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Jerry Seinfeld's Fake Porsche Problem Is Resolved

Comedian has settled 2 lawsuits related to sale of $1.5M Carrera Speedster

(Newser) - Update: Jerry Seinfeld has settled a lawsuit accusing him of selling a counterfeit Porsche and another suit aimed at the dealer from which he purchased the classic car. Fica Frio Ltd. first raised the alarm about the 1958 Porsche Carrera Speedster, said to have been the only one factory-made in...

Here's When Seinfeld Is Arriving on Netflix

All 180 episodes will be available Oct. 1

(Newser) - Seinfeld fans with Netflix subscriptions might want to clear their calendars for October—the streaming giant says all 180 episodes will be available starting on Oct. 1. Netflix, which signed a five-year deal for the episodes in 2019, announced the launch date for "2021's hottest new show ... well...

Essayist Declares NYC Dead, and Seinfeld Isn't Having It

Comedian unloads on opinion piece that went viral

(Newser) - Earlier this month, an opinion piece by comedy club owner James Altucher went viral after declaring that "New York City is dead forever." In the New York Times , Jerry Seinfeld has responded with a scathing op-ed in defense of his adopted hometown. Yes, "this is one of...

Here's How Much Seinfeld, Larry David Made on Netflix Deal

9 figures each, sources say

(Newser) - Seinfeld is heading to Netflix , and its creators are reportedly a lot richer thanks to the streaming deal. Sources tell the Wrap that Jerry Seinfeld and Larry David will each make nine figures, with one saying they'll get $100 million to $125 million each and another saying the amounts...

Comedian in Car Dispute Getting Sued

Buyer of Jerry Seinfeld's $1.54M Porsche says it is 'not authentic'

(Newser) - Jerry Seinfeld says it's a lawsuit about nothing, but the comedian is being sued by the buyer who plunked down $1.54 million on his 1958 Porsche Carrera Speedster and now claims he "misrepresented" the car's provenance. In addition, Fica Frio Ltd. claims that Seinfeld reneged on...

Julia Louis-Dreyfus Wins Twain Prize, Takes Kavanaugh Shot

Actress went to same high school as Christine Blasey Ford

(Newser) - Julia Louis-Dreyfus is one of the best-known comedic actresses of her generation, and now she's been recognized with the Mark Twain Prize for American Humor for a lifetime in comedy. She is the 21st person the Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts has honored with the award. Jerry Seinfeld,...

SNL Goes Out With Cameo-Clogged Finale

Tina Fey guest-hosted, brought a lot of her friends

(Newser) - The only room with as many celebrities as Windsor Castle on Saturday was the Saturday Night Live studio, which saw alum Tina Fey return for the season finale—along with perhaps every single one of her friends, reports Variety . Fey opened with a monologue in which she announced she'd...

Jerry Seinfeld Gets Sued Over Comedians in Cars

Producer says he had the original idea

(Newser) - Jerry Seinfeld has another successful show on his hands, and TMZ reports that he's just been sued over it. The gossip site says that producer Christian Charles claims to have pitched the idea for Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee to Seinfeld back in 2002, then worked with Seinfeld on...

Seinfeld Explains That Non-Hug
Seinfeld Explains
That Non-Hug

Seinfeld Explains That Non-Hug

'I'm 63, I don't know every pop star'

(Newser) - It was a hug fail worthy of a Seinfeld episode , and now Jerry Seinfeld himself is explaining what happened. "I'm 63, I don’t know every pop star," he tells Extra of an awkward encounter with Kesha in which he rebuffed her requests for a hug while...

Jerry Seinfeld Has an Extremely Awkward Non-Hug

Poor Kesha

(Newser) - No means no, Kesha. At an event in Washington, DC, on Monday, the singer ran up to Jerry Seinfeld as he was giving an interview and very persistently asked for a hug, per E! News . "I'm Kesha! I love you so much. Can I give you a hug?"...

Seinfeld Is Moving Over to Netflix
Seinfeld Is
Moving Over
to Netflix

Seinfeld Is Moving Over to Netflix

'Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee' will leave Crackle

(Newser) - Jerry Seinfeld is coming to Netflix. His talk series Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee, which had been streaming on Sony's Crackle service, will move to Netflix with 24 new episodes starting late this year, Variety reports. Netflix will also get exclusive rights to the first 59 episodes of the...

Last 2 Times Steve Martin Did Stand-Up: Yesterday, 1981

Surprise set came before Jerry Seinfeld's show

(Newser) - Jerry Seinfeld did the second show of his residency at New York's Beacon Theatre Thursday night, and his opener was none other than Steve Martin—who hasn't performed stand-up in 35 years. Writing for Vulture , Jesse David Fox says the moment was one of the biggest thrills of...

Seinfeld, Obama Go for a Ride
 Seinfeld, Obama Go for a Ride 

Seinfeld, Obama Go for a Ride

President appears in 'Comedians in Cars' series

(Newser) - Jerry Seinfeld's latest web episode of Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee features not a comedian but a president. Seinfeld and President Obama tool around in a 1963 Corvette Stingray, though, as the Washington Post notes, Obama never leaves the White House grounds. They spend most of their time talking...

Seinfeld's New Gig: New York Residency

He'll do at least 6 monthly shows at the Beacon Theater

(Newser) - Jerry Seinfeld is going the Britney Spears / Celine Dion route, except not in Las Vegas: The comedian is starting a residency at New York's Beacon Theater next year. Beginning Jan. 7, he'll perform stand-up once per month for six months, the New York Times reports. After those...

Seinfeld Lemonade Stand Shut Down By Cops

Hamptons neighbor miffed by juice sales

(Newser) - Whether it's Newman or a grumpy person in the Hamptons, Jerry Seinfeld seems to have bad luck with neighbors. The comedian and his family were selling lemonade for charity in East Hampton last week, but were shut down after someone called the police. The Seinfelds were raising money for...

Seinfeld Slam of 'PC' Campuses Resonates

One columnist thinks he's right, but a college student challenges him

(Newser) - Jerry Seinfeld made some waves by telling ESPN radio this week that he doesn't do shows on college campuses anymore because students are too politically correct. He doubled down on Seth Meyers' show last night, complaining about the "creepy PC thing out there," an atmosphere in which...

'George' Is Really Regretting Those Seinfeld Comments

He apologizes on social media

(Newser) - Jason Alexander is sort of wishing he hadn't retold an old Seinfeld story to Howard Stern on Wednesday. As Alexander, aka George Costanza, explains on TwitLonger , Stern asked about the actress who played George's fiancee Susan, who was killed by toxic glue on the show. When Stern said,...

Seinfeld Near Huge Deal for Streaming

Expect Hulu, Amazon, or Yahoo to get it, reports Wall Street Journal

(Newser) - Seinfeld is about to strike it rich again. The Wall Street Journal reports that suitors are lining up to acquire the streaming rights in a deal that could exceed $100 million. Netflix has dropped out of the running, reports the Journal, which says that Amazon, Hulu, and Yahoo are the...

Jerry Seinfeld Backtracks, 'I Don't Have Autism'

Comedian tells 'Access Hollywood': 'I'm not on the spectrum'

(Newser) - Jerry Seinfeld is on the autism spectr—um, never mind. The comedian is backtracking after he claimed to be mildly autistic in an interview with NBC News , noting, "I think I'm on the spectrum" as "basic social engagement is really a struggle." Now he tells Access ...

Jerry Seinfeld: I'm on Autism Spectrum

'Basic social engagement is really a struggle'

(Newser) - Jerry Seinfeld is making headlines for an interview with Brian Williams of NBC in which he says he thinks he's at least mildly autistic. "I think, on a very drawn-out scale, I think I'm on the spectrum," he says. Williams presses him for details, recounts USA ...

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