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2 Walgreens in Same City Charge Wildly Different Prices

Chain has biggest price differences compared to CVS, Rite Aid: study

(Newser) - Thrifty shoppers, beware. A consumer watchdog group descended on New York, LA, Dallas-Fort Worth, and Orange County, and promptly went shopping, purchasing a list of 25 items from 485 CVS, Walgreens, and Rite Aid locations. What it found: Price differences of as much as 55% for the same product at... More »

In Price War With Walmart, Target Pulls Ahead

Cuts in food prices give Target biggest lead ever

(Newser) - Watch for falling prices, Walmart—they might hit you. Target had lower prices than its arch-rival this month for the first time since October, research from Bloomberg has concluded. Indeed, Target won out by the largest margin yet seen in the two years Bloomberg has been tracking the numbers. The... More »

15 Priciest Cities for Tourists

Oslo tops the list while crisis-proof Switzerland lands spots #2 and #3

(Newser) - If you happen to be flush with cash, then this list of the 15 most expensive places to visit on the globe should not limit your vacation plans. Otherwise, steer clear or prepare to splurge. The list, courtesy of US News' Travel site , is compiled from UBS' Prices and Earnings... More »

America's 40% Overpriced

Take in some discount movies, you'll understand

(Newser) - Joe Queenan has figured out the real problem with the US economy: It's overpriced. Queenan came to this revelation after he and his buddies made a habit of going to see movies on Tuesday nights, when they only cost $6 instead of $10.25. At that price, even bombs like... More »

Shopping Sites Use Your Cookies to Vary Prices

Cookies track location, habits to enable 'dynamic pricing'

(Newser) - One of the attractions of online shopping is that items have one price in the digital world. Or we think they do. In fact, stores on the Internet use those cute tracking cookies that remember your password to remember a lot more about you, including your physical location and shopping... More »

Consumer Prices Take Biggest Dip in 59 Years

(Newser) - Consumer prices have fallen 2.1% over the past year, the biggest year-over-year decline in 59 years, the Labor Department announced today. Though the Consumer Price Index was unchanged from June to July, it was drastically lower than in July 2008, when oil peaked at $147 a barrel and gas... More »

Why Car Rentals Are Pricey in Great Recession

Airfares, hotel rates fell, but rental rates have started back uphill

(Newser) - Hoping for a cheap car rental in the Great Recession? Sorry, car rental fees are going up, thanks to agencies selling off chunks of their fleets and creating a false shortage, Michelle Higgins writes in the New York Times. Last month, the average weekly airport rental price jumped 73% over... More »

Kindle Devotees Rip Rising E-Book Prices

Digital books should cost $10 or less, they say

(Newser) - A small but vocal group of Kindle owners has banded together to protest upward-creeping e-book prices, Wired reports. Around 250 disgruntled Kindle devotees have tagged more than 7,200 titles on Amazon priced higher than $10—the most they argue an e-book should cost. "On material items, prices can... More »

Consumer Prices Up 0.3% in January

But inflation over past 12 months lowest in a half-century

(Newser) - Consumer prices rose by 0.3% last month, the Labor Department said today, the biggest monthly increase since a 0.7% rise in July. Higher energy costs fueled the climb, and most economists and the government believe the recession will keep prices in check this year. That's because inflation has... More »

As Milk Prices Sour, Cows Head to Slaughter

Farmers can't afford to keep them

(Newser) - Hundreds of thousands of America's dairy cows are being turned into hamburgers because milk prices have dropped so low that farmers can no longer afford to feed the animals. Dairy farmers say they face a perfect storm of destructive economic forces: At home, feed prices are rising and consumers... More »

Fears of Deflation Spook Economists

With oil below $50 and sales everywhere, economists seek solutions

(Newser) - Lower prices may sound like a good thing, but economists say sustained deflation poses a serious threat to any turnaround, the Washington Post reports. Consumer prices are tanking on everything from clothes to steel, which feeds a cycle: People stop buying as they hold out for better sales, and stores... More »

Dow Falls 427 to Below 8,000

Bad news in housing and predictions of recession sour stocks

(Newser) - Stocks plunged today on a spread of bad economic news, including signs that the housing market is not improving and dire predictions by the Federal Reserve’s interest-rate committee, the Wall Street Journal reports. The Dow fell 427.47 to close at 7,997.28. The Nasdaq lost 96.85,... More »

Consumer Prices Dive 1%, Biggest Drop in 61 Years

Oil's record decline leads to 1% overall drop

(Newser) - Consumer prices in the United States plunged by the largest amount in the past 61 years in October as gasoline prices dropped by a record amount. The Labor Department said today that consumer prices fell by 1% last month, the biggest one-month decline on records that go back to February... More »

Deflation Danger Looms as World Economy Slows

Falling prices could trigger long downward spiral

(Newser) - Fears of runaway inflation have been replaced by fears of its opposite as the world's economy starts seizing up, the New York Times reports. Economists see a potentially devastating deflation ahead as cash-strapped consumers create a glut of underpriced, unpurchased goods and services—in turn triggering mass layoffs at struggling... More »

Inflation Hurts US Workers; Europeans Keep Pace

But higher Europe wages drive up prices

(Newser) - Workers in the US are falling behind inflation while their counterparts in the 15-nation Eurozone are keeping pace, in part because of more powerful unions, the Wall Street Journal reports. But rising wages may damage the European economies, as they deter companies from hiring and in turn boost inflation. When... More »

Wholesale Prices Rising at Fastest Pace Since 1981

High energy, motor vehicle costs pushing inflation; Fed may be forced to boost rates

(Newser) - Wholesale prices jumped 1.2% in July—more than twice the rate economists expected and  the fastest pace in 27 years, according to government data released today, the AP reports. Core prices, which exclude food and energy, rose 0.7%, the biggest since November 2006; new home construction in July... More »

Consumer Prices Jump in July; Inflation at 17-Year High

(Newser) - US consumer prices shot up 0.8% in July, twice the expected rate, pushed higher by surging energy and food costs, the AP reports. The spike left inflation running at 5.6%, the fastest pace in 17 years, the Labor Department reported today. It marked the third straight month of... More »

Consumer Prices Surge Most Since '91

Consumer prices up 1.1%; wholesale up 1.8%.

(Newser) - Consumer prices rose a staggering 1.1% in June, Bloomberg reports. The figure far surpassed analyst estimates, and brings the year-over-year figure to 5%–the biggest surge since 1991. Core inflation, which excludes food and energy, rose a more-than-expected 0.3%. “Inflation has galloped,” one economist said. “... More »

Consumers Are Quickly Trading Down

Switch to cheaper goods is broadest since early '80s

(Newser) - As fuel prices and home foreclosures steadily rise, Americans are trading down in everything from automobiles to their lunch options. That's not unusual in an economic downturn, but the speed with which it's happening is, the Wall Street Journal reports. And the flight to the affordable and generic is affecting... More »

Americans Reducing Mileage on Cars, Not Stomachs

Higher food prices not having diminishing effect of gas costs

(Newser) - Many Americans are cutting back on gas due to spiking prices, but few are eating less in response to similarly soaring food costs, a poll finds. Nearly half of respondents said they were driving less, but only 8% said they were eating less. "People have more control over gasoline.... More »

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