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Teacher's Video on Target Item Goes Viral: 'Need to Be Pulled'

Issa Tete says pictures of 3 civil rights icons were mislabeled in Black History Month activity book

(Newser) - It wouldn't be Black History Month without cringeworthy gaffes regarding Black History Month. The latest misstep comes courtesy of an item sold in Target, which has now been pulled off shelves after a customer complaint went viral. NPR reports that Issa Tete, a high school history teacher, decided to...

The Sugar Bowl Got a Little Unexpectedly Racy

ESPN Had Accidental Nudity
During Sugar Bowl, Is Sorry

ESPN Had Accidental Nudity During Sugar Bowl, Is Sorry

Plus, memes abound to Matthew McConaughey's reaction to his team's loss

(Newser) - A woman baring her breast in New Orleans isn't usually headline-worthy, but a woman baring her breast on national television in New Orleans has ESPN more than a little red-faced. ESPN apologized Monday night for the video clip of a woman baring her breast that was shown during the...

Schitt's Creek Actor is Sorry for Halloween Costume

Emily Hampshire and a friend dressed up as Johnny Depp and Amber Heard

(Newser) - Schitt's Creek actor Emily Hampshire has apologized for what she says is "one of the most thoughtless, insensitive, and ignorant things" she has ever done. In photos posted on Instagram, the Canadian actor dressed as Johnny Depp and a friend dressed as Amber Heard. They wore outfits Depp...

Trump's Favorite Line of Attack on Biden May Have a Problem

Ex-president is making fair share of public blunders; critics like DeSantis are calling him out

(Newser) - One of former President Trump's favorite campaign themes is that 80-year-old President Biden is too old and prone to gaffes to win reelection. But a new theme in coverage of the 2024 election is that Trump, who's 77, is undercutting his argument by making quite a few public...

Trump Jr.: 'Trump Has the Charisma of a Mortician'

Ex-president's son meant to attribute that to Ron DeSantis, mistakenly inserted own father's name

(Newser) - Donald Trump Jr. may have been trying to help his father by mocking Ron DeSantis' Wednesday campaign launch "De-Saster" , but the eldest Trump son instead insulted his dad and earned his own internet ridicule. Per the Wrap , Trump Jr. appeared Thursday evening on his online program, Triggered With Don ...

Tourism Agency Sorry for Sexualizing City Name

Effort to embrace jokes about Regina, Saskatchewan, went awry

(Newser) - Regina, capital of the Canadian province of Saskatchewan, knows all about the jokes on how the pronunciation of the city's name rhymes with "vagina." The Washington Post reports that a recent effort by a tourism organization to embrace the gag went awry, leading to accusations the campaign...

The Masters Makes Comical Invitation Gaffe

Invite sent to the wrong Scott Stallings, instead of the pro golfer

(Newser) - Scott Stallings of Tennessee is the 54th-ranked golfer in the world. Scott Stallings of Georgia appears to be more of your garden-variety weekend duffer. The first Scott Stallings played well enough this year to earn an invitation to the Masters, but it was the second Scott Stallings who actually received...

Jeopardy! Pilloried Over Brian Laundrie Clue

It referenced his final days in the Myakkahatchee Creek area

(Newser) - Celebrity Jeopardy! tested contestants on Sunday with a category related to the letter "A"—and of the thousands of clues it could have offered related to alligators, it opted to go with one involving dead fugitive Brian Laundrie. WFLA reports actors John Michael Higgins, Wil Wheaton, and Joel...

Rep. Walorski's Family Got an Apology From Biden

After president asked if late congresswoman was present in the audience last week

(Newser) - Update: Two days after President Biden mistakenly asked if late Indiana Rep. Jackie Walorski was in the audience he was addressing, he did indeed meet with the Republican's family as planned. Walorski's brother tells the New York Post that Biden apologized for questioning "Where's Jackie?" and...

Dubya Makes 'Freudian Slip of the Century'

Former president slips up during speech, condemns invasion of Iraq instead of Ukraine

(Newser) - It's been awhile since we were treated to a Bushism , but the internet is once again delivering. The Hill reports that former President George W. Bush was speaking at an event in Dallas on Wednesday when he started slamming Russia's electoral system and how the country persecutes political...

The JetBlue Plane Landed, but Workers Had Gone Home
Pilot: 'I Have Something
Embarrassing to Tell You Guys'
in case you missed it

Pilot: 'I Have Something Embarrassing to Tell You Guys'

Passengers were temporarily stuck on board at Massachusetts' Worcester Regional Airport

(Newser) - The eagerness to get off the plane once it's landed is a feeling pretty much every air traveler can relate to. But for those passengers traveling on JetBlue Flight 676 early Tuesday, a weird problem: There were no JetBlue staffers at the airport to get them off the plane....

Energy Company Apologizes Over Its Tone-Deaf Advice

As Brits face a real crisis, it recommended snuggling with your pet for warmth

(Newser) - Pope Francis isn't the only one whose comments about pets have raised eyebrows of late. A British energy firm stepped in it with an email it sent to customers that contained a link to a blog post that advised them on thrifty ways to keep warm this winter, reports...

Howard Schultz Makes Starbucks, Holocaust Comparison

Some people thought it missed the mark

(Newser) - Former Starbucks CEO Howard Schultz is Jewish, but that fact isn't lessening the scrutiny around a Holocaust comparison he made Saturday. He was speaking to workers in the Buffalo, New York, area who are looking to unionize, and tried to emphasize Starbucks' history of doing right by its employees....

Biden Announces Huge Deal With 'That Fella Down Under'

President appeared to forget Australian PM's name during AUKUS announcement

(Newser) - President Biden announced a new Indo-Pacific security alliance with Britain and Australia on Wednesday, and in doing so, appeared to forget Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison's name. "Thank you, Boris," he said to British Prime Minister Boris Johnson as the latter dialed in from London for the...

NZ Official Makes Risque Gaffe During COVID Update

Coronavirus response minister Chris Hipkins notes the challenge for people to get out, 'spread their legs'

(Newser) - Chris Hipkins may want to do a dry run on what he's going to say at pressers from now on. At a news conference on Sunday, the COVID response minister for New Zealand was giving Kiwis an update on the current coronavirus outbreak, and he touched on how it...

Politician Caught Taking Caribbean Holiday Resigns

Ontario finance minister Rod Phillips tweeted in a way that made it seem like he was home

(Newser) - One Canadian's "dumb mistake" has cost him his job—and a relatively high-profile one at that. Ontario Premier Doug Ford on Thursday announced the resignation of Finance Minister Rod Phillips, who traveled to St. Barts in the Caribbean on Dec. 13 as the government urged citizens to avoid...

One Woman's Video Meeting Went Comically Wrong
One Woman's Video Meeting
Went Comically Wrong
in case you missed it

One Woman's Video Meeting Went Comically Wrong

Lizet Ocampo was a good spud about it

(Newser) - Amid warnings about Zoombombing comes the story we need in these times: that of Lizet Ocampo, who spent an entire video call for her work transformed into a potato. Buzzfeed has the story of the political director at People for the American Way, who joined her Microsoft teams meeting on...

Wendy Williams on Murder of Drew Carey's Ex: 'Come on Down!'

Talk show host used 'Price Is Right' phrase while talking about Amie Harwick's fall from a balcony

(Newser) - The shocking murder of Dr. Amie Harwick, a family and sex therapist once engaged to The Price Is Right host Drew Carey , has gotten lots of coverage over the past few days, but one report on her death is now drawing backlash. Per People , on Monday during The Wendy Williams ...

Biden Makes Debate Howler
Biden Makes Debate Howler

Biden Makes Debate Howler

It cracked up Kamala Harris

(Newser) - Even by the standards of Joe Biden gaffes , this was a big one. During Wednesday night's Democratic debate in Atlanta, the former vice president, while telling Cory Booker about the depth of his support in the black community, said he had the support of the "only African-American woman...

Biden Taking Flak Over New Gaffes
Biden Taking
Flak Over
New Gaffes

Biden Taking Flak Over New Gaffes

He says 'poor kids' just as smart as 'white kids,' mistakenly refers to Thatcher

(Newser) - Joe Biden isn't exactly known as being gaffe-proof , and the 2020 frontrunner is now taking flak for a series of new flubs. The details:
  • Minority kids: The one getting the most attention came in Iowa Thursday, when Biden was talking about education and seemed to inadvertently equate being poor

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