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Chappelle: I Saw Celebs Leave 'Dirty Notes' for Trump Aides

Comedian describes mischief during one of President Obama's last White House parties

(Newser) - In 2019, then-White House press secretary Stephanie Grisham claimed aides of former President Obama had left disparaging notes around the White House for members of former President Trump's administration to find. At Inauguration Day, "Every office was filled with Obama books, and we had notes left behind that...

Biden Dog 'Nipped Someone on a Walk'

This is Major's second biting incident

(Newser) - Major might be back in the doghouse again after another White House biting incident. Sources tell CNN that the 3-year-old German shepherd bit a National Park Service worker on the South Lawn of the White House Monday. Major and Champ, the Biden's other dog, recently returned to the White...

Reporters Move Past COVID-19
Reporters Move Past COVID-19

Reporters Move Past COVID-19

Biden isn't asked about pandemic, though chief of staff says it still tops agenda

(Newser) - President Biden brought up the coronavirus pandemic as he began his news conference Thursday, saying he was doubling his vaccination goal for the first 100 days of his term. If he hadn't mentioned COVID-19, apparently no one would have; not one of the questions from reporters concerned the pandemic,...

After Extra Training, Biden's Dogs Are Back

Major nipped a Secret Service agent earlier this month

(Newser) - Major news from the White House: Dogs Major and Champ have returned to the presidential residence after a few weeks in Delaware, NBC reports. They were sent to the Bidens' Wilmington home after 3-year-old Major, the first rescue dog ever to live at the White House, bit a Secret Service...

White House Punishes Staffers Over Past Pot Use

Daily Beast reports that dozens were fired, suspended, or made to work remotely

(Newser) - President Biden is no fan of dopers, according to a report from the Daily Beast . The outlet reports "dozens of young White House staffers" have been fired, suspended, asked to resign, or placed in a remote work program because of past marijuana use, even in states where the drug...

White House: Biden Dog Major Caused 'Minor Injury'

Psaki says banished dogs will return soon

(Newser) - The White House confirmed Tuesday that Biden family dogs Major and Champ have been banished for a doggie time out in Delaware after Major caused a "minor injury" to a Secret Service agent. White House press secretary Jen Psaki explained the canine caper Tuesday by saying the dogs "...

Biden's Dog Sent Back to Delaware: Report

3-year-old Major bit a security member, per CNN

(Newser) - The first rescue dog to live at the White House is already out of it. The Biden family's two dogs were returned home to Delaware last week after 3-year-old German shepherd, Major, bit a member of security, CNN reports. It cites sources as saying the dog had showed "...

New York Is No Longer an 'Anarchist' City

New York City, Seattle, and Portland, Oregon, have designation rescinded

(Newser) - New York City is no longer an "anarchist" place in the eyes of the federal government after President Biden rescinded an order from his predecessor. The September order from former President Trump directed federal agencies to review grants and funds for Democratic-run cities "permitting anarchy, violence and destruction"...

First Lady Leaves Valentine's Day 'Surprise' for America

Dr. Jill Biden scattered hearts with uplifting messages across White House lawn

(Newser) - We're not yet sure what President Biden got Dr. Jill Biden for Feb. 14, but we know what she got for the rest of us. America woke up Friday to see what the first lady's press secretary calls "surprise Valentine messages," in the form of giant...

8 Years After JFK Died, Jackie Took a Hush-Hush Trip to WH

Former first lady and her children received an emotional private tour by Pat Nixon

(Newser) - Many people get nostalgic when they reminisce about their former homes; some even go back to visit years later. Jaqueline Kennedy Onassis was no exception, except she took her trip down memory lane in secret, with an under-wraps trip to the White House eight years after her first husband, President...

Jill Biden's Inauguration Corsage Part of Sweet Tradition
The Biden
White House
Gets a Crib

The Biden White House Gets a Crib

Bidens reveal hopes, fears, and marriage tips in first White House interview

(Newser) - A week into his presidency, Joe Biden joined his wife, Dr. Jill Biden, for the couple's first sit-down interview from the White House. Courtesy of People , the discussion covers everything from their 43-year marriage to the outlook of the coronavirus pandemic—and the president took a dig at the...

New CDC Chief: There Was Some 'Muzzling' Under Trump

Biden administration gives first COVID briefing via Zoom, calls pandemic 'national emergency'

(Newser) - The Biden administration held its first coronavirus briefing Wednesday, and it was clear from the start that it would be very different from the Trump-era briefings. President Biden did not make an appearance, there was no data presented that wasn't from federal agencies dealing with the pandemic, and the...

First Biden Press Briefing So 'Sedate' It Was Almost 'Boring'

Here's what happened during Jen Psaki's first of many

(Newser) - If there's one thing clear after White House press secretary Jen Psaki's first session with reporters on Wednesday, it's that she's determined to minimize drama in the briefing room. Her 31-minute news conference stood in stark contrast to Sean Spicer's first time before reporters four...

President, First Lady Arrive at White House

Trump made it to Mar-a-Lago before presidency ended

(Newser) - President Biden has entered the White House for the first time as chief executive after walking an abbreviated parade route amid sounds of "Hail to the Chief." The 46th president and first lady Jill Biden walked through a military cordon lining the White House driveway with the flags...

Tiffany Trump Makes News as She Leaves

President's daughter announces engagement at White House

(Newser) - On her last chance to make news at the White House, Tiffany Trump has announced that she's engaged. Her fiance is Michael Boulos, CNN reports. She posted the news Tuesday on Instagram , along with a photo of the couple on the White House colonnade, with her engagement ring visible....

Melania Trump Thanks Nation
First Lady Bids Nation Farewell

First Lady Bids Nation Farewell

Melania Trump says Americans she's met in the past 4 years have inspired her

(Newser) - Saying that serving as first lady "has been the greatest honor of my life," Melania Trump posted a goodbye to the nation on Monday. In a nearly seven-minute video, she expresses gratitude and says has been inspired by people she's met over the past four years who...

MyPillow CEO Visits WH, Brings Notes Hinting at 'Martial Law'

Photographer's snapshot of Mike Lindell's paperwork offered up some very interesting tidbits

(Newser) - The MyPillow guy hinting at martial law? That's apparently how it looked after a visit by Mike Lindell to the White House on Friday, when a Washington Post photographer caught a shot of the CEO's notes as he entered the West Wing. Jabin Botsford was the one who...

Trump Mulls Sidney Powell for Top Job at 'Raucous Meeting'

Trump considered naming her special counsel to probe voter-fraud allegations

(Newser) - Sidney Powell, special counsel to oversee voter-fraud allegations? Trump discussed the idea at a raucous White House meeting Friday night and met with some resistance, insiders tell the New York Times . Rudy Giuliani, who attended by phone, spoke out against it. So did White House counsel Pat Cipollone and chief...

Trump Backtracks on WH Staffers Getting Vaccinated

President says White House staffers won't cut the line, 'unless specifically necessary'

(Newser) - Nationwide distribution of Pfizer's coronavirus vaccine kicked off Sunday as trucks carrying millions of doses rolled out of a Michigan manufacturing site. Health care workers and nursing home residents are set to be first in line to get vaccinated, but after that it could be a "messy" prioritization...

Trump to Holiday Crowd: 'See You in 4 Years'

President teased 2024 run at White House Christmas party

(Newser) - President Trump teased running again for president in 2024 as he hosted a holiday reception at the White House on Tuesday evening. "It's been an amazing four years," Trump told the crowd, which included many Republican National Committee members. "We're trying to do another four...

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