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Canada Braces for 'Explosive Wildfire Season'

Country has just had its warmest winter on record

(Newser) - Last year was Canada's worst wildfire season on record by a long way—and authorities are warning that this year could be even worse. Government officials say an unusually warm winter, drought conditions, and dry, hot weather to come could cause an "explosive" wildfire season, the BBC reports....

One Nation Claims Dozens of World's Most-Polluted Cities

India isn't breathing easy, per new air-quality report, which notes only 10 nations get WHO's thumbs-up

(Newser) - If your city's air pollution has you reaching for the N95, you're not alone. Per a new report from Swiss tech company IQAir, out of 134 nations and regions surveyed, only 10 of them meet an international air-quality standard set forth by the World Health Organization, reports CNN...

The New Luxury Perk in Fancy Homes: Clean Air
The Rich Breathe Better
Air Than Most—Literally

The Rich Breathe Better Air Than Most—Literally

Souped up filtration is becoming the norm for those who can afford it, reports 'New Republic'

(Newser) - It's a general truth that air pollution from factories and highways affects the poor more than the rich because of where people are able to live. But wildfire smoke? You might think, as one journalist put it, that it's more "egalitarian" because it affects everyone. Not so...

Forecasters: Only Relief From Smoke Will Be Heat

Canadian wildfire season is now the worst on record

(Newser) - Smoke from Canadian wildfires has brought terrible air quality to cities in the US once again, with conditions expected to worsen in New York City on Thursday—and forecasters say a "stuck" weather pattern means that for people in the East and Midwest, the only relief from the smoke...

New York, Get Ready for More Wildfire Smoke

Though it's not expected to get as bad as it did earlier this month

(Newser) - Canadian wildfire smoke is currently enveloping the Midwest, with Chicago, Detroit, and Milwaukee reporting some of the worst air in the US . But that doesn't mean it's done with New York: The smoke is expected to return to the state this week, authorities warned. Smoke from the Canadian...

Canadian Wildfire Smoke Is Causing Problems Again

Chicago, Detroit, Milwaukee have some of the worst air in the country

(Newser) - Drifting smoke from the ongoing wildfires across Canada is creating curtains of haze and raising air quality concerns throughout the Great Lakes region and in parts of the central and eastern United States. The Environmental Protection Agency's site showed parts of Illinois, lower Michigan, and southern Wisconsin...

Internet Praises This 'Genius' DIY Air Purifier

Box fan, some air filters, and duct tape are what people are using to fend off wildfire pollutants

(Newser) - Social media users are sharing a surprisingly effective way to protect yourself indoors from the toxic wildfire smoke blanketing much of the East Coast: a box fan, four air filters, and a whole lot of duct tape. As searches for "air purifiers" spike on Google, people are posting on...

Online Tool Lets You Check Your Air Quality
Unhealthy Air Isn't
in a Hurry to Move Out
the rundown

Unhealthy Air Isn't in a Hurry to Move Out

An online tool lets you check your area's air quality

(Newser) - Much of the East Coast is a smoky place these days—and a potentially hazardous one for those with breathing ailments or anyone who spends a lot of time outdoors. The latest on the haze blanketing the skies as a result of wildfires in Canada:
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Wildfire Smoke Spreads Across US
Masks Return as
Canadian Wildfire
Smoke Moves South

Masks Return as Canadian Wildfire Smoke Moves South

Air quality is set to get worse as far south as Alabama

(Newser) - New York City and other cities in the Northeast are continuing to experience disruptions to daily life from hazardous levels of air pollution from hundreds of wildfires burning in Canada—and the smoke is spreading across a wider area of the US. According to a National Weather Service update early...

Wild Timelapse Video Shows Wildfire Smoke Covering Manhattan

From 11am to 2pm, the view changes quite a bit

(Newser) - A pretty wild time-lapse video shows the New York City skyline Wednesday as more and more smoke from the Canadian wildfires rolled in and obscured the view. The video from EarthCam, a network of live-streaming webcams, was shared on the National Weather Service's New York Twitter account , which calls...

In New York, Actress Stops Play, Saying She Can't Breathe

City is dealing with dangerously poor air quality because of Canadian wildfires

(Newser) - Ten minutes into a matinee performance of Prima Facie on Wednesday in New York City, Jodie Comer stopped the play. With Canadian wildfires causing the region's air to rank, at least briefly, among the world's worst, the star told the audience she couldn't breathe. A stage manager...

Wildfire Smoke Made NYC's Air Worst in the World

Canadian wildfires have brought unhealthy air to much of the eastern US

(Newser) - In New York City, officials have asked vulnerable people to stay indoors or wear masks when they go outside—and it's nothing to do with COVID. Smoke from Canadian wildfires has made the city's air quality "very unhealthy," Mayor Eric Adams said late Tuesday, urging all...

Canadian Wildfires So Bad That NYC's Air Is Code Red

And a lot of other places have hazy air quality as Canada suffers its worst start to season on record

(Newser) - Well, this is one thing we apparently can blame Canada for: Wildfires so out of control that the air quality in New York is under a code red warning. As Fox News reports, our neighbor to the north is currently battling some 425 wildfires from coast to coast—with more...

Jack Daniel's Blamed for Fungus Coating Tennessee County

Barrelhouse construction halted over lack of permits in Lincoln County

(Newser) - Construction on a Jack Daniel's whiskey barrel warehouse in Tennessee has been halted after a woman complained about an ugly fungus coating her property, which neighbors six other Jack Daniel's barrelhouses. The crusty black stuff is whiskey fungus, or Baudoinia compniacensis, which can grow on a variety of...

EPA Downgrades Air Quality in Colorado, Forcing Changes

Tweaked gasoline blend will cost consumers more

(Newser) - After missing a deadline last summer to improve air quality, Denver and the northern Front Range of Colorado are in for tougher federal regulations. The Environmental Protection Agency announced Friday that the areas now are classified as "severe" violators of air standards, the Denver Post reports. Refineries will have...

Indonesian PM, 6 Bigwigs Found 'Negligent' on Air Pollution

Court orders Joko Widodo, 6 other top officials to improve air quality in Jakarta

(Newser) - An Indonesian court ruled Thursday that President Joko Widodo and six other top officials have neglected citizens' rights to clean air and ordered them to improve the poor air quality in the current capital of Jakarta. A three-judge panel at the Central Jakarta District Court notched a victory for a...

Denver Tops Ranking for World's Worst Air

Wildfires send smoke east, affecting Salt Lake City, as well

(Newser) - Smoke from wildfires burning in the western US helped push Denver to the top of a global ranking this weekend—for world's worst air quality. The city edged out Johannesburg, 162-160, the Denver Post reports; on this scale, higher scores indicate worse air. The Colorado health department reported that...

Trump Administration Won't Tighten Air Quality Standards

EPA scientists were among the experts who wanted a change

(Newser) - Despite evidence of the harmful effects of air pollution on people with COVID-19 and other respiratory illnesses, the Trump administration has decided against tightening soot standards. The Environmental Protection Agency instead will lock in limits put in place by President Obama's administration in 2012 for another five years. Experts...

California's Falling Ash May Be Toxic

Because it's 2020 after all

(Newser) - As if a global pandemic, record-high temperatures , a raging wildfire, and news of approaching winds weren't bad enough, Los Angeles County residents are being told to stay inside to avoid exposure to potentially toxic ash. Fine ash has been raining down on the San Gabriel Valley, as well as...

Amid Lockdown, Residents Gasp at Unexpected Sight

People in India say they can see Himalayas for first time in decades

(Newser) - On a clear day you can see forever—or, suddenly, the Himalayas, if you're a resident of northern India. The world's biggest lockdown due to the coronavirus started in India at the end of March, and everyone staying home in the nation of 1.3 billion people seems...

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