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Congress Investigating the Rob Porter Mess

House panel looking into how he kept his White House job

(Newser) - Having trouble keeping track of the Rob Porter story in regard to who knew what, when? Congress is, too. The House Oversight Committee has begun an investigation into how the ousted White House staff secretary kept his high-echelon post despite police and other records spelling out abuse allegations from his...

Chaffetz: 'No Ulterior Motives' in Backing Out of 2018 Race

Utah Republican, Oversight chair says he's going back to private sector—for now

(Newser) - GOP Rep. Jason Chaffetz, head of the House Oversight Committee, will not run for reelection in Utah in 2018, Politico reports. Chaffetz made the announcement on Facebook Wednesday morning, noting that after "long consultation with my family and prayerful consideration," he'd decided to follow his own advice...

CEO: Mylan Only Makes $50 Profit Per EpiPen

Heather Bresch testifies before Congress

(Newser) - Outraged Republican and Democratic lawmakers on Wednesday grilled the head of pharmaceutical company Mylan about the significant cost increase of its life-saving EpiPens and the profits for a company with sales in excess of $11 billion, the AP reports. Mylan CEO Heather Bresch held up an EpiPen as she told...

At House Hearing, Silent Shkreli Smirks at 'Imbeciles'

He took the 5th, then unloaded on Twitter

(Newser) - A House committee looking into drug-pricing practices received the same answer Martin Shkreli gave a Senate committee last month: "On the advice of counsel, I invoke my Fifth Amendment privilege against self-incrimination and respectfully decline to answer your question." The former Turing CEO repeated the statement several times...

Secret Service: White House Front Doors Now Lock Automatically

Julia Pierson hauled before Congress on security lapses

(Newser) - Today's Walk of Shame is brought to you by Julia Pierson, director of the bumbling Secret Service currently being grilled by frothing members of the House Oversight Committee on the not-inconsequential matter of how a heavily-armed Omar Gonzalez was able to get deep inside the White House . Calling the...

Government Doled Out $100B Improperly Last Year

2013 number below 2010's $121B peak

(Newser) - By its own estimate, the government made about $100 billion in payments last year to people who may not have been entitled to receive them—tax credits to families that didn't qualify, unemployment benefits to people who had jobs, and medical payments for treatments that might not have been...

Issa Apologizes After Cutting Off Critic's Microphone

Says he could have handled situation with Elijah Cummings better

(Newser) - The normally unrepentant Darrell Issa has personally apologized to a fellow congressman over a high-profile snub on the House floor, reports the San Diego Union-Tribune . The chairman of the House Oversight panel offered his mea culpa to Democrat Elijah Cummings after a testy exchange amid this week's grilling of...

GOP to Darrell Issa: Calm Down
 GOP to Darrell Issa: Calm Down 

GOP to Darrell Issa: Calm Down

Politico says top Republicans think he's making White House fight personal

(Newser) - When Darrell Issa called White House press secretary Jay Carney a " paid liar " on Sunday, House Republican leadership was aghast. They immediately called Issa's staffers, sources tell Politico , and their message was simple: Tell your boss to calm down. The staff agreed that the remark was out...

IRS Honcho Defiant in 9-Minute House Appearance

Lois Lerner says she hasn't done anything wrong, then pleads the 5th

(Newser) - The IRS official at the center of the storm over the agency's targeting of conservative groups told Congress today that she had done nothing wrong in the episode, and then invoked her constitutional right to refuse to answer lawmakers' questions, as expected . In one of the most electric moments...

Benghazi Testimony: Stevens Said, 'We're Under Attack'

Greg Hicks says his 'jaw dropped' over Rice's testimony

(Newser) - The House Oversight Committee held its much-anticipated hearing on the Benghazi consulate attack today, and as expected, the testimony was both explosive and unflattering for the administration. Perhaps the most gripping testimony came from Ambassador Chris Stevens' top deputy, Greg Hicks, who said he'd known the attack was terrorism...

Lawyers in Settlement Talks on 'Fast and Furious' Suit

Republicans have sued Eric Holder for documents

(Newser) - Lawyers for the Justice Department and Darrell Issa's House Oversight panel are trying to settle a Fast and Furious lawsuit themselves in new negotiations, reports CNN and Reuters . Issa's GOP-led committee sued Eric Holder in August to try to force him to hand over documents related to the...

Congress Just Blew the CIA&#39;s Cover in Libya
Congress Just Blew
the CIA's Cover in Libya
Dana Milbank

Congress Just Blew the CIA's Cover in Libya

Dana Milbank thinks outbursts at yesterday's hearing uncovered a CIA base

(Newser) - Some Congressmen are really, really bad at keeping a secret. In their zeal to embarrass the Obama administration over the attack on the Benghazi consulate, House Republicans "accidentally blew the CIA's cover" in a hearing yesterday, Dana Milbank alleges in the Washington Post . Oversight Committee members didn't...

Eric Holder Sued Over Fast and Furious

Rep. Darrell Issa leads legal charge for documents

(Newser) - Darrell Issa has taken the battle over Fast and Furious to court, just like he promised . The lawmaker and his House committee today filed suit against Eric Holder to hand over documents on the botched gun operation, ABC News reports. The suit aims to overturn an executive privilege invoked by...

House Republicans Are Going to Sue Eric Holder

Darrell Issa is still pushing for Fast and Furious documents

(Newser) - Darrell Issa is using one of the last weapons he has to try to get Eric Holder to turn over documents related to the Fast and Furious gun-walking scandal. He and other House Republicans plan to file a civil suit against the attorney general this month, he tells NBC News...

Obama Invokes Executive Privilege, Bails Out Holder

Darrell Issa pushes forward with contempt hearing anyway

(Newser) - Barack Obama invoked executive privilege to justify withholding certain documents related to the Fast and Furious scandal from Congress, just minutes before the House Oversight Committee was set to hold a contempt hearing against Attorney General Eric Holder. But the committee pressed ahead with the contempt hearing anyway, Fox News...

GOP Moves to Charge Holder With Contempt

Darrell Isa says attorney general not cooperating with Fast Furious probe

(Newser) - Darrell Issa and the House Oversight Committee he heads up have set the wheels in motion to hold Attorney General Eric Holder in contempt, alleging that he hasn't cooperated with their investigation into the Fast and Furious fiasco . Committee officials got the green light from John Boehner after an...

GSA Scandal: Jeff Neely Pleads the Fifth
GSA Scandal: Jeff Neely Pleads the 5th

GSA Scandal: Jeff Neely Pleads the 5th

Agency to former officials: You owe us Vegas money

(Newser) - Rep. Darrell Issa said never before in his career had a witness at a government hearing refused to testify. But Jeff Neely, former official at the General Services Administration, invoked his fifth amendment right today during a congressional hearing into the agency's use of $800,000 for a Las...

Holder: We Didn't Lie About 'Fast and Furious'

He says charges are forthcoming against those who screwed up

(Newser) - Eric Holder angrily denied that the Justice Department was trying to hide anything about the botched "Operation Fast and Furious" program in his testimony before Congress today—and insisted that he'd had no knowledge of the gun-tracking operation. "There's no attempt at any kind of coverup,...

GOP: Obama Hid Volt Fires
 GOP: Obama Hid Volt Fires 

GOP: Obama Hid Volt Fires

They say NHTSA delayed announcing investigation

(Newser) - Congressional Republicans intend to accuse the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration of purposely delaying an announcement about the Chevy Volt's battery fire troubles because President Obama is politically tied to General Motors, and the Volt in particular. The Volt experienced its first fire last June, but the NHTSA didn’...

Darrell Issa Probing Own Staffer

House Oversight Committee chairman's press secretary faces probe

(Newser) - The Republican chairman of the House Oversight Committee has launched an investigation into the behavior of his own press secretary. Darrell Issa says he's trying to determine whether Kurt Bardella improperly shared emails from other journalists with New York Times reporter Mark Leibovich, who is writing a book about Capitol...

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