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The Case Against Working From Home
Employers Should Think Twice
About Remote Working

Employers Should Think Twice About Remote Working

'It can drain morale and diminish collegiality,' writes the partner in a law firm that stayed open

(Newser) - Much has been written about how the pandemic has upended work life, perhaps permanently . But while many employers have embraced the idea of remote working, not everybody is a fan. In a New York Times essay, one of the partners in a Houston law firm recounts how productivity tanked when...

Amazon Relents on Remote Working
Amazon Relents
on Remote Working

Amazon Relents on Remote Working

After suggesting a full-time return to offices, company will let employees stay home twice a week

(Newser) - Amazon changed direction Thursday after employees objected to returning to company offices full time once COVID-19 restrictions are dropped. An announcement in March had indicated Amazon planned to restore its "office-centric culture" by this fall. Competitors might have gotten the online giant's attention when they seemed to be...

Most FB Workers Now Eligible for Perk That's Made CEO 'Happier'

Company to allow most employees option to work remotely

(Newser) - Businesses across America are starting to more fully reopen and transition back to in-person operations, and Facebook is no exception. The Wall Street Journal reports that the social media giant will be opening the bulk of its US offices to half capacity in September, with a full opening set for...

WV Will Pay Remote Workers $12K to Move There

West Virginia's governor says it's a chance to live in 'paradise'

(Newser) - West Virginia Gov. Jim Justice says a new program offers remote workers "the freedom to live and work in paradise"—along with $12,000 cash. The state's tourism office is focusing on outdoor activities in its push to attract workers to the state, Business Insider reports. The...

Ford's Move Suggests Work From Home Will Outlast COVID

30K told they can work from home indefinitely

(Newser) - It's a question occupying the minds of millions of employees who have worked from home the past year: Will they still be allowed to work remotely—at least some days—once the pandemic has faded? On Wednesday, one of America's corporate titans, Ford Motor Co., supplied its own...

The US Cities That Remote Workers May Soon Ditch

There are also metro areas that could benefit from the telecommuting trend

(Newser) - With much of America now intimately familiar with telecommuting, a necessity born of the pandemic, USA Today sees a "titanic shift" in the direction of remote work, even once all of the virus-related lockdowns are over and we head back into the office. And as people realize they can...

Salesforce Will Keep One Big Perk After Pandemic

Software company will let most employees keep working from home after this is all over

(Newser) - Telecommuting, work from home, working virtually, working remotely—whatever you call it, employees at San Francisco's largest private company are about to have the option to do it permanently, even after we've finally chased the pandemic away. Salesforce announced Tuesday that most of its workers will be permitted...

Hawaii Asks Remote Workers to Make a Move

Campaign touts low COVID-19 rates—and the views

(Newser) - Software engineer Raymond Berger begins his workday at 5am, before the sun comes up over Hawaii. That's because the company he works for is still in New York City, five hours ahead of Maui, where he rents a home with a backyard near the beach. "It's a...

Company's New Corporate HQ Is Already for Sale

Recreational Equipment Inc. needs the cash

(Newser) - Recreational Equipment Inc. has a newly completed corporate headquarters in Seattle—and lo and behold, it's already for sale. The Wall Street Journal calls it yet another instance of a company selling off central offices to raise cash during the coronavirus pandemic. But REI, which sells outdoorsy stuff like...

For Some, Remote Work Has Become a 'Nightmare'

Companies see the downside of a system that looked great at first

(Newser) - Tired of working remotely? Your employer might feel the same. The Wall Street Journal reports that after an initial burst of work-at-home productivity amid the coronavirus pandemic, "cracks are starting to emerge." Projects drag on; it's harder to hire, train, and integrate new people; some workers seem...

Sick of Working at Home? This Island Beckons

Has an Offer
for Foreigners
in case you missed it

Barbados Has an Offer for Foreigners

Island creating yearlong work visa—to lure remote workers during pandemic

(Newser) - If you've been working from home during the pandemic, you may feel lucky to have a job, but maybe not as lucky to be staring at the same four walls every day without much human interaction. Conde Nast Traveler reports on a possible remedy, if you're willing to...

Woman Says She Was Fired After Kids Made Noise During Calls

Drisana Rios is suing for gender discrimination

(Newser) - A California woman says she was fired for doing what millions of other Americans have been doing during the pandemic—looking after her children while working from home. Drisana Rios is suing insurance firm Hub International for gender discrimination, retaliation, and wrongful termination. The 35-year-old account executive, who has a...

'Emboldened' by Working From Home, Whistleblowers Emerge
New Influx of Whistleblower
Filings the 'Tip of the Iceberg'
in case you missed it

New Influx of Whistleblower Filings the 'Tip of the Iceberg'

Lawyers say uptick in complaints due to impact of COVID-19, people working from home

(Newser) - While the coronavirus continues to wreak havoc on the economy, it's brought business to one particular group: lawyers for whistleblowers, who've been coming forward in increasing numbers since the pandemic hit. Per an SEC spokesman, the agency received 4,000 or so whistleblower complaints from the middle of...

Why Google Employees Are Getting $1K Each

It's to make their home office a little sweeter

(Newser) - A lot of Google employees are going to be working at home indefinitely—and the company is spending millions to make sure they have a good setup. CEO Sundar Pichal announced this week that every employee will be given an allowance of $1,000, or the equivalent in a different...

Facebook Cool With Remote Working—Without Big-City Pay

Those living in cheaper areas could see their pay reduced

(Newser) - For many of Facebook's 45,000 employees, life will never be the same as it was before the pandemic. Mark Zuckerberg said in a video Thursday that the company is going to make remote working permanent for many employees, and it aims to have half its workforce working from...

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