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Judge to Rape Suspect: Will You Marry Her?

India's top judge is under fire over question he asked in court

(Newser) - Critics who say India's judicial system isn't up to the task of handling rape cases are pointing to comments from the nation's top judge as a prime example. While addressing a 23-year-old man accused of raping and threatening to burn a 16-year-old girl to death, the chief...

Something Weird Is Happening With India's COVID Cases

They're dropping, by a lot

(Newser) - The US logged 125,735 new COVID-19 cases on Monday, according to the CDC's tracker . India, a country whose population is more than four times bigger than our own, logged ... 11,000. Their current case-per-capita rate is about 9 in 1 million, one of the lowest on the planet,...

They Said They Summited Everest. Their Photo Said Otherwise
They Said They
Summited Everest.
Their Photo Said Otherwise
in case you missed it

They Said They Summited Everest. Their Photo Said Otherwise

Shadows were one issue

(Newser) - Two Indian climbers who claimed to have summited Mount Everest, making them eligible for national awards, actually faked the ascent. That's according to authorities in Nepal, who began investigating after questions were raised about the pair's 2016 summit photo. At first glance, Narender Singh Yadav and Seema Rani...

Tweets by Rihanna, Others Irk India

#FarmersProtest tweets 'neither accurate nor responsible,' government says

(Newser) - A tweet from singer Rihanna has apparently drawn the ire of the Indian government. On Tuesday, the pop star tweeted a news story about ongoing protests by farmers in India over controversial new agriculture laws with the message: “Why aren’t we talking about this #FarmersProtest.” Soon after,...

Tensions High as Indian Farmers Protest New Laws

A hunger strike was planned for Saturday

(Newser) - Indian farmers taking part in more than two months of protest against new agriculture laws began a daylong hunger strike Saturday, the AP reports, as they sought to reaffirm the peaceful nature of their movement following recent violent clashes with police. Farmer leaders said the hunger strike was timed to...

TV Anchor Quit for Harvard Job. Then She Noticed 'Anomalies'
TV Anchor Quit for Harvard Job.
Then She Noticed 'Anomalies'
in case you missed it

TV Anchor Quit for Harvard Job. Then She Noticed 'Anomalies'

Nidhi Razdan of NDTV says she fell victim to a 'sophisticated and coordinated phishing attack'

(Newser) - Nidhi Razdan spent 21 years as the lead anchor of India's NDTV, which one might think would give her the chops to take on a position as an associate professor of journalism at Harvard. In fact, in June she said she was giving up her job to do that...

Nurses Saw Fire in Newborn Unit. For 10 Infants, It Was Too Late

Officials did manage to rescue 7 babies at hospital in Bhandara, India

(Newser) - A fire broke out in the intensive care unit of a government-run hospital in western India early Saturday, killing 10 infants, police and news reports said, per the AP . A preliminary investigation suggests the fire was caused by an electrical short circuit, a police rep says. The Press Trust of...

Metal Found in Blood After Mystery Outbreak

Indian authorities are checking water, milk supplies

(Newser) - The mystery illness that has sickened hundreds of people in southern India appears to be the result of contamination, not infection. Health officials say excessive amounts of nickel and lead have been found in blood samples from at least 10 patients, CBS reports. More than 500 people have been hospitalized...

300-Plus People in This City Hospitalized With Mystery Illness

It's not COVID that's made hundreds of Indian residents in the city of Eluru sick

(Newser) - At least one person has died and several hundred more have been hospitalized in a town in southeastern India, and officials there aren't quite sure why. CNN notes that although India is second only to the United States in terms of the coronavirus cases it's had, with nearly...

Rescuers Save Elephant That Fell Into Well

They needed a crane, though

(Newser) - Rescuing someone who falls into a well is difficult enough. But rescuing an elephant? Authorities in southern India managed the feat when the animal fell into a well about 50 feet deep, reports NPR . It took 12 hours and three main steps: using pipes to pump out some of the...

Indians Advised to Eat More Sugar
Indians Advised
to Eat More Sugar

Indians Advised to Eat More Sugar

It's not something you hear every day

(Newser) - It's not a piece of advice you hear often these days: Eat more sugar. But it's what India's mills are now telling the country's people. The BBC explains that the country's production should jump 13% to about 34 million tons in the 2020 to 2021...

India May Not Catch US on COVID After All

Scientists say cases have peaked, though potential trouble spots loom

(Newser) - Last month, India seemed well on track to surpass the US in the total number of COVID cases. Now, that seems less certain. The US has 8.1 million cases but is seeing a renewed uptick in daily numbers. India has 7.5 million cases, but its daily total is...

COVID Forces a Lifestyle Change in India

Suddenly, long-unpopular dishwashers are a must-have product

(Newser) - COVID has brought an unexpected change to India: Suddenly, everyone seems to want a dishwasher in their kitchen. As a post at explains, the kitchen appliance has never been a big seller in the nation, in part because cheap domestic labor is so plentiful. But the pandemic has...

Teens Thought They'd Found Love. Instead, a Terrible Turn

'Nat Geo' tells the stories of 2 sex slaves fighting against the odds

(Newser) - They thought they'd found love. But Sayeda and Anjali, pseudonyms given to two teenage girls born into poverty and sold to the same Indian brothel, were fooled, as Yudhijit Bhattacharjee writes in an expose of child trafficking for National Geographic . Sayeda, an aspiring dancer from Khulna, Bangladesh, who by...

After Grisly Gang Rape, a Forced 3am Cremation

Family says police burned Indian victim's body without permission

(Newser) - Activists in India are urging police to explain the "inhumane decision" to cremate the body of a rape victim against her family's wishes—and after family members protesting the decision were allegedly beaten. The 19-year-old victim was a Dalit, meaning from the country's lowest caste. She spent...

As Festival Season Kicks Off, India Blows Past 6M Cases

Slew of autumn religious celebrations pose new issues for virus-stricken nation

(Newser) - The fall months in India are typically celebratory ones, as people get reverent and make merry during Hindu religious fests like Diwali, Dussehra, and Navratri. This year, however, poses a new challenge for the country: It just blew past 6 million COVID-19 cases (with more than 95,000 deaths so...

For 2nd Time, a Country Passes the 5M Mark for COVID Cases

India, after the US did so last month

(Newser) - India’s coronavirus confirmed cases crossed 5 million on Wednesday, still soaring and testing the country’s feeble health care system in tens of thousands of impoverished towns and villages, the AP reports. It's the second country to cross the 5 million threshold, after the US crossed it last...

Outbreak Reaches Dangerous New Phase in India

Country reports record spike in new cases

(Newser) - India reported another record spike of 95,735 new coronavirus infections in the past 24 hours as the virus spreads beyond its major cities. According to the Health Ministry, the number of people known to be infected in India reached 4,465,863 on Thursday, the AP reports. It has...

India's Rape Cases Continue to Shock

Latest incidents involve a coronavirus patient and an octogenarian

(Newser) - Women's rights campaigners are at the end of their wits following two shocking rape cases in India, just the latest to make headlines since a 2012 gang rape on a moving bus triggered an uproar over sexual violence in the country. In the first, a 19-year-old coronavirus patient was...

World Now Has a New COVID No. 2
World Now Has a
New COVID No. 2 

World Now Has a New COVID No. 2

Reporting almost 91K cases in a day, India surpasses Brazil to become second behind US

(Newser) - India's increasing coronavirus caseload made it the world's second-worst-hit country behind the United States on Monday, as its efforts to head off economic disaster from the pandemic gain urgency. The 90,802 cases added in the past 24 hours pushed India’s total past Brazil with more than...

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