Trump's Dandruff Move at Macron Presser Getting Attention

And other weird moments from the joint appearance
By Evann Gastaldo,  Newser Staff
Posted Apr 24, 2018 3:51 PM CDT

One of the moments getting the most attention from President Trump's press conference with French President Emmanuel Macron Tuesday had to do with ... dandruff. "We have a very special relationship, in fact I'll get that little piece of dandruff off," Trump said while learning over to brush something off Macron's suit. "We have to make him perfect—he is perfect." CBS News reports that Macron seemed at first "caught off guard," but then smiled and laughed. More details from the joint news conference, which took place during Macron's second day of meetings at the White House:

  • Another weird move: Live MSNBC footage caught Trump apparently attempting to hold the First Lady's hand, and Melania Trump apparently not being into it at all. People calls the whole thing "awkward" and rounds up amused Twitter reactions, while Elle says it's "absolute agony" to watch and rounds up images of Trump's other awkward hand-holding encounters. Cosmopolitan calls it "without a doubt the most uncomfortable Donald/Melania hand-holding moment of all time," noting it took Trump 13 seconds before finally managing to grasp his wife's hand in his, and the Cut reminisces about the other times Trump has failed at holding hands with his wife.
  • Hand-holding success: Trump had more success grabbing—and holding onto—Macron's hand, but that moment was also widely hailed as awkward, People reports, rounding up reactions.

  • And yet another weird move: Trump also attempted that oh-so-French sign of affection, the double cheek kiss, on his wife ... but he couldn't reach her cheeks due to the large brim of the hat she was wearing, and settled for air kisses instead, Yahoo News reports. Interestingly, Macron was able to maneuver around the brim to successfully plant two smooches on Melania's cheeks, and Trump had similar success kissing Macron's wife on the cheeks.
  • Speaking of that hat: Melania's white hat got lots of attention on social media, with some wondering if she wore it specifically to keep a distance from her husband's lips. Some praised the hat as a bold fashion choice; others said she looked like, among other things, Carmen Sandiego, Jude Law in The Young Pope, or Beyonce in her "Formation" video. The New York Times takes a closer look at Melania's outfit choice and the reaction to it.
  • "Fantastique" photos: At the Guardian, Hannah Jane Parkinson rounds up some of the weirdest pictures from day one of Macron's visit and writes, "never will we be gifted such a dream set of press photos as the three day Macron-Trump tête-à-tête, the first day of which has seen the foursome visit the former home of George Washington and awkwardly plant a tree."
  • What did Trump and Macron actually talk about? For those looking for actual talking points from Tuesday's joint press conference, NPR reports the two leaders could not hide "stark differences" on matters including trade, Syria, and the Iran nuclear deal. The Atlantic agrees, noting the two world leaders "aren't all bromance."
  • Coming up tonight: A state dinner, Trump's first. People reports that though he said on the campaign trail he'd do away with expensive state dinners in favor of eating hamburgers at a conference table, tonight's dinner will see the traditional fancy fare served. People has the menu.
(Macron has been called the Trump whisperer.)

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