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Trump Sees 'Hoax No. 7' Underway in DC

He slams report of Russian meddling in the 2020 election

(Newser) - Reports that intelligence officials informed Congress that Russia is meddling on President Trump's behalf in the 2020 election have caught Trump's attention, and he's not happy with the news—specifically that the lawmakers were informed about it. Sources told the New York Times and Washington Post that... More »

Ex-Congressman: Yeah, I Talked to Assange About a Pardon

But Rohrabacher says Trump had nothing to do with it

(Newser) - Former GOP congressman Dana Rohrabacher tells Yahoo News in a new interview that, yes, he did talk to Julian Assange about getting the WikiLeaks founder a presidential pardon if Assange said that Russia was not responsible for the DNC email leak . However, he says he never actually spoke to President... More »

North Korea's Purebred Horses Aren't Home Grown

Customs data shows the country imported a dozen last year

(Newser) - An odd footnote to the story of Kim Jong Un's 2019 rides up a snowy sacred mountain on a white horse: It turns out North Korea imported 12 purebred horses from Russia in October, the same month as Kim's first ride. Reuters reports that customs data shows the... More »

Artist Who Released Lewd Video of Macron Ally Arrested

Though not for that incident

(Newser) - The Russian performance artist who released a lewd video of one of French President Emmanuel Macron's political allies last week, ending the man's campaign for mayor of Paris , was arrested in Paris Saturday. But, though that move has been widely condemned, Petr Pavlensky was not detained because of... More »

Report: Ukraine Wants Money Back From US on 6 More Deals

Kyiv reportedly put down payments on $30M arms, ammo deals held up by US for at least a year

(Newser) - The impeachment of President Trump revolved around a midsummer phone call to Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky and the holdup of almost $400 million in US military aide to the country in its war with Russia. But according to three Ukrainian officials and an ex-US senior official who talked to BuzzFeed... More »

536 Fishermen Rescued From Giant Ice Floe

Russians say men ignored safety warnings

(Newser) - Russia's emergency services rescued 536 ice fishermen after they got stranded on a giant ice floe that broke off the island of Sakhalin in eastern Siberia, officials say. Around 60 more people were able to get back on the shore on their own Tuesday evening, emergency officials said. The... More »

Report: Russian Spies Posed as Plumbers in Davos

Though Russia raises some questions about the report

(Newser) - It sounds like the plot of a movie: Police in Davos, Switzerland, believe Russian spies attempted to infiltrate this week's World Economic Forum by posing as plumbers, according to a local report and the Financial Times . Suspicion first arose when police questioned two Russian men back in August, after... More »

Boiling Water Floods Hotel, Killing 5

Heating pipe burst in Russia basement hotel

(Newser) - A heating pipe burst Monday in small Russian hotel, flooding rooms with boiling water that killed five people, including a child, and left six others injured in the city of Perm, emergency officials say. The nine-room hotel was located in the basement of a residential building in the city near... More »

Radio Station Cuts Deal to Air 'Russian Propaganda'

That forced RM Broadcasting to register as a foreign agent

(Newser) - Kansas City radio lovers can now hear six hours of Russian state-owned media per day, the Hill reports. That's because a Florida-based company, RM Broadcasting LLC, has agreed with Radio Sputnik to broadcast its Russian media through the Alpine Broadcasting Corp, which airs on three frequencies around Kansas City... More »

Putin Just Made a Big Power Move

He proposes changes to constitution as the prime minister resigns

(Newser) - It doesn't look like Vladimir Putin plans on giving up power in Russia for a long, long time. Two big developments in Moscow on Wednesday are seen as the first steps in Putin's plan to stay in control even when his fourth presidential term expires in 2024. By... More »

Firm: Russians Hacked Burisma Amid Impeachment Hearings

Russian military intelligence is implicated, again

(Newser) - "You're looking at a repeat, potentially, of 2016." So says New York Times journalist Matthew Rosenberg, whose reporting indicates that the same Russian hacker group that stole emails from Hillary Clinton's campaign chairman has now hacked Burisma, the Ukrainian gas company at the heart of President... More »

Putin Visits Iran Ally Over 'Escalating' Tensions

Russia's president makes his second visit to Syria during its civil war

(Newser) - Russian President Vladimir Putin traveled to Damascus on Tuesday for a meeting with President Bashar Assad, a rare visit that comes amid soaring tensions between Iran and United States following the US drone strike that killed a top Iranian general, the AP reports. While the official statements made during the... More »

Amazon Women Were Real

Archaeologists uncover a burial site in western Russia

(Newser) - Tales of warrior women on horseback with bow and arrow—you know, like in Wonder Woman—are looking truer by the day. A new find adds to growing evidence that female warriors really did fight and die on the Eurasian steppes, the Washington Post reports. A team led by archaeologist... More »

Kremlin: Putin Called Trump to Say Thank You

US apparently passed on a terrorism-related tip to Russia

(Newser) - The Kremlin says Vladimir Putin closed out the year with a thank-you call to President Trump after a tip from the US helped Russia prevent a possible terror attack. Reuters reports by way of Russian media that two Russians who were allegedly plotting attacks on St. Petersburg during new year... More »

Hypersonic Weapon Is Now Deployed, Russia Says

Development could renew arms race or restart negotiations with US

(Newser) - Russia said its new, intercontinental weapon that can carry a nuclear warhead, travel at 3,800 mph, and is invulnerable to US missile defense systems is ready to use. US officials said they believe it. The Russian military made the announcement Friday, the New York Times reports, raising the possibility... More »

Russian Opposition Leader: Staffer Abducted, Sent to Arctic

Alexei Navalny says Ruslan Shaveddinov was forcibly 'conscripted' for military service

(Newser) - The Russian military says it's simply making a 23-year-old draft dodger fulfill his one-year conscription—but President Vladimir Putin's main opponent is calling what happened earlier this week a kidnapping. The Guardian reports that Ruslan Shaveddinov, an activist and project manager at opposition leader Alexei Navalny's Anti-Corruption... More »

Putin: 'Not a Single Country' Rivals Russia With This Weapon

Russia's president touts his country's development of hypersonic weapons

(Newser) - President Vladimir Putin said Tuesday that Russia has got a strong edge in designing new weapons and that it has become the only country in the world to deploy hypersonic weapons, the AP reports. Speaking at a meeting with top military brass, Putin said that for the first time in... More »

Trump Praises Democrat: 'I Give Her a Lot of Respect'

He says Rep. Tulsi Gabbard knew the impeachment 'was wrong'

(Newser) - President Trump showed some props Saturday to, of all people, a Democrat—but one who didn't vote to impeach him, USA Today reports. "I give her respect," Trump said of presidential candidate Rep. Tulsi Gabbard at an event in West Palm Beach, Fla. "She didn't... More »

Gunman Kills 1, Wounds 5 at Moscow Intelligence HQ

Russia says attacker was 'neutralized'

(Newser) - An unidentified gunman opened fire Thursday outside the Moscow headquarters of Russia's top security agency, killing one officer and wounding five others, officials said. The Federal Security Service, or FSB, said the assailant was acting alone and didn't enter its building. Earlier, it said the assailant had been... More »

Putin Talks Impeachment, Climate Change, More

Russian president defends Trump in his annual press conference

(Newser) - Vladimir Putin sat down for his annual, wide-ranging press conference Thursday in Moscow, with President Trump's impeachment and climate change among the topics making headlines. Trump will be surely be pleased with his comments on the first topic in particular. Highlights from Bloomberg , the AP , the BBC , and NBC... More »

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