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Democrats Jokingly Praise Their Overlord: 'Dark Brandon'
Democrats Turn 'Brandon'
Meme Around to Praise Biden

Democrats Turn 'Brandon' Meme Around to Praise Biden

Jokey images depict Biden, aka 'Dark Brandon, as 'master of the political dark arts' following Democratic wins

(Newser) - A week after Joe Biden was elected president, a Chinese illustrator began spewing out images of Biden as an evil, all-powerful being with glowing eyes. Yang Quan often shared the images with pro-China messages. So why are several now going viral, spread not by Chinese sympathizers, but by Biden's...

Biden Makes a 'Coup' Joke at Annual Media Dinner

President roasts himself, Trump, the media at White House correspondents' event

(Newser) - The White House press corps' annual gala returned Saturday night along with the roasting of Washington, the journalists who cover it, and the man at the helm: President Biden. The White House Correspondents’ Association dinner, sidelined by the pandemic in 2020 and 2021, featured Biden as the first president in...

Judge: No, You Can't Use Brandon Chant as Ballot Name

Colorado congressional candidate Dave Williams argued it was his nickname

(Newser) - Update: A judge in Colorado has ruled that Dave Williams must appear as "Dave Williams" on the ballot, and not, as he hoped, as "Dave 'Let's Go Brandon' Williams." Williams, a GOP state lawmaker, is running for Congress and tried to use the anti-Biden slogan...

Man Can Keep 'Objectionable' License Plate Referring to Biden

Alabama won't recall Nathan Kirk's 'LGBFJB' tag—standing for 'Let's go, Brandon,' apparent vulgarity

(Newser) - "Let's go, Brandon," the catchphrase that's code among Trump supporters for "F--- Joe Biden," has made its way, in a way, onto an Alabama man's license plate, and he's going to be allowed to keep it there. AL.com reports that the...

'Let's Go Brandon' Reference on Car May Not Fly After All

NASCAR has not yet approved Brandon Brown's 'LGBCoin' logo

(Newser) - Update: NASCAR driver Brandon Brown—he of the "Let's Go Brandon" slogan—may have jumped the gun in promoting a new paint scheme on his car. Earlier in the week, Brown revealed that his car would feature a logo for "LGBCoin" as part of his new partnership...

'Let's Go Brandon' Caller Says He Might Run for Office

'I do feel like God put me in this position for a reason,' Jared Schmeck says

(Newser) - The Oregon prankster who told President Biden "Let's Go Brandon" in a Christmas Eve call to NORAD's Santa tracker is now considering a political career. "I do feel like God put me in this position for a reason," Jared Schmeck said in an interview with...

'No Disrespect,' Says Caller Who Mentioned 'Brandon' to Biden

Online reaction to livestreamed slur isn't forgiving

(Newser) - Jared Schmeck and his family call the NORAD Santa tracker every Christmas Eve. This year was different. They didn't get Santa on the phone, but the Bidens were on the line, the Oregonian reports. And the event was livestreamed, which Schmeck said he wasn't expecting. The call went...

Brandon (Yes, That One) Would Like a Word
Brandon (Yes, That One)
Would Like a Word
in case you missed it

Brandon (Yes, That One) Would Like a Word

NASCAR driver-turned-meme would rather focus on cars than politics

(Newser) - Even people unfamiliar with NASCAR know his name, or at least his first one. Brandon Brown is the 28-year-old driver who inadvertently became a political meme in October when his name turned into a slogan for opponents of President Biden. He's the "Brandon" of "Let's Go...

NASCAR Doesn't Want Anything to Do With 'Let's Go, Brandon'

President Steve Phelps seeks to distance company from political phrase criticizing President Biden

(Newser) - "Let's go, Brandon," an anti-Biden catchphrase , has caught fire in recent weeks in conservative circles. But one big company is now trying to distance itself, with a warning. "It's an unfortunate situation," NASCAR President Steve Phelps said Friday of the slogan, per the AP...

'Let's Go Brandon' Political Chant Is Only Gaining Steam

Popular anti-Biden chant stems from a sports interview, of all things

(Newser) - The Washington Post ran an odd correction on a political story published Saturday: "A previous version of this article incorrectly said a crowd broke into a 'Let’s go Brandon' chant during a Donald Trump Jr. speech in Georgia," it reads, and continues: "The crowd broke...

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