overtime...

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