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Finally, We Have a Mega Millions Winner

Winning ticket for estimated $1.35B grand prize was sold in Maine

(Newser) - Maine scored its first Mega Millions jackpot—and someone beat the ill fortune of Friday the 13th—when a ticket purchased in the state matched the winning numbers for the lottery's estimated $1.35 billion grand prize. The lucky combination of numbers drawn late Friday night were: 30, 43,...

Woman Wins $175K at Office Gift Exchange

Kentucky woman's first choice at the white elephant gift exchange was a $25 gift card

(Newser) - A Kentucky woman was disappointed when somebody "stole" a $25 TJ Maxx gift card from her during a holiday party gift exchange game, but she ended up with a gift worth 7,000 times more. Lori Janes, an office manager at a dental center in Louisville, chose $25 in...

$2.04B Powerball Winner Won't Pay State Tax on Jackpot

Unlike 36 other states, California doesn't tax lottery winnings

(Newser) - California is one of the highest-taxed states but whoever won the $2.04 billion Powerball jackpot last week is probably glad they don't live elsewhere. Unlike 36 other states, California doesn't charge state income tax on lottery winnings, which is "like winning a second $123 million jackpot"...

The Odds of This Lottery Outcome Are Just Insane

433 to share jackpot in Philippines after Saturday's unusual draw

(Newser) - Individuals who purchased winning tickets for a $4 million lottery jackpot in the Philippines will have to settle for less than $10,000 each following Saturday's controversial draw. A total of 433 people selected the winning combination in the Grand Lotto lottery, which was highly unusual. The six numbers—...

Winners of $1.34B Mega Millions Jackpot 'Over the Moon'

Illinois pair finally steps forward to claim prize, is choosing to stay anonymous

(Newser) - Update: Mystery solved—kind of. Until this week, it wasn't clear if the person(s) who'd won the second-biggest Mega Millions lottery ever, a staggering $1.34 billion jackpot, knew they'd purchased the winning ticket in Illinois, let alone who that was. Now, at least the first half...

Guy's Joke About Lottery Win Proves a Prescient One

Charles Smith of Newport News, Va., joked with wife he'd hit it big, then won nearly $230K

(Newser) - Charles Smith is probably joking about a lot more these days. That's because a wisecrack he made to his wife earlier this summer turned out to be prescient, and he's now nearly $230,000 richer, per WAVY . The man from Newport News, Va., was saying goodbye one day...

Delaware Man Has Unusual Luck With Maryland Lottery

Duane Ketterman, who travels for work, has racked up $50K from 2 separate winnings in 5 weeks

(Newser) - It was Duane Ketterman's lucky day—and then it was his lucky day again, just five weeks later. CNN reports that the man from Millsboro, Del., won the lottery in neighboring Maryland not once but twice in about a month's time, taking home nearly $50,000 in the...

Our Wild Mega Millions Ride Is Over
Our Wild
Mega Millions
Ride Is Over

Our Wild Mega Millions Ride Is Over

Winning ticket was sold in Illinois

(Newser) - The next Mega Millions drawing is on Tuesday, and the jackpot will be a measly $20 million. That's because someone did indeed choose the six winning numbers for Friday night's drawing, and it's a singular someone, reports the AP . Only one ticket was sold with the numbers...

They Formed a Lottery Club 20 Years Ago, Finally Won
After 20 Years,
Lottery Club Wins
'Life-Changing' Jackpot
in case you missed it

After 20 Years, Lottery Club Wins 'Life-Changing' Jackpot

Michigan co-workers took weeks to realize they had winning ticket

(Newser) - After 20 years of playing together, members of a Michigan lottery club are getting a massive payday—but it took them a while to find out about it. The Lunch Bunch Crew lottery club won the $1.85 million jackpot in the June 18 Lotto 47 draw and opted to...

Lottery Winner Credits TV Show for His Luck

South Carolina winner uses strategy from TLC program

(Newser) - Odds are that most people who try this strategy are going to lose about $300. A South Carolina man, however, got lucky and won a $100,000 prize. And as CNN reports, the unidentified man credits the strategy he picked up while watching TLC's show The Lottery Changed My ...

$10M Lottery Winner Charged With Murder
$10M Lottery Winner
Gets Life Without Parole

$10M Lottery Winner Gets Life Without Parole

Michael Todd Hill guilty of murdering Keonna Graham

(Newser) - Update: A North Carolina man who won a $10 million jackpot five years ago will never spend money as a free man again. Michael Todd Hill, 54, was convicted of first-degree murder Friday and sentenced to life in prison with no possibility of parole, the News & Observer reports. Hill...

Lottery Winner: Clerk's 'Mistake' Paid Off for Me

Iowa's Josh Buster won $1M

(Newser) - An Iowa man says a miscue made by a convenience store clerk led to his $1 million jackpot. Josh Buster asked for five "easy-pick" plays at a store in West Burlington, but the clerk mistakenly printed just one, reports CNN . The clerk asked the 40-year-old chef if he wanted...

Guy Repairs Guitar for Free, Gets Half $1M Lottery Jackpot

After he wouldn't take payment, his friend spent the money on scratch cards

(Newser) - "A good deed is its own reward," the saying goes—but for a northern Massachusetts man, a massive financial reward for helping a friend arrived within an hour. State lottery officials say Methuen guitar store owner John Galvin refused to accept payment when his friend Eric Cochrane brought...

A Man Jostled Her at the Lotto Machine. She Ended Up With $10M
'Some Rude Person'
Bumped Her—and
She Won $10M
in case you missed it

'Some Rude Person' Bumped Her—and She Won $10M

LaQuedra Edwards accidentally bought a winning ticket

(Newser) - LaQuedra Edwards did not want to buy a $30 lottery scratch-off ticket. When she put her $40 into the California Lottery Scratchers vending machine at a Tarzana supermarket in November of last year, her plan was to buy her usual selection of lower-priced tickets. But then "some rude person"...

She Realized She Was a $110K Lottery Winner. Then, 'Panic'

Va.'s Mary Elliott had already thrown her ticket in the trash; luckily, she found it

(Newser) - It's not clear why Mary Elliott threw away a lottery ticket before finding out whether she'd won, but what is clear is that she'll probably never prematurely toss such a ticket again. The woman from Buckingham County, Va., won $110,000 in her state's Cash 5...

Scratch-Off Player Wins a Second $10M Payoff

Juan Hernandez cashed in the first time in 2019

(Newser) - Juan Hernandez is starting to get good at this. The Long Island man claimed a $10 million prize in a New York Lottery Deluxe scratch-off game last week—his second windfall, after winning his first $10 million in a scratch-off game in 2019, per WNBC . The New York Lottery said...

Man's Fortune Cookie Pays Off Bigger Than Anticipated

NC's Gabriel Fierro used numbers inside cookie to play Mega Millions, won $4M

(Newser) - Some fortune cookies predict good fortune. Others apparently directly deliver it. That was the case for North Carolina's Gabriel Fierro, who won a $4 million Mega Millions prize after playing the numbers he found inside a fortune cookie, WSLS reports. Per the North Carolina Education Lottery , Fierro—a 60-year-old...

$3M Prize in Spam Folder Turns Out to Be Real
Woman Checks Spam,
Finds a $3M Treat

Woman Checks Spam, Finds a $3M Treat

Michigan's Laura Spears was a big winner in Mega Millions draw; notice went to spam folder

(Newser) - Usually when an email in your spam folder announces you've won millions of dollars, it's a scam. Luckily for Michigan's Laura Spears, she believed the email in her spam folder that appeared to have come from the Michigan Lottery and is now $3 million richer as a...

He Went to Get Chocolate Milk for His Kids, Won Big

Virginia's Dennis Willoughby scoops up $1M lottery jackpot after 7-Eleven run

(Newser) - A Virginia dad who made a chocolate milk run for his kids came home with a lot more than cow juice. According to Virginia Lottery official s, Dennis Willoughby headed over to his local 7-Eleven in Richmond last month to pick up the beverage for his young ones, but while...

Man Buys Identical Lottery Tickets and Wins Twice

2 tickets, 2 jackpots

(Newser) - A North Carolina man is feeling very lucky...for being so forgetful. Per CNN , 49-year-old Scotty Thomas bought one of the state's Lucky for Life tickets online for $2 but later couldn't recall whether he'd done so or not. “I was just laying in bed watching...

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