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Dixville Notch Keeps Its Place at the Front of the Voting Line

New Hampshire town preserves midnight balloting by adding a resident

(Newser) - Every four years, the nation's attention shifts briefly to Dixville Notch, New Hampshire. The town has opened the doors of its polling place at a tick after midnight for presidential primaries and general elections for almost 60 years. That tradition was at risk but has been spared, NECN reports.... More »

Voter Cries Foul Over 'Soviet-Style' GOP Primary

Jim Martin wants to see more names on the ballot

(Newser) - A Minnesota voter frustrated because President Trump would be the only name on the state Republican primary ballot in March is challenging the move and muddying the launch of the state's first presidential primary in decades, the AP reports. Jim Martin, of Lake Elmo, a small business operator and... More »

Jimmy Carter: 'Y'all See Why I Voted' for Bernie?

Former president indicates he voted for Sanders in primary

(Newser) - Count Jimmy Carter among the Democrats with a political crush on Bernie Sanders. So much so that the former president suggests he voted for Sanders over Hillary Clinton in the 2016 presidential primary, reports the AP . Carter and Sanders appeared together Monday at the Carter Center in Atlanta, where Sanders... More »

Fillon Wins French Primary, Vows 'Change of Software'

Handily beats Alain Juppe in conservative runoff

(Newser) - Francois Fillon won France's first-ever conservative presidential primary Sunday after promising drastic free-market reforms and a crackdown on immigration and Islamic extremism, beating a more moderate rival who had warned of encroaching populism, the AP reports. "President! President!" chanted the former prime minister's supporters as he... More »

What We Learned Last Night

Mitt Romney sweeps primaries, but Rick Santorum not going anywhere

(Newser) - Mitt Romney scored a hat trick, winning all three of yesterday's primaries in Wisconsin, Maryland, and the District of Columbia. CNN and Politico each offer five takeaways:
  • Wisconsin rejected Rick Santorum: It was Santorum's last shot at winning a Midwestern state , and he ignored Maryland in order to
... More »

Super Tuesday: Who Looks Poised to Grab What

Mitt Romney basically has 4 of the 10 states in the bag

(Newser) - Tomorrow is looking good for Mitt Romney, who will likely take more of the 422 delegates up for grabs in Super Tuesday contests than his opponents (an additional 15 super delegates aren't bound to tomorrow's wins). He may even walk away with a delegate majority, writes Nate Silver.... More »

Is Gingrich the Next Goldwater?

If party elites can't stop Newt, it could be disastrous for GOP: Steve Kornacki

(Newser) - If Newt Gingrich manages to defy party elites and score the nomination, it's pretty much "suicide" for Republicans: "Everything about Newt Gingrich screams 'general election disaster,'" writes Steve Kornacki in Salon , from his "personal and ethical baggage" to his "arrogance." Indeed,... More »

Governors Have a Big Advantage in Primaries

Nate Silver breaks down the statistics

(Newser) - Conventional wisdom states that governors have an advantage over senators in presidential primaries—but Nate Silver decided to run the statistics just to be sure. The result? “The advantage may be even more powerful than you think,” he writes on his FiveThirtyEight blog at the New York Times.... More »

States Weigh Delaying Primaries to Save Cash

Some consider switching to caucuses

(Newser) - With money tight, some states may push their presidential primaries later, or even cancel them and hold party-run caucuses instead, skipping out on the race for visitors and media attention. Resigned to the influence of states like New Hampshire and Iowa, some lawmakers are making financial concerns their priority, Politico... More »

Republican Hopefuls for 2012 Taking It Slow

Don't expect formal candidates until February at the earliest

(Newser) - Five Republicans had filed to run for the presidential nomination at this time four years ago; right now, there isn’t one. We can’t expect any formal declarations until February at the earliest, reports the Wall Street Journal . Why? For one thing, the first primaries won’t happen until... More »

Palin in Iowa, Sparking 2012 Speculation

Former governor could be gearing up for presidential bid

(Newser) - Sarah Palin will deliver the keynote address at the Iowa Republican Party's Ronald Reagan Dinner tonight, an engagement widely seen as a possible step toward a 2012 presidential bid, the Washington Post reports. The dinner is an early hurdle for prospective GOP candidates, and Palin's influence is at a high... More »

Palin Will Be the 2012 Nominee

Winner-take-all primaries favor unpopular Palin

(Newser) - She may be hugely polarizing, but Sarah Palin’s the odds-on favorite to win the GOP presidential nomination in 2012, thanks to the party’s winner-take-all primary system. The party establishment may not want Palin, but if she can maintain, say, 35% support in a multi-candidate field, she could win... More »

Biggest Media Gaffes of 2008

(Newser) - Politico runs down a list of some of the worst media mistakes of 2008:
  • New Hampshire primary: Just about everyone predicted Hillary would lose by double digits, ending her campaign. Not even close.
  • McCain-Iseman: The long-awaited New York Times story alleging an improper relationship between McCain and a lobbyist had
... More »

5 Things to Watch in Puerto Rico

Island doesn't vote in primaries, but today its Democratic delegates are up for grabs

(Newser) - Hillary Clinton is banking on a sizable victory today in Puerto Rico to bolster her argument that she’s received more votes than Barack Obama and is a stronger draw for Latinos. Key points to keep an eye on:
  1. The second wave: While many Puerto Ricans sleep in, it's going
... More »

Which Party Has Better Primaries?

NYT columnists debate merits of GOP, Democratic systems

(Newser) - Which system is better, the ruthless Republican winner-takes-all primary system, or the Democrats’ kindergarten-inspired everyone-gets-a-prize process? New York Times columnists David Brook and Gail Collins banter on just that point. Brooks thinks the Republicans' swift, clean process is superior, while Collins notes that it’s the results that matter. If... More »

'I'm More Determined Than Ever'

Clinton insists she's the stronger candidate after win in West Virginia

(Newser) - Hillary Clinton said tonight she is "more determined than ever" to continue her campaign for the White House after what she termed an "overwhelming" victory in West Virginia, NBC reports. "I believe I'm the strongest candidate," she told supporters in Charleston after romping in nearly all-white... More »

Exit Polls Show Big Divisions Among Democrats

Clinton supporters are just as likely to vote for McCain as Obama

(Newser) - Early exit polls in West Virginia suggest that Democrats have much healing to do when the primary season ends, CNN reports. Only 25% of Hillary Clinton supporters said they would be satisfied if Barack Obama won the nomination, and only 38% of Obama supporters said they'd be satisfied with Clinton... More »

Clinton Wins Big in W. Virginia

She wins by a wide margin, hoping to slow Obama's momentum

(Newser) - Hillary Clinton won a decisive—and expected—victory tonight in West Virginia, the Charleston Gazette reports. With 95% of returns in, Clinton led 67% to 26%, and her camp hopes a big margin of victory will raise new doubts in superdelegates' minds about Barack Obama's ability to win over white... More »

Obama: It Ain't Over Til First Lady Sings

Says he's not nominee yet, calls VP talk 'presumptuous'

(Newser) - Just about every political bigwig is calling the race for Barack Obama—but not the Democrat himself. "We've still got some work to do," he told CNN today, making sure to heap praise on Hillary Clinton. Asked whether she could be his running mate, he said it would... More »

Hillary Vows to Go 'Full Speed' to White House

She appeals for campaign money, sounds triumphant note

(Newser) - Though she lost in North Carolina and was locked in a race too close to call in Indiana, Hillary Clinton remained unbowed tonight while addressing supporters, NBC reports. Noting that Barack Obama predicted she'd win Pennsylvania, he'd win North Carolina, and that Indiana would be a "tie-breaker," she... More »

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