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E-Cigs the New Gateway Drug

Columbia University study showed cocaine addiction in rats with nicotine habit

(Newser) - E-cigarettes might spare the heart and lungs, but not so much the brain. Columbia University researchers who theorized in the 1970s that nicotine can lead to drug addiction are reiterating that point in light of the e-cigarette's popularity, Reuters reports. Though tobacco-free, "they are pure nicotine-delivery devices,"... More »

Campus Vigilante Posting Names of Columbia 'Rapists'

School keeps scrubbing the lists from bathrooms

(Newser) - There's at least one graffiti vigilante on the loose at Columbia University. Over the past week, lists have been appearing in bathrooms across the school's campus, with titles like "Rapists on Campus" and "Sexual Assault Violators on Campus," according to student media reports. The first... More »

NYC Mob Attacks Sikh Prof, Thinking He's Muslim

Attackers shouted 'get Osama' before fracturing man's jaw

(Newser) - In what police are investigating as a hate crime, a Columbia University professor was badly beaten on a New York City street Saturday by a mob that apparently believed he was a Muslim. Police say Prabjot Singh, a 31-year-old Sikh, was attacked just blocks from his home by a group... More »

The Schools Most Likely to Produce Rich People

US dominates the list

(Newser) - Most of the world's richest people have something in common: They went to school in the US. Wealth-X has compiled a report on which universities worldwide boast the most "ultra high net worth" alumni—defined here as those with $30 million or more—and US universities dominate the... More »

Welcome to Physics, Class; Now, I Strip

Columbia professor's bizarre stunt gets his students' attention

(Newser) - Turns out, it is possible for a video of a quantum mechanics professor welcoming his freshman students to go viral. But as the Columbia Spectator explains, it requires said professor to strip to his skivvies to the backbeat of a Lil Wayne song while a montage of images of 9/11,... More »

Student: I Was Hospitalized for Calling My Prof a Bitch

Oren Ungerleider sues Columbia over forced hospitalization

(Newser) - A student is suing Columbia University after he was hospitalized against his will for 30 days—apparently for cussing out his Spanish professor, the Columbia Spectator reports. In his lawsuit , Oren Ungerleider admits to calling his professor a bitch in front of the class over a low grade. But he... More »

After 40 Years, ROTC Back at Harvard

Ivy League universities reinstating military program

(Newser) - Yesterday morning, Army ROTC cadets reported for duty at Harvard University—for the first time in 40 years. The ROTC left Harvard, along with three other Ivy League schools, after campus protests during the Vietnam War; in the decades following, relations between the military and Harvard remained tense due to... More »

Columbia Frosh Leaps to Death From Dorm

Orientation week takes horrifying turn

(Newser) - A Columbia University freshman leaped to her death from a window of her 14th-story dorm before classes even began. Martha Corey-Ochoa, valedictorian of a Westchester high school and the daughter of a graduate of the Ivy League school, died just two hours after a meet-and-greet at the dorm, officials told... More »

Ex-Girlfriends' Letters Recall Younger Obama

Vanity Fair excerpts new biography

(Newser) - President Obama must be just thrilled his old girlfriends kept their letters. Vanity Fair today publishes an excerpt of Barack Obama: The Story, a biography written by Washington Post reporter David Mariniss. The excerpt focuses on the 20-something Obama's relationships with Alex McNear and, later, Genevieve Cook, when he... More »

Top Colleges Steer Grads Away from Wall Street

Students, staff encourage grads to expand horizons

(Newser) - For many seniors at elite US universities, Wall Street provides a straightforward path to a job—particularly since big banks often dominate campus recruiting. But recently, fellow students and staff alike have urged graduating classes to consider a wider array of options, the Los Angeles Times reports. A nationwide campaign... More »

Derided Goldman Boss Backs Out of Barnard Speech

Scheduling conflict cited as protests loomed

(Newser) - Goldman Sachs CEO Lloyd Blankfein has pulled out of a controversial lecture at Manhattan's Barnard College. Students at the Columbia University-affiliated institution had planned protests and workshops to coincide with Blankfein's visit, declaring the week to be "School the Squid" week, in reference to Rolling Stone writer... More »

Cops 'Stood Back' After Threats to Malcolm X: Book

Columbia's Manning Marable dies just before release of major biography

(Newser) - Columbia professor Manning Marable spent 20 years working on a groundbreaking biography of Malcolm X but died yesterday, just three days before its release. Scholars who have read Marable's Malcolm X: A Life of Reinvention say it presents the most definitive look yet at the black nationalist leader's legacy, reports... More »

Chicago, Honolulu Battle to Host Obama Library

White House hasn't given it 'a second' of thought

(Newser) - President Obama is far more concerned about a second term than his legacy—but two cities are duking it out to host his presidential library, Politico reports. Four groups at the University of Hawaii, in the state where Obama was born, are already hard at work on the matter, hoping... More »

Columbia Professor Charged With Incest

David Epstein accused of having 3-year relationship with adult daughter

(Newser) - A well-known Columbia University professor has been charged with having an incestuous relationship with his daughter. Court papers allege that political science professor David Epstein had an apparently consensual 3-year relationship with the woman, who was over 18 when it began, the Columbia Spectator reports. Epstein, who's married to a... More »

Ivy League Drug Bust Had Bizarre Kidnapping Twist

Five Columbia students, three alleged suppliers are charged

(Newser) - This is not your run-of-the-mill Ivy League drug raid—this one has a torture-by-LSD component. When police gave details today about the five Columbia students arrested and charged with distributing everything from LSD to Adderall to fellow students, they also told of a crazy scheme by one of their alleged... More »

Columbia to Students: OK, You Can Discuss WikiLeaks

Oh yeah, we are for freedom of speech, school clarifies

(Newser) - Columbia University has apparently remembered it's supposed to be a defender of free speech and has dropped its warning to students not to discuss WikiLeaks on Facebook or Twitter. Following a warning from an alumnus at the State Department, the career counseling office of the university's School of International and... More »

America's 10 Priciest Colleges

...that we definitely haven't saved enough for

(Newser) - Oh, sweet journalistic irony: Forbes releases its list of the country's most expensive colleges, and MarketWatch reports on a Sallie Mae survey released today that finds that, on average, families have saved $48,367 for school by the time their kid leaves for college. (Though, disturbingly, 24% of parents use... More »

The Site That Could Have Been Facebook

A look at Zuckerberg's early competition

(Newser) - If things had shaken out differently, Adam Goldberg might have been the troubled genius protagonist of The Social Network. When Facebook first launched back in 2004, Goldberg’s CU Community, a Columbia-based version of the same concept, was already up and running. “At first I was like, Oh my ... More »

Ranking America's Most Stressful Schools

These colleges might just drive you to suicide

(Newser) - This month, lots of high school overachievers will be anxiously awaiting acceptances from the halls of Ivy—even as concerns mount that these schools might not be great for your mental health. Cornell University, for example, had two suicides in as many days last month. So the Daily Beast decided... More »

Ivy Tweeter Dogs Emma at Brown

Witch way to turn, Hermione wonders

(Newser) - Too bad Hermione can't make technology disappear. It seems Twitter is one more irritation for Emma Watson as she begins school in the hallowed halls of Rhode Island's Brown University, CNN reports. First, a dad annoyed Emma last week when he snapped her photo as she walked around school grounds... More »

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