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The Term 'Cheugy' Is Having a Moment
The Term 'Cheugy' 
Is Having a Moment

The Term 'Cheugy' Is Having a Moment

Generally, it refers to a trend that's somewhat out of date

(Newser) - Do you use cheesy hashtags on your social media posts? Are you an adult Disney fan? You just might be "cheugy," a term that's gone viral on TikTok and is slowly seeping its way into Gen Z vernacular—often as a jab against members of older generations....

Adam Sandler's Very Short IHOP Visit Goes Viral
IHOP Hostess
Kicking Herself
After Adam Sandler
in case you missed it

IHOP Hostess Kicking Herself After Adam Sandler Encounter

Worker didn't recognize him under his face mask, caused him to leave after informing him of long wait

(Newser) - An IHOP hostess got her 15 minutes of fame this week after posting a video of her meeting Adam Sandler, though she didn't know it was him when she met him. People reports that Dayanna Rodas' TikTok footage shows herself with a masked Sandler, who was dressed casually in...

He Saw a Boy Crash His ATV on TikTok. He Was 800 Miles Away

NH teen Caden Cotnoir helped 12-year-old Trent Jarrett's parents find the trapped boy in W. Va.

(Newser) - Many parents may wish their kids didn't spend so much time on social media, but one West Virginia family is grateful for the TikTok penchant of a teen 800 miles away. On Sunday, 13-year-old Caden Cotnoir of Gilmanton, NH, was watching a livestream of Trent Jarrett, a 12-year-old Caden...

She Was Miss Papua New Guinea —Until TikTok Video

Lucy Maino stripped of title after posting video of her twerking

(Newser) - She posted a video of herself twerking on TikTok. That generally wouldn't have been a big deal, but for this 25-year-old, it meant the loss of a crown. Lucy Maino has been stripped of her Miss Papua New Guinea title after sharing the now-deleted video, reports the Guardian . Critics...

Starbucks Cans Barista Who Made Viral Video
Starbucks Cans Barista Who
Made Hit TikTok Video
in case you missed it

Starbucks Cans Barista Who Made Hit TikTok Video

He was told he 'demonstrated behavior not aligned with Starbucks Mission Values'

(Newser) - A barista fired for making a viral TikTok video says he would trade all his views and likes for his job at Starbucks back. Eli, a 19-year-old college student in Indiana, tells BuzzFeed that the now-deleted video poked fun at customers who correct their orders. In one skit, a fellow...

Creator of Tom Cruise Deepfakes Wants to Help, Not 'Upset'

Chris Ume wants to make sure manipulated imagery isn't weaponized as misinformation

(Newser) - If you've seen those TikTok videos of Tom Cruise doing magic tricks, playing golf, and telling anecdotes about Mikhail Gorbachev, you likely know they're not real. If you don't, you've been fooled by a deepfake, which is understandable, considering how well done the creations by Belgian...

Dog, 2 Pups Die After 'Unjust Cruelty' Seen in TikTok Video

2 Florida men arrested after illegal surgery performed by non-vet on pregnant French bulldog

(Newser) - A French bulldog and two of her puppies are dead, and two Florida men have been arrested after a botched surgery that went viral on TikTok. An affidavit cited by the Orlando Sentinel alleges that Larry Colon, 50, forked over $650 to 33-year-old Frankie Huertas-Rivera to perform a C-section on...

Rapper Casanova in Hot Water Over 'Junebug Challenge' From Jail

TikTok dance challenge gets him disciplined

(Newser) - TikTok dance challenges: fun, but apparently not OK to do from jail. Casanova found that out the hard way, according to TMZ . The rapper, jailed in New York on a gang-related racketeering charge, now faces discipline after a woman recorded him doing the "junebug challenge" during a video visit...

There's a Dark Side to the Viral Silhouette Challenge

Videos are being edited to better reveal their sometimes-naked subjects

(Newser) - The "silhouette challenge" is the latest viral craze sweeping social media sites like TikTok and Instagram, this one meant to empower women. Women post videos of themselves dancing, often partially or completely nude, with their bodies appearing in silhouette. Outlets like Cosmopolitan and the Sun explain how to copy...

#ShantyTok Is the Latest Online Craze

Sea shanties from times of yore have taken over TikTok

(Newser) - This year has already gotten off to a strange start , and now, what CNET calls another "unexpected development": #ShantyTok. Meaning, TikTok has been inundated by sea shanties, work songs crooned by sailors in centuries past on merchant vessels. The origin of the fad appears to be traceable to Nathan...

Viral TikTok Thought to Show Missing Teen Probably Doesn't

Woman says it's her in video, not Cassie Compton

(Newser) - A TikTok video went viral this week after viewers started pointing out the woman in it looked very similar to a teen who went missing six years ago—but since the story first started making headlines, another person has come forward saying she's actually the woman in the video,...

After COVID Vaccine's Arrival, Hospital's 'Rare Moment' of Joy

Staff at Boston Medical Center bust out the dance moves to Lizzo's 'Good as Hell'

(Newser) - Boston Medical Center was one of the first hospitals in Massachusetts to receive a shipment of the coronavirus vaccine Monday, and the 1,950 doses will start to be divvied out to front-line health care workers starting Wednesday, NBC Boston reports. After the delivery was made, however, something else happened:...

Cyndi Lauper's Youth Benefit Gets Help From Some Big Names

Billie Eilish, Dolly Parton, LL Cool J, Taylor Swift, Cher join annual homelessness event

(Newser) - Taylor Swift, Cher, Billie Eilish, LL Cool J, and Dolly Parton are adding their voices to Cyndi Lauper's annual concert to combat youth homelessness, an issue the "True Colors" singer says has only gotten worse during the pandemic. "You can say, 'Stay home, protect yourself.'...

Nurse Who Went Viral on TikTok Is Out of a Job

She no longer works for the hospital where she filmed video

(Newser) - The Oregon nurse who bragged on TikTok about disregarding COVID guidelines appears to be out of a job, at least at the hospital where she worked when the video was posted. "The nurse in question is no longer employed with Salem Health," the hospital told BuzzFeed News in...

Iffy on Masks? Bill Nye Offers 'Hilarious' Explainer

Scientist pulls out the big guns to make his point: a US map

(Newser) - Anyone still unclear about the importance of face masks may want to check out a new clip from Bill Nye the Science Guy. In Friday's viral TikTok video—which was shared online by comedian Christopher Titus , among others—the 65-year-old scientist offers his insight into how and why masks...

Catherine O'Hara Reminds Us Why She's a Treasure

Clip of re-creation of iconic 'Home Alone 2' scene has been viewed 3.7M times

(Newser) - It's December, which means Home Alone and its sequel, Home Alone 2: Lost in New York, are playing on TV screens around the country. On other screens, you can now find a perfect tribute to the classic Christmas films. In a viral clip spreading on TikTok and Twitter, actress...

As Trump Supporters Converge on DC, Airbnb Takes a Stand

Rental service pulls alleged Proud Boys member's reservation in advance of planned protests Saturday

(Newser) - Last Saturday, the streets of DC filled with people celebrating that the presidential race had been called for Joe Biden. This Saturday, crowds will once more gather, but this time they'll be made up of supporters of President Trump, who still hasn't conceded to President-elect Biden. The Washington ...

TikTok Survives in the US, for Now
TikTok Survives
in the US, for Now

TikTok Survives in the US, for Now

US ban delayed as administration appeals judge's ruling

(Newser) - The TikToks will keep rolling. The Department of Commerce said Thursday it will delay enforcing President Trump's executive order requiring TikTok to suspend US operations as of midnight Thursday. The department's statement says the order is on hold "pending further legal developments," per the Wall Street ...

TikTok Goes to Court as Trump's Deadline Arrives

Company says there has been 'no clarity' from feds over proposed deal

(Newser) - President Trump's deadline for TikTok's owner to sell off its US operations is here—but the company says it has been left in limbo by a lack of clarity from the federal government. The president said in September that he had given his "blessing" to a proposed...

Woman Who Fed Bear in TikTok Video Charged

Feeding a black bear is a misdemeanor in Gatlinburg

(Newser) - A tourist who hand-fed watermelon and chocolate to a black bear in a video that went viral on TikTok broke the law and will face charges, authorities in Tennessee say. The video of the woman feeding the bear in Gatlinburg was viewed more than 500,000 times after it was...

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