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Teen Has Heart Attack After Massive Horse Kick

'I'm not going to die today' a determined 16-year-old Dalton Bruton thought

(Newser) - For 16-year-old Dalton Bruton, being around horses has always been a "calming experience." Not so much last week, when the Oklahoma teen got kicked so hard by one that he ended up having a heart attack. KFOR reports on the May 19 incident on the horse farm owned...

All Abortions Are Effectively Outlawed in Oklahoma

Gov. Stitt signs into law measure that prohibits them starting at conception

(Newser) - Update: Oklahoma Gov. Kevin Stitt on Wednesday signed into law the nation’s strictest abortion ban, making the state the first in the nation to effectively end availability of the procedure, per the AP . The law takes effect immediately and prohibits all abortions starting at conception, allowing for only rare...

A Century Ago, They Lived Through a Rampage. Now, $1M

3 centenarians who lived through 1921's Tulsa Race Massacre will split gift

(Newser) - Only three survivors remain from the Tulsa Race Massacre , the 1921 attack in which a white mob descended upon the city's affluent Black neighborhood of Greenwood, torched more than 1,250 homes, and killed hundreds. That trio never received any reparations from either Tulsa or the state of Oklahoma,...

Woman Accused of 'Very Disturbing' Plot to Gain Custody

Lacey Hucks, accomplice accused of planting child porn pics on Hucks' husband's phone

(Newser) - Child custody battles can get heated, and it's not unusual for parties to pull out all the stops to win the fight, but one Oklahoma mom may have gone a step too far. KFOR reports that 33-year-old Lacey Hucks is now in custody and facing felony charges in Garvin...

Oklahoma, Texas Region 'Already in a Post-Roe World'

Oklahoma governor signs abortion law inspired by neighbor

(Newser) - Oklahoma joined Texas this week to form a region that parts of a nation divided over abortion care might look like if the US Supreme Court strikes down Roe v. Wade. While abortion providers across the country have been bracing for the possibility that the high court's new conservative...

Grim End to Stolen Statue of Famed Native American

Statue of ballerina Marjorie Tallchief appears to have been cut down, sold for scrap for $266

(Newser) - A bronze statue of Native American ballerina Marjorie Tallchief, stolen last week from the Tulsa Historical Society & Museum, appears to have been cut into pieces and sold as scrap metal. Pieces of the statue—one of five outdoor statues depicting famous Native American ballerinas from Oklahoma known as the...

Judge: Tulsa Race Massacre Reparations Lawsuit Can Proceed

Lawsuit seeks reparations for 1921 tragedy

(Newser) - An Oklahoma judge ruled Monday that a lawsuit seeking reparations for the 1921 Tulsa Race Massacre can proceed, bringing new hope for some measure of justice for three survivors of the deadly racist rampage who are now over 100 years old and were in the courtroom for the decision. Tulsa...

Oklahoma Candidate Has to Use Normal Name on Ballot

Sean 'The Patriot' Roberts won't fly, Oklahoma Election Board concludes

(Newser) - A Republican lawmaker who wanted to refer to himself as "Sean 'The Patriot' Roberts" on the ballot can’t use that nickname, the Oklahoma Election Board has ruled. The board decided Monday that term-limited state Rep. Sean Roberts can still run for Oklahoma Labor Commissioner, but he can'...

Man Accused of Creative Scheme to Steal Audi
Really Want
an Audi?
Don't Do This

Really Want an Audi? Don't Do This

Randy Cantwell arrested for impersonating federal marshal, trying to steal car in Tulsa, Okla.

(Newser) - A man in Oklahoma apparently had his heart set on an Audi, but his alleged scheme to acquire one didn't work out the way it was supposed to. KTUL reports that Randy Cantwell was arrested in Tulsa after police say he showed up at a car dealership in Tulsa,...

Oklahoma Law Makes It a Felony to Perform Abortion

Governor signs tough new law

(Newser) - Updated: Oklahoma Gov. Kevin Stitt signed a bill into law on Tuesday that makes it a felony to perform an abortion, part of an aggressive push in Republican-led states across the country to scale back abortion rights. The bill, which takes effect 90 days after the Legislature adjourns next month,...

This Is the Most Stressed State in America

Louisiana is one big stress ball, according to latest WalletHub rankings

(Newser) - To say we've collectively and individually been stressed over the past two years is probably an understatement, but the stress levels are higher in some parts of the US than others. WalletHub looked at all 50 states, examining more than three dozen metrics in four categories: stress related to...

Cops Offer Update on 'Absolute Travesty' That Killed 6 Teens

Oklahoma Highway Patrol says car carrying Tishomingo girls didn't stop at stop sign

(Newser) - The compact car that collided with a tractor-trailer in Oklahoma earlier this week, killing six teen girls, didn't yield to a stop sign before the accident, the Oklahoma Highway Patrol said Thursday. In a summary of its probe into the deadly crash in Tishomingo, the OHP said the semi-trailer...

House Candidate Attempted Suicide After Sleepover Mess

Abby Broyles drops out of race, gets frank about her situation

(Newser) - The low point for Abby Broyles apparently wasn't when she mixed a sleeping pill and wine and blacked out while at the house of a friend who was hosting a sleepover for middle schoolers and verbally abused the girls. In a long and frank Medium essay posted Thursday, Broyles...

6 Teen Girls Killed in Crash Were in Car That Seats 4

All 6 were killed in Oklahoma tragedy

(Newser) - Update: The six teen girls killed Tuesday in an Oklahoma crash were on their high school's lunch break, riding in a car that only seats four. Just the 16-year-old driver and the front-seat passenger were wearing seatbelts, the AP reports; Oklahoma is the only state that allows passengers older...

Professor of 41 Years Fired After Hosting Gay Speaker

Michael O'Keefe taught at Oklahoma Christian University for 41 years

(Newser) - A tenured professor who taught at Oklahoma Christian University for 41 years claims he was fired March 7 for having an openly gay guest speaker address his class. A lawyer for Michael O'Keefe said in a statement to KFOR that the graphic design professor was terminated for his "...

Here Are the Best, Worst States for Women
Ladies, You Might
Want to Move Here

Ladies, You Might Want to Move Here

WalletHub ranks the best, worst states for women, with Massachusetts coming out on top

(Newser) - Whether it's the job market or political representation in DC, women often seem to come up with "the short end of the stick," notes WalletHub , which decided to figure out which parts of the country might offer the best opportunities for women. The personal finance site looked...

Girls at Sleepover: Candidate Verbally Assaulted Us
Girls: US House Candidate
Turned Our Sleepover Ugly

Girls: US House Candidate Turned Our Sleepover Ugly

Abby Broyles of Oklahoma says combination of wine, sleep medicine made her hallucinate

(Newser) - It's not every day that you see a headline involving an adult apologizing for sleepover behavior, but today is that day. A Democratic candidate who is vying for a US House seat in Oklahoma says she has no recollection of what happened on the night of Feb. 11, but...

Special Election in the Fall May Follow Inhofe Retirement
Plans to

Republican Senator Plans to Retire

Jim Inhofe's decision could prompt a special election in Oklahoma in the fall

(Newser) - Republican Sen. Jim Inhofe plans to announce his retirement next week, Politico reports, probably putting his seat up for grabs in a special election in the fall. The 87-year-old Oklahoman, who already had said this would be his final term in the Senate, would serve out this congressional session. If...

DNA Tests Reveal Women Were Switched at Birth in 1964

'You know, you find out some interesting things on Ancestry'

(Newser) - Two 57-year-old women in Oklahoma are trying to deal with the disturbing discovery that they are not who they thought they were. Tinna Ennis and Jill Lopez discovered they had apparently been switched at birth after Ennis' 26-year-old daughter asked her to take a DNA test in the hope of...

Her Boyfriend Killed Her Son. But She's the One Behind Bars
Her Boyfriend Killed Her Son.
But She's the One Behind Bars
in case you missed it

Her Boyfriend Killed Her Son. But She's the One Behind Bars

Rebecca Hogue sentenced to 16 months under Oklahoma's failure to protect law

(Newser) - An Oklahoma woman will ultimately spend more than a year in jail for the first-degree murder of her 2-year-old son, whom she never harmed. Rebecca Hogue, a 30-year-old Norman resident, had returned home from a 12-hour work shift in the early hours of Jan. 1, 2020, per the BBC . When...

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