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Russian Funding for War to Skyrocket

Military budget to grow nearly 70%

(Newser) - Acknowledging that it will hurt, Russia announced on Thursday plans to increase military spending next year by as much as 70% in an effort to win its war against Ukraine. That would surpass the amount Russia spends on social programs. In fact, at 6% of GDP, military spending would add...

As Sentence Is Upheld, Navalny Describes Prison Hell

Or, perhaps, the opposite: extreme cold

(Newser) - A Moscow appeals court has upheld the 19-year sentence handed down in August to Alexei Navalny, who will now be transferred to a different maximum security facility to serve the lengthiest of the three sentences he's been given so far. The Putin critic had been serving a 9-year sentence...

After Video, Ukraine No Longer Sure It Killed Top Admiral

Fate of Russian Black Sea Fleet commander Sokolov remains uncertain

(Newser) - On Monday, Ukraine claimed a big military success, saying it killed the commander of Russia's Black Sea Fleet in a missile strike . On Tuesday, Ukraine was no longer so sure about the claim. Russia released video that appeared to show the supposedly dead Viktor Sokolov, and Russian state media...

Russian TV Seems to Tease Tucker Carlson Show

State channel is running a trailer promoting former Fox host's appearance

(Newser) - Tucker Carlson may no longer be receiving exposure on Fox News, but he's trending on Russian state TV. The news channel Rossiya 24 has aired a trailer featuring Carlson for a weekend program, the BBC reports. The promotional trailer appears to combine clips of Carlson saying "Russia" and...

Another War Is Brewing in the World
A Day Into Military Assault,
Victory Is Declared

A Day Into Military Assault, Victory Is Declared

Ethnic Armenians in Nagorno-Karabakh agree to ceasefire after Azerbaijan's major gains: report

(Newser) - One day into its military assault on the disputed region of Nagorno-Karabakh, Azerbaijan has declared victory. The region's ethnic Armenian leadership agreed to a ceasefire early Wednesday after Azerbaijani forces "made major advances" in the region whose estimated 100,000 Armenian residents have long maintained autonomy from Azerbaijan,...

Kim's Parting Gifts Include Bulletproof Vest

South Korean president warns allies would answer tighter military ties between Russia, North Korea

(Newser) - Kim Jong Un has stepped aboard his personal train for the slow trip home after six days of talks with Russian leaders and tours of military installations. A ceremony at a railway station in the far Eastern city of Artyom sent North Korea's ruler off Sunday to the strains...

China Uses Hawaii Fires in 'Disinformation Wars'

Chinese accounts spread conspiracy about the testing of a US 'weather weapon'

(Newser) - The deadly fires across Maui last month were triggered by a secret "weather weapon" tested by the US government on its own citizens—or so suspected Chinese operatives want you to believe. Researchers from Microsoft and other organizations have described an organized disinformation campaign out of China that aims...

Report: Russian Pilot Tried to Shoot Down UK Military Jet

BBC reports 2 missiles were fired deliberately, not in a 'technical malfunction' as Russia claimed

(Newser) - A Russian pilot deliberately tried to shoot down a British plane last year, the BBC is reporting, contradicting Russia's claims of a "technical malfunction." The pilot fired two missiles at the Royal Air Force plane in international airspace over the Black Sea on Sept. 29, 2022. The...

Russia: We Were Hit in Crimea
Russia: Ukraine Hit 2 Warships

Russia: Ukraine Hit 2 Warships

Ukrainian attack on Sevastopol shipyard injures 2 dozen

(Newser) - Russia made a rare acknowledgment of a successful Ukrainian attack Wednesday, noting two of its warships were damaged and 24 people were injured in Sevastopol, the largest city on the illegally annexed Crimean peninsula. Ukraine attacked the Sergo Ordzhonikidze shipyard, which serves as a repair base for Russia's Black...

Kim Pledges 'Unconditional Support' for Russia's War

Wednesday's meeting in Russia's Far East suggests likelihood of a weapons deal

(Newser) - Kim Jong Un vowed "full and unconditional support" for Russia's "just fight" during his summit with President Vladimir Putin on Wednesday, suggesting North Korea may well supply ammunition to the "special military operation" in Ukraine. Kim made the comments after touring launch pads with Putin at...

Kim Jong Un, Vladimir Putin Shake Hands

North Korean leader meets with Russian president

(Newser) - Russian President Vladimir Putin and North Korean leader Kim Jong Un shook hands Wednesday as they launched their highly anticipated meeting at the Vostochny cosmodrome in Russia's far east. Kim's powerful sister, Kim Yo Jong, is there too. Hours before the meeting started, Pyongyang launched two short-range ballistic...

Kim Jong Un Has an Unusual Preferred Way to Travel

North Korean leader's green and yellow train is well protected, but slow as a result

(Newser) - As Kim Jung Un arrived in Russia on Tuesday for his first known trip outside North Korea in more than four years, all eyes were on Vladivostok's train station, rather than its airport. Kim arrived in Vladivostok on a "bulletproof" train that is both heavy and slow, with...

Are These 2 About to Meet Up Again?
Kim Jong Un Arrives in
Russia for Putin Meeting

Kim Jong Un Arrives in Russia for Putin Meeting

Kim reportedly wants to trade munitions for aid, military tech

(Newser) - North Korea's Kim Jong Un arrived in Russia on Tuesday for a meeting with President Vladimir Putin where they are expected to offer each other increased support in their escalating standoffs with the West, the AP reports. North Korea's official Korean Central News Agency said Kim boarded his...

One of Putin's Assassins May Be Key in Prisoner Swap

'Wall Street Journal' explores the world of jailed hit man Vadim Krasikov

(Newser) - Somewhere in Germany, a Russian by the name of Vadim Krasikov is serving out his life sentence for the brazen execution of a man in a Berlin park crowded with families in 2019. As the Wall Street Journal reports, after Krasikov calmly shot his victim multiple times, he bicycled away,...

Russia Might Soon Have a New Ally in Europe

Possible new Slovakia PM Robert Fico has vowed to end weapons deliveries to Ukraine

(Newser) - With around 5.5 million people in an area smaller than West Virginia, Slovakia has never been a massive player on the international stage—but its September 30 election will be closely watched in the European Union and beyond. The country has been one of the firmest supporters of its...

UK Pushing Back Hard on This Russian 'Military Tool'

Nation wants to deem Prigozhin-less Wagner Group a terrorist organization

(Newser) - Yevgeny Prigozhin may be out of the picture , but the Wagner Group is still causing leeriness around the globe—and the United Kingdom is now set to deem it a terrorist organization. "They are terrorists, plain and simple," Home Secretary Suella Braverman said Wednesday of the Russian mercenary...

Kim Jong Un, Putin Meeting in Russia Soon: Reports

Leaders expected to discuss weapons, sources say

(Newser) - A US official said Monday that North Korean leader Kim Jong Un may travel to Russia soon to meet with President Vladimir Putin as the Kremlin tries to acquire military equipment for use in its war in Ukraine, the AP reports. The official, who was not authorized to address the...

Putin: It's a No for Me on Ukraine Grain Deal

After Turkey talks, Russian leader says he could commit to deal 'within days' if his demands are met

(Newser) - Earlier Monday, Vladimir Putin had said he was "open to negotiations" on reviving an agreement that would allow Ukraine to export grain and other commodities through Black Sea ports. Those negotiations are now apparently over, at least for now, and the answer from the Russian leader is a no,...

Nobel Team Rescinds Invite to 3 Nations

Invites to Russia, Belarus, Iran withdrawn after Swedish lawmakers said they'd boycott awards

(Newser) - The Nobel Foundation on Saturday retracted its invitation for representatives of Russia, Belarus, and Iran to attend this year's Nobel Prize award ceremonies after the controversial decision "provoked strong reactions." Several Swedish lawmakers said Friday they would boycott this year's Nobel Prize award ceremonies in the...

In Video, Prigozhin Addressed Threats to His Life

'Everything's OK,' he said in video possibly recorded in the days before his Aug. 23 death

(Newser) - Wagner chief Yevgeny Prigozhin reportedly addressed rumors about threats to his safety days before his business jet fell from the sky. "For those who are discussing whether I am alive or not ... everything's OK," Prigozhin says in a short video released Thursday by a Telegram channel with...

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