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As Russia Makes 'Major Gain,' a Warning From Zelensky

Ukraine president says 'artificial deficit' of weapons could give Russia too much breathing room

(Newser) - Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky warned allies on Saturday that an "artificial deficit" of arms for his country risks giving Russia breathing space, highlighting the need for artillery and long-range weapons after his military chief said he was withdrawing troops from the eastern city of Avdiivka, "the first major...

5 Takeaways (Including Trump's) on Suozzi's Win in NY
5 Takeaways
(Including Trump's)
on Suozzi's
Win in NY

5 Takeaways (Including Trump's) on Suozzi's Win in NY

Ex-president insists Dem congressman-elect 'can be easily beaten' in November, plus other perspectives

(Newser) - A Democrat has taken back disgraced former Congressman George Santos ' Long Island seat—and among those weighing in on Tom Suozzi's win Tuesday was former (and possibly future) President Trump. "Just watched this very foolish woman, Mazi Melesa Pilip, running in a race where she didn't...

Biden Says if Senate Bill Passes, He'd Shut Border

President endorses tougher measures in face of House GOP opposition

(Newser) - President Biden has said that if Congress approves legislation with new presidential authority to close the southern border when it becomes overwhelmed by migrants, "I would use it." Senate negotiators are working on the bipartisan package, and Biden expressed his support for its increased restrictions in a statement...

Congress Sends President Another Stopgap Spending Bill

Parties worked together, Schumer says, as GOP opposition lost out

(Newser) - Congress approved a stopgap spending bill on Thursday, the third in four months , to prevent a government shutdown for another six weeks. Supporters in the House overcame opposition by Republican hardliners and an effort to tie their measures on border security to the budget, the Washington Post reports, after the...

As Congress Debates His Fate, Hunter Biden Drops In

President's son pops in on hearing on whether to hold him in contempt of Congress

(Newser) - The House Oversight Committee was settling in Wednesday to debate whether to hold Hunter Biden in contempt of Congress over his refusal to testify behind closed doors in his father's impeachment inquiry, when in walked the object of their potential contempt himself. Things got pretty colorful pretty quickly, notes...

House, Senate Leaders Agree to $1.66T Budget

Package will have to clear both houses to avert shutdown, possibly over GOP opposition

(Newser) - Congressional leaders announced Sunday they've reached a deal to finance the federal government for the year, avoiding a shutdown, that totals $1.66 trillion. Despite a Republican push to shrink the budget, the agreement has money for domestic and social safety net programs, the Washington Post reports. The next...

Capitol Cop Who Worked Jan. 6 Now Wants a Seat in Congress

Harry Dunn vows to continue fighting to protect democracy

(Newser) - For more than 15 years, Harry Dunn protected Congress as a Capitol police officer. "I did all that I can do in that role to protect, defend, and preserve democracy," he tells Politico . "But that is exhausted now." Dunn, among a handful of law enforcement officers...

GOP Hardliners Unhappy as Defense Bill Passes

Gaetz, others complain about concessions on abortion, trans issues

(Newser) - The House passed a defense policy bill Thursday that authorizes the biggest pay raise for troops in more than two decades, overcoming objections from some conservatives concerned the measure did not do enough to restrict the Pentagon's diversity initiatives, abortion travel policy, and gender-affirming health care for transgender service...

House Censures Democrat Bowman Over Fire Alarm

New York congressman says he triggered it accidentally during shutdown scramble

(Newser) - House members voted again Thursday to punish one of their own, targeting Democratic Rep. Jamaal Bowman for triggering a fire alarm in one of the Capitol office buildings when the chamber was in session. The Republican censure resolution passed with some Democratic votes, but most Democrats stood by Bowman in...

Ivy League Presidents Face Backlash Over Comments on Israel

Penn president apologizes for focusing too much on free speech policies at House hearing

(Newser) - Presidents of three colleges faced a backlash Wednesday over their answers to questions on campus antisemitism at a hearing in Congress the previous day. The New York Times reports that the presidents of Harvard, MIT, and the University of Pennsylvania said they strongly opposed antisemitism and supported Israel's right...

Congress' $7.5B for EV Chargers Has Yielded Zero Chargers

With drivers wary to switch to electric vehicles until there are enough chargers, delay could be an issue

(Newser) - One of President Biden's main goals in his climate agenda is to have half of the vehicles sold in America be electric by the end of this decade. A more comprehensive, nationwide network of electric vehicle chargers is needed to make this a reality, however, and to date, the...

Santos Rung Up on 3rd Expulsion Resolution

It's the 'most appropriate punishment,' says House Ethics Committee Chair Michael Guest

(Newser) - George Santos has survived two attempts to expel him from Congress, but can he escape a third? Less than 24 hours after the House Ethics Committee issued a damning report accusing the New York Republican of stealing hundreds of thousands of dollars in campaign funds— purportedly used on personal trips,...

Texas Rep. Does U-Turn on Leaving Congress

Pat Fallon says son talked him out of leaving Washington to return to Texas Senate

(Newser) - Rep. Pat Fallon announced Monday that he was going to run for his old seat in the Texas Senate instead of seeking a third term in Congress—but he changed his mind within 24 hours. The Republican lawmaker said Tuesday that he plans to seek re-election to the House after...

US Can Help Two Allies at Once, Yellen Says

Biden plans to send combined aid package to Congress

(Newser) - Congress is about to receive a presidential request to approve a package combining aid to two allies embroiled in wars, the New York Times reports. President Biden "has made clear that he is going to go to Congress with a package of funding for Ukraine as well as continued...

McCarthy Is Now Open to Returning as Speaker

Ousted leader reverses himself after ruling out the possibility last week

(Newser) - After he was ousted as House speaker last week in a historic vote , Kevin McCarthy could not have been clearer: "I will not run for speaker again," he said, per the Washington Post . "I'll have the (GOP) conference pick somebody else." But with the conference...

Congressman Pulled Fire Alarm Amid Capitol Hill Scramble

Democrat Jamaal Bowman says it was an accident, but he may be in hot water

(Newser) - Among the many surprising things that happened Saturday in Washington in the scramble to avert a government shutdown , this may be the strangest: A Democratic congressman pulled a fire alarm in the Capitol office building. Jamaal Bowman of New York swears it was an accident, but he faces an ethics...

Trump Asks Congress for Help: 'They Keep Coming After Me'

With Jan. 6 indictment looming, former president demands yet another investigation

(Newser) - Former President Trump is asking Congress to intervene as he faces an indictment over alleged efforts to overturn the 2020 election results. "Congress, if you will, please investigate the political witch hunts against me currently being brought by the corrupt DOJ and FBI, who are totally out of control,...

She Could Be US' First Trans Congresswoman

Sarah McBride, a Delaware state senator, is launching campaign for seat as a US rep

(Newser) - Sarah McBride won her race for Delaware state senator in 2020 with 70% of the vote, becoming the nation's first transgender state senator. In her reelection race, no one bothered to oppose her. The 32-year-old is hoping to translate that popularity into yet another first for a trans lawmaker:...

To Congress, Modi Stakes Claim to Democracy

Lawmakers welcome India's prime minister, who doesn't mention criticism

(Newser) - Facing criticism on his US visit over India's record on human rights, press freedom, and crackdowns on dissent, Prime Minister Narendra Modi assured Congress in an address Thursday that his nation considers itself "the mother of democracy." Modi received a warm welcome in the House chamber when...

Did Biden 'Outfox' McCarthy? Vote Count May Tell the Tale

If House speaker needs lots of Democrats to raise debt ceiling, it doesn't bode well for him

(Newser) - The House votes Wednesday night on a deal to avoid a potentially calamitous default , and both Republicans and Democrats say the measure will pass. But a new DC drama has emerged about what the final vote tally will be—and the ramifications for House Speaker Kevin McCarthy in particular. Coverage:...

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