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At Massive Rattlesnake Den, Scientists, Public Are Watching
It's One of the Biggest
Known Rattlesnake Dens

It's One of the Biggest Known Rattlesnake Dens

Scientists, and the public, are watching a 'mega den' of hundreds of snakes

(Newser) - They creep, slither, and slide over and around each other by the dozen and now there's a webcam so that anybody can watch them online at any time. A "mega den" with as many as 2,000 rattlesnakes is providing a viewing bonanza for scientists and other snake...

Another Person Diagnosed With Bird Flu in US

This is the 4th or 5th case, depending how you're counting

(Newser) - Once again amid the current bird flu outbreak, a human case has been reported in the United States. This time it's a Colorado dairy farm worker who tested positive for avian influenza, Reuters reports. Three previous cases were also found in dairy farm workers, two of whom reported mild...

Mysterious Monolith Removed From Colorado Dairy Farm

Strange object brought too many people to farm, owner says

(Newser) - After a mysterious monolith brought an "overwhelming influx" of looky-loos to a Colorado dairy farm, some of whom damaged the natural environment, the farm's owner has taken the strange shiny structure down, the Denver Post reports. "We took 'the Monolith' down and are keeping it safe....

Man Who Sought Revenge at Wrong Home Gets 60 Years

Kevin Bui pleaded guilty to fire that killed 5 Senegalese family members in Denver

(Newser) - A Colorado man was sentenced to 60 years in prison Tuesday for killing five members of an extended Senegalese family, including two infants, in a house fire. Kevin Bui, now 20, was the last of three teens charged in the Aug. 5, 2020 Denver fire to be sentenced to reduced...

Colorado Rafting Accident Kills Fire Captain

54-year-old was pinned under raft that got stuck on rock

(Newser) - Michael Harp was rafting down the Green River in Colorado's Dinosaur National Monument last week when the trip took a tragic turn. The group's raft got stuck on a rock in the Canyon of Lodore on Thursday afternoon, in a Class III/IV rapid known as Hells Half Mile,...

It Appears That Boebert's Political Gamble Will Pay Off

Congresswoman is poised to win Tuesday's Colorado primary in new district

(Newser) - One of the higher-profile races in Tuesday's primary voting is in Colorado, where controversial GOP Rep. Lauren Boebert is about to find out whether her risky political gamble of switching districts will pay off. If the polls are right, she's going to cruise to victory in her crowded...

Report: Colorado Was Built Up on $1.7T of Indigenous Land

Nonprofit IDs 10 tribal nations that were dispossessed of their homelands

(Newser) - A report published this week by a Native American-led nonprofit examines in detail the dispossession of $1.7 trillion worth of Indigenous homelands in Colorado by the state and the US and the more than $546 million the state has reaped in mineral extraction from them. The report, shared first...

Boebert's Ex-Husband Faces Assault Charges Against Son
Lauren Boebert's Ex-Husband
Takes a Plea Deal

Lauren Boebert's Ex-Husband Takes a Plea Deal

Most charges connected to incidents involving Jayson Boebert's son, ex-wife have been dropped

(Newser) - Rep. Lauren Boebert's ex-husband, who was facing multiple charges connected to incidents involving the lawmaker and their 18-year-old son earlier this year, has accepted a plea deal. Jayson Boebert agreed to plead guilty to a reckless endangerment charge on Wednesday, Denver7 reports. According to court records, charges of third-degree...

These States' Economies Are Pulling Their Weight

Washington tops WalletHub's rankings

(Newser) - How well the US economy is doing is dependent on how well the states themselves are doing, and WalletHub looked at all 50 states and the District of Columbia to see which ones boast the best economies. Three main categories are in play: economic activity (including startup activity, exports per...

Cops: This Necklace Stopped a Bullet

It's probably the only reason shooting victim is alive, police in Colorado city say

(Newser) - Police in Commerce City, Colorado, say a silver-colored necklace probably saved a man's life—but it could have been a different story if it had been real silver. Police said the chain, around 10 millimeters wide, stopped a bullet from killing the man, CBS News reports. "The .22...

Georgia Plea Has Ramifications for Ex-Trump Lawyer Jenna Ellis

Her home state of Colorado bans her from practicing law for 3 years

(Newser) - Colorado legal officials on Tuesday approved an agreement with Jenna Ellis, a onetime attorney for former President Trump, barring her from practicing law in the state for three years after she pleaded guilty to helping Trump try to overturn the 2020 election. Ellis tearfully pleaded guilty to felony charges of...

As Texas Bakes, a New Weather Warning for Oklahoma

More twisters may be headed to Sooner State, while heat index in Texas hovers near 120 degrees

(Newser) - Forecasters are warning of another day of heightened risk of dangerous tornadoes in the Midwest on Saturday and telling people in South Texas it may feel like close to 120 degrees Fahrenheit almost four weeks before summer starts. The weather service in Oklahoma compared the day to "a gasoline-soaked...

Teen Pleads Guilty in Death of Driver Hit in Head by Rock

2 teens have pleaded guilty, 3rd will go on trial in Alexa Bartell's death

(Newser) - A second teen pleaded guilty on Wednesday in the death of a 20-year-old driver who was hit in the head by a rock that crashed through her windshield in suburban Denver last year, the AP reports. Under a plea deal with prosecutors, Nicholas Karol-Chik, 19, pleaded guilty to second-degree murder...

Louisiana, You're No. 1 (But You May Not Like Why)

State earns the dubious honor of having the most aggressive drivers, per ConsumerAffairs

(Newser) - "What the heck is making Montana drivers so unnecessarily angry?" That's the question posed by Jalopnik after viewing ConsumerAffairs' latest ranking of states where drivers are, shall we say, a little hot behind the wheel. Montana comes in third on that list, which ConsumerAffairs culled by looking at...

Noem's Speech Leads to Cancellation of GOP Fundraiser

Colorado group nixes event for 'safety' reasons amid hubbub over S. Dakota governor's memoir

(Newser) - Kristi Noem is getting slammed for details revealed in her new memoir, on everything from killing her own dog to claims on meeting Kim Jong Un and being threatened by Nikki Haley . Now, a Republican fundraiser featuring the South Dakota governor as keynote speaker has been canceled, after a Colorado...

Lawmaker Sorry for Leaving Loaded Gun in State Capitol

Colleagues accuse Colorado Republican Don Wilson of 'dangerous' behavior

(Newser) - Colorado Rep. Don Wilson will need to be a bit more careful with his guns moving forward. The Republican state lawmaker had to apologize Thursday after leaving a loaded gun in a bathroom at the State Capitol, where it sat on a shelf in a single-occupancy bathroom for about 20...

Skier Dies in Attempt at Jumping Colorado Highway

He 'lacked the necessary speed and distance' to clear US 40, authorities say

(Newser) - A 21-year-old skier in Colorado was wearing a helmet and other protective gear but it wasn't enough to save him when his attempt to jump a highway failed, authorities say. Investigators found that the man "was attempting to perform a high-risk skiing stunt by trying to clear the...

These States Have the Most Expensive Home Insurance

Florida comes in at No. 1 on Insurify's list, with an average annual cost of close to $11K

(Newser) - The average annual rate for home insurance comes in at just under $2,400, but in many parts of the country, what homeowners are paying exceeds that figure by far. Insurify lays out the damage, citing rates that rose an average of 20% over the past two years across America....

Report: 'Star' DNA Scientist Manipulated Evidence

Colorado probe into work of Yvonne 'Missy' Woods says her manipulation affected at least 652 cases

(Newser) - An esteemed analyst known as "Colorado's star DNA scientist" purposely manipulated evidence for years, involving hundreds (if not more) of the cases she worked on and putting the spotlight on her entire career, according to an investigation. According to a report released Friday by the Colorado Bureau of...

Woman, 78, Awarded $3.76M Over 'Find My iPhone' Raid

Denver woman's home was surrounded by SWAT team after app pinged nearby

(Newser) - A 78-year-old grandmother in Denver has been awarded $3.76 million over a police raid that left her afraid to be home alone. In Jan. 2022, police in SWAT gear looking for a stolen truck and iPhone surrounded Ruby Johnson's home and used a bullhorn to order her to...

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