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Tim Scott Brought Surprise Guest to the GOP Debate

South Carolina senator publicly reveals girlfriend of a year, Mindy Noce

(Newser) - Tim Scott is unusual among the remaining Republican presidential candidates in that he's not married, and that single status has caused more than a little consternation among donors and prompted speculation on his love life. On Wednesday evening, the South Carolina senator addressed his status with a surprise guest...

Unwed Older Millennials, You're Not Alone

Record number of 40-year-old Americans have never been married, per new Pew research

(Newser) - If you've recently made it to the big 4-0 and never gone down the aisle, you're definitely not alone: About 25% of 40-year-olds in the US have yet to be married, per 2021 stats from the US Census Bureau cited by the Pew Research Center —a record...

Archbishops: It's OK if You're Single Like Jesus

Church of England issues report on families that calls to 'honor and celebrate" not being coupled up

(Newser) - What would Jesus do if he were navigating today's high-tech dating world? He wouldn't necessarily swipe right on anyone, and that's OK, per the Church of England, which is now using the world's most well-known bachelor to assure singles in the UK that they're fine...

If You Live Alone, Your 'Freedom Comes With a Cost'

Renting a home solo in a more expensive US city could cost you thousands more in 'singles tax'

(Newser) - There are definitely benefits to living by yourself: no messy roommates, privacy, staying up as late as you want without worrying about keeping anyone else up. But every pro has its con, and in this case, a big drawback if you're a solo renter in the US is what...

This Is the Best City in America if You're Single

Seattle tops WalletHub's ranking, and there are plenty of other options across the US

(Newser) - Looking for love these days can be tough. Along with people still exercising caution over COVID and prices spiking due to inflation, the dating scene can prove challenging all around. To help take that unintended sting out of Cupid's arrow, WalletHub put 182 cities across the US under the...

10 Best, Worst Cities for Singles
10 Best, Worst
Cities for Singles

10 Best, Worst Cities for Singles

From Madison to Glendale

(Newser) - Roughly half the US adult population is single, according to WalletHub , but that doesn't mean it's always easy for singletons to connect. The site ranked 182 US cities using metrics such as the number of single people, the depth of online dating opportunities, and the cost of a...

Here Are the Best, Worst States for Finding Love

Singles may want to check out Florida

(Newser) - Valentine's Day is fast approaching, which means thoughts of love, for better or worse, may be on everyone's mind. Singles still hoping to find their mate may have better luck in some states than in others, and WalletHub has started the matchmaking process by examining the potentials. The...

Gov. Cuomo's Message to the Ladies: I'm 'Eligible'

Though NY governor later noted he may be too busy right now to get bogged down in romance

(Newser) - New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo may be "the single most popular politician in America" at the moment, per CNN's Chris Cillizza —and Cuomo himself has just put the emphasis on the "single" part. Per the New York Post , while being interviewed on radio station 1010 WINS...

Single in America? These Are the Best Places to Be

Be sure to avoid Pearl City, Hawaii

(Newser) - Almost half of US adults are unmarried, but WalletHub wants to change that. With the goal "to help America's singles find love," the site compared living costs, including the cost of restaurant meals and movie tickets; the availability of recreational activities; the share of singles; and more...

The Single Life May Beat Being in All but the Best Relationships

Researchers measured participants' positive and negative feelings

(Newser) - By most measures, researchers say, single people may be better off than people in all but the happiest of romantic relationships. A new study that measured romantic relationships and singlehood found the old saw that "being single is better than being in a bad relationship" held. But by six...

Looking for Love? Try These Places
Looking for Love?
Try These Places

Looking for Love? Try These Places

WalletHub's 10 best (and worst) picks for singles

(Newser) - They don't call it "Hotlanta" for nothing. The Georgia capital has attained the No. 1 spot on WalletHub's best cities for singles , based on the site's look at more than 180 metropolitan areas. The metrics considered everything from how much dating activities cost—from cocktail prices...

Best Cities for Singles Looking for Love

On opposite ends of spectrum: Bakersfield and Sarasota

(Newser) - In time for Valentine's Day, Trulia has crunched some numbers on the whereabouts of singles. For those playing a numbers game, these two lists are based purely on the ratio of single men to single women. Here are the 10 cities with the best ratios for single women looking...

10 Best, Worst US Cities for Singles

San Francisco tops the list; Brownsville, Texas, comes in last

(Newser) - Getting hit with Cupid's arrow is "part willingness and part geography," notes WalletHub . And with 109 million or so single adults in the US as of 2015, per the latest census , finding the right place to settle down in both the geographical and romantic sense can be...

Ad in China Fights Back Against Insane Pressure to Marry

Friends put up $6K ad in subway telling Mom and Dad not to worry if they're single

(Newser) - While the Panthers and Broncos face off at the Super Bowl this Sunday, young people in China heading home for the Lunar New Year have their own pressure to face: the badgering of well-meaning family members who want them to get married. Marriage and producing kids hold a lot of...

A First: Majority of Americans Are Single

124.6M haven't gotten hitched

(Newser) - On your own? You're in good company. Just north of half of Americans over the age of 16—50.2% of them, or 124.6 million, to be specific—are single, the Bureau of Labor Statistics finds. It's the first time a majority have been single since such...

New Matchmaking Trend: Stinky T-Shirts

Singles try to sniff out partners at 'pheromone parties'

(Newser) - Sniff your way to love? Singles who have attended so-called pheromone parties haven't ruled it out. The get-togethers—which have been held in New York and Los Angeles and are planned for other cities—ask guests to submit a slept-in T-shirt that will be smelled by other participants. Then,...

Staying Single: A Valid Choice for Millions

Marriage isn't the only healthy choice, experts say

(Newser) - Americans can sympathize with people who are alone because of divorce or the death of a partner—but what about the eternally single? In a society obsessed with romance, lifelong singles are often ostracized and considered flawed, the Washington Post reports. “Do they just not like me?” asked Bella...

Republicans Take Orgasm Lead in Poll

Conservatives report having less sex, but bigger percentage of fireworks, than liberals

(Newser) - Here's a tidbit stunning enough to interruptus your coitus: Republicans—no, make that conservative Republicans—report the highest rate of orgasms, according to a new sex poll. More than half of those who identified themselves as conservative Republicans said they reached orgasm almost every time they had sex, compared...

Best Cities for Singles on New Year’s Eve

Men, get thee to New York; women, try the West Coast

(Newser) - If you're a single lady and looking to ring in the New Year with a new love, go west, young woman—ideally to Los Angeles, the best city for single women in the nation, with 111,000 more single men than women. If you're a single man, however, the Northeast...

Most of Manhattan Is Single
 Most of 
 Is Single 
life imitates art

Most of Manhattan Is Single

Census shows 50.3% live alone

(Newser) - Depending on your point of view, New York is either a very lonely city or a great place to get laid. The number of singles in the Big Apple, already at a historic high, keeps rising, according to new Census data. In Manhattan, a whopping 50.3% of people live...

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