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An Errant Moose Is Transfixing the Internet

Minnesota's Rutt the moose is being tracked by a herd of fans

(Newser) - A herd of followers are tracking a moose on the loose in southern Minnesota, hoping the majestic animal's journey ends safely after it was spotted Tuesday 140 miles northwest of Minneapolis. The AP report that fans have been tracking the young male moose since late September and posting updates,...

Man Saving Moose From Halloween Decor Goes Viral

After human helps it get untangled from decorations in BC, moose gives him a friendly lick

(Newser) - Halloween proved especially frightening for one Canadian moose over the weekend, or at least one family's Halloween decorations did. The CBC reports that Shaydon Soucy was driving with his wife Saturday to visit a friend in the British Columbia city of Fort St. John when they spotted something odd...

Locals Warned of Aggressive Moose After Colorado Attack

Cow moose charged woman, dog

(Newser) - A moose remains at large after it attacked a woman and her dog in Colorado's Boulder County Wednesday morning, officials say. The woman was walking her dog on South Saint Vrain Trail when the cow moose charged them, KDVR reports. It headbutted and stomped the woman multiple times, but...

Guy Saves Baby Moose, Gets Fired
Guy Saves
Baby Moose,
Gets Fired
in case you missed it

Guy Saves Baby Moose, Gets Fired

Company says Canadian man broke wildlife protocols

(Newser) - A Canadian man says he was fired for rescuing a baby moose he found on a highway—but he has no regrets about saving "Misty" from what he believes would have been certain death. Mark Skage tells the CBC that he spotted the moose almost being hit by cars...

Tree-Eating Habits of Moose Could Affect Climate
Tree-Eating Habits of
Moose Could Affect Climate

Tree-Eating Habits of Moose Could Affect Climate

The dietary habits of moose are affecting the way forests store carbon dioxide

(Newser) - An adult moose can stand up to 7 feet tall and weigh more than 1,000 pounds. They also eat at least 60lbs of food a day—including trees—and it turns out that their diet could have a surprising effect on the climate. Referencing a recent study in the...

An Innocent Walk With the Dog, Then Came the Moose

Kate Timmons was 'in the right place, at the right time' to assist dog walker Tracy Hansen

(Newser) - An Alaska woman is back walking her dog—quite a feat considering she was kicked in the head by a moose on a recent outing. Tracy Hansen of Anchorage was strolling with her dog, Gunner, along their usual route on Thursday when a woman in a passing car spotted a...

Homeowners Find Moose Trapped in Basement

Young moose fell through window well at Alaska home

(Newser) - Firefighters in Alaska say a young moose was returned to the wild happy and healthy after an unusual rescue over the weekend. The moose was carried out of a home in Soldotna, around 150 miles southwest of Anchorage, after it fell into the basement through a window well, Fox reports....

Iditarod Rookie Describes 'Most Horrific 24 Hours of My Life'

Bull moose attacked Bridgett Watkins' dogs for nearly an hour during a training run

(Newser) - A woman training for the Iditarod in Alaska on Friday says she and her sled dogs withstood a harrowing, hour-long attack—not by a bear, but a bull moose. The state's Department of Fish and Wildlife says more moose-related injuries are logged each year than those inflicted by bear,...

As School Day Began, an 'Unbelievable' Crash

A moose smashed through the window of a Saskatchewan school

(Newser) - An early-morning program at a Saskatchewan school proved unusually exciting for the kids in attendance this week. The CBC reports that just before 9am on Thursday, a moose was spotted lurking around the Sylvia Fedoruk School in Saskatoon, just as a before-school program was wrapping up in a community room...

Ticks Are Sucking the Life From Maine's Moose

The state will see if allowing hunters to kill more moose than usual can help

(Newser) - Biologists in Maine think the best way to save its 65,000-strong moose population might be to kill off more of it, and they're engaging in an experiment to that end. As the Wall Street Journal explains, moose are currently dying at the hands of ticks, and climate change...

Drivers in Canada Get an Unusual Warning
'Do Not Let
Moose Lick
Your Car'
in case you missed it

'Do Not Let Moose Lick Your Car'

Canadian drivers receive an unusual warning

(Newser) - Authorities in rural Jasper, Canada, have put up LED signs warning drivers of a very Canadian road hazard. "Do not let moose lick your car," reads the missive, which you can see here . It's no joke. It seems that moose in Alberta province have figured out they...

Exhausted Moose Drowns After Crowd Scares It Into Water

The tired animal had just made a long swim from New York to Vermont

(Newser) - Vermont wildlife officials say a moose drowned in Lake Champlain after people crowded around the animal to take its picture, per the AP . Fish and Wildlife Officer Robert Currier tells WCAX that the moose swam across the lake from New York to South Hero, Vt., on Saturday. He says it...

Guy Kicks Moose. Then Comes the Payback

'Never a good idea,' says Fish and Game spokesman

(Newser) - A man was injured north of Anchorage after a moose that he had just kicked stomped his foot in return, state officials said. KTVA-TV reported the man escaped with major injuries in the encounter Thursday with the moose and her calf, the AP reports. "It sounds like the moose...

Hunter's 'Stupid Mistake' Leads to Grisly Scene

And a malodorous one in Argyle, NY

(Newser) - The source of a stench that bedeviled the residents of Argyle, NY, this fall has been identified, and it's a grisly one. The Post-Star reports hundreds of pounds of rotting moose meat—including the animal's head—were the culprit. After tracing the smell to its source, the state...

Ferdinand the Moose Gets a Second Chance

A viral video and petition drive helped save the rare white animal

(Newser) - A rare white moose in Sweden who likes the suburban life a little too much has won the fight of his life. At least for now. The trouble began when the moose (sometimes called an elk in Europe) rattled nerves in western Värmland when it charged a woman walking...

White Moose Stuns in Sweden
White Moose
Stuns in Sweden

White Moose Stuns in Sweden

Hans Nilsson recorded animal Friday in Varmland region

(Newser) - For three years, Hans Nilsson has been on a quest to find a rare white moose in southwestern Sweden. Finally, on two consecutive days last week, he succeeded—and, on the second day, happened to have his camera rolling, reports the Local . "Everything fell into place: the location, the...

Alaska Skiers Fight Grumpy Moose on Lift Line

Officials warn of 'cranky' animals after 2 incidents

(Newser) - Alaska wildlife officials warned people to keep their distance from grumpy moose after two close calls this past weekend. One of the animals walked up behind a woman tending chickens in the city of Homer on Sunday and started eating chicken food from a bucket she carried. When she turned,...

Government Issues a Most Canadian Warning

Beware of moose who lick cars, warns the Alberta government

(Newser) - Oh, Canada! The Alberta government is warning motorists to beware of moose that lick. That is, don't physically try to stop them. The Peter Lougheed Provincial Park west of Calgary has experienced an influx of moose who enjoy sampling the salt caked to the windows and doors of parked...

Moose Tries to Move Onto Vermont Farm, Fails

'Molly' tried to befriend 2 cows, bemused owners eventually shoo her off

(Newser) - A Vermont couple has chased off a moose that appeared to be bonding with their two cows on a Sheldon farm because they didn't want it to get injured, stuck in their barn, or damage their fences, reports the AP . Sharyn Abbott and her husband Tim returned to their...

2 Moose Found Frozen Mid-Fight in Remote Alaska

'A stark vision of how brutally harsh life can be'

(Newser) - Two moose were recently discovered frozen in battle and encased in ice near a remote village on Alaska's unforgiving western coast, the AP reports. Brad Webster, a middle school social studies and science teacher in Unalakleet, captured images of the massive animals poking through the ice as they lay...

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