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Gov. Newsom's Wife Testifies in Weinstein Trial

Jennifer Siebel Newsom gives graphic account of alleged rape

(Newser) - Jennifer Siebel Newsom, a documentary filmmaker and the wife of California Gov. Gavin Newsom, nearly screamed through tears from the witness stand Monday when she told the court Harvey Weinstein raped her in a hotel room and spoke of the devastating effect it had on her in the 17 years...

Manson Follower Hears News on Parole Bid
Manson Follower
Gets Some Bad News

Manson Follower Gets Some Bad News

Calif. Gov. Gavin Newsom blocks parole for Patricia Krenwinkel after board recommends it

(Newser) - California's governor blocked the parole of Charles Manson follower Patricia Krenwinkel on Friday, more than five decades after she scrawled "Helter Skelter" on a wall using the blood of one of their victims. Gov. Gavin Newsom said Krenwinkel, now 74, is still too much of a public safety...

'Jane Doe No. 4' in New Weinstein Trial Is Known Name

Jennifer Siebel Newsom, married to Calif. Gov. Gavin Newsom, will testify

(Newser) - Harvey Weinstein's trial kicked off Monday in Los Angeles, with the disgraced movie producer facing down 11 counts of sexual assault spurred by allegations from five women, in incidents said to have taken place between 2004 and 2013. One of those women, who will testify as "Jane Doe...

Radio Host May Seek Top Job
Radio Host May Seek Top Job

Radio Host May Seek Top Job

Larry Elder, now off the air, says he doesn't feel like he'd be running against Trump

(Newser) - Larry Elder, longtime host of a syndicated radio talk show and one-time candidate for California governor, said he's thinking about running for the GOP nomination for president—no matter who else does. "I'm not running against anybody on the Republican side," Elder told the Des Moines ...

California Will Start Making Its Own Insulin

Governor says costs will significantly drop, plus jobs will be created

(Newser) - For diabetics in California, economic relief may soon be on the way. On Thursday, Gov. Gavin Newsom announced a groundbreaking initiative that will allow the state to manufacture its own insulin, reports KION-TV . Half of the earmarked $100 million will go toward developing affordable insulin products, and the other $50...

'Join Us in California,' Newsom Ad Tells Floridians
Newsom Airs
Anti-GOP Ad
in Florida

Newsom Airs Anti-GOP Ad in Florida

Fellow Democrats applaud taking the fight to Republicans

(Newser) - California Gov. Gavin Newsom launched a commercial Monday attacking Republicans he's not running against—yet. The Democrat addresses Floridians in a 30-second spot that began airing Monday on Fox News stations throughout their state, the Los Angeles Times reports. "Freedom, it's under attack in your state. Republican...

Newsom Joins Truth Social to Counter 'Republican Lies'

'This could get…interesting,' governor says

(Newser) - California Gov. Gavin Newsom is taking his message to the people who might be the least interested—the users of former President Trump's Truth Social network. In a tweet Thursday, the Democratic governor said he had joined Truth Social to call out "Republican lies," Deadline reports. "...

Woman Signs California Bill Into Law in a 171-Year First

Lt. Gov. Eleni Kounalakis to act as governor until Newsom returns

(Newser) - For the first time in California's 171-year history, a woman has signed a bill into state law. Gov. Gavin Newsom normally signs the laws in California, but he left the state on Wednesday night for a family vacation in Central and South America. State law requires Lt. Gov. Eleni...

Gov: Manson Family Member Poses 'Unreasonable Danger'

Calif.'s Gavin Newsom gives Leslie Van Houten, 72, a 5th gubernatorial denial of her parole bid

(Newser) - California Gov. Gavin Newsom on Tuesday blocked parole for Charles Manson follower Leslie Van Houten, reversing a panel's recommendation that she be freed after spending a half-century in prison. Van Houten, 72, "poses an unreasonable danger to society if released from prison at this time," Newsom said...

Texas Inspires Gun Legislation
Texas Inspires Gun Legislation

Texas Inspires Gun Legislation

California measure would involve citizens in enforcing assault weapons ban

(Newser) - A new bill in California would allow private citizens go after gun-makers in the same way Texas lets them target abortion providers, though gun advocates immediately promised a court challenge if it becomes law. Democratic Gov. Gavin Newsom on Friday backed legislation that would let private citizens enforce the state'...

California Is First State to Switch to 'Endemic' Policy

Newsom says the goal is 'to be prepared without being paranoid'

(Newser) - California Gov. Gavin Newsom on Thursday announced the first shift by a state to an "endemic" approach to the coronavirus pandemic that emphasizes prevention and quick reactions to outbreaks over mandates. It's a milestone nearly two years in the making that harkens to a return to a more...

Garcetti: I Was Holding My Breath in Maskless Photo

Garcetti, Newsom accused of violating SoFi stadium mandate

(Newser) - Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti has a new job lined up as ambassador to India—but with his apparent breath-holding abilities, he might want to consider a career as a pearl diver. The mayor was mocked this week after he said he was holding his breath in a photo where...

Health Care Workers Must Get Booster Shots in This State

California Gov. Gavin Newsom makes the announcement on Twitter

(Newser) - California health care workers will be required to have coronavirus booster shots to ensure that hospitals are ready to deal with a surge in cases as the more-transmissible omicron variant spreads throughout the state, the AP reports. Gov. Gavin Newsom announced the order Tuesday on his personal Twitter account and...

Mask Mandate Returns to California
Mask Mandate
Returns to California

Mask Mandate Returns to California

Starts Wednesday and runs for one month

(Newser) - California is bringing back a rule requiring people to wear masks indoors, a move aimed at containing a new type of the coronavirus as people gather with family and friends during the holidays. Gov. Gavin Newsom’s administration announced the new mandate will start Wednesday and last until Jan. 15,...

Newsom: I Want California Gun Law Like Texas' Abortion Law
Borrows Tactic
From Texas

Newsom Borrows Tactic From Texas

California governor wants a gun law modeled on Texas' abortion law

(Newser) - "If [Texas] can ban abortion and endanger lives, [California] can ban deadly weapons of war and save lives." That's Gavin Newsom's latest stance , and one he intends to try to turn into law. The California governor made his announcement Saturday on the heels of the Supreme...

Newsom: My Kids Talked Me Into Skipping Climate Summit

California governor says time out of the public eye was spent catching up with family

(Newser) - California Gov. Gavin Newsom, who was out of the public eye for almost two weeks after he abruptly canceled his trip to the COP26 summit, resurfaced Tuesday and said his kids had talked him into skipping the climate conference to go trick-or-treating. Newsom, speaking at the 2021 California Economic Summit,...

California Makes Mail-In Voting Law
Voting Law

California Makes Mail-In Voting Law

Pandemic experiment will be the new normal

(Newser) - Until recently, only a handful of states have automatic mail-in ballot systems. Oregon, Washington, Hawaii, Utah, Colorado, and Nevada, and DC use the system, and Vermont does, too, in general elections. California is the newest member of the club, since Gov. Gavin Newsom signed a bill Monday making California’s...

No More 'Aliens' In California
No More 'Aliens'
In California

No More 'Aliens' In California

Gov. Newsom strikes 'offensive' word from state law

(Newser) - California will strike the word "alien" from the books. Fresh off his recall election blowout , Gov. Gavin Newsom announced Friday he's signed legislation removing the "offensive" term and replacing it in state law with "non-citizen" and "immigrant," per Axios , which notes the term has...

After Election Victory, COVID Hits Newsom Household
2 of Gavin
Kids Have

2 of Gavin Newsom's Kids Have COVID

They're said to have mild symptoms and will be quarantined; Newsom, wife, other 2 kids negative

(Newser) - It's been a good news/bad news kind of week for Gavin Newsom. On Tuesday, he survived California's recall election to remain governor of the state. On Friday, a not-so-cheery announcement out of his office, per SFGate : Two of his four young children have tested positive for COVID. "...

Kimmel Roasts Caitlyn Jenner Over Election Finish

She received about 1% of the vote in California recall election

(Newser) - In coverage of Gavin Newsom's easy win in California's gubernatorial recall election, it was easy to miss the results for candidate Caitlyn Jenner . She wasn't exactly in the conversation among top finishers:
  • Bad number: Jenner received a mere 1.1% of the vote on the question of

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