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An Expert on Retirement Retires Himself
A Retirement Researcher
Retires Himself

A Retirement Researcher Retires Himself

David Ekerdt was well prepared for the life shift, but even he is learning some things

(Newser) - For more than four decades, David Ekerdt studied aging and retirement. So you'd think that when Ekerdt retired himself from his post as a professor at the University of Kansas—as he did 18 months ago—he would be well prepared for the life change. But in an essay...

Facebook Begs to Differ With Scathing Investigative Report

Company says 'Wall Street Journal' series is 'riddled with flaws'

(Newser) - Last week, the Wall Street Journal published a series of investigative articles about Facebook, and now the company is pushing back by describing the stories as "riddled with flaws" and "deliberate mischaracterizations," per Insider .
  • "At the heart of this series is an allegation that is just

What Both Sides Get Wrong About the Capitol Riot

'Wall Street Journal' editorial board criticizes Republicans and Democrats

(Newser) - The harrowing testimony of four officers on duty during the Capitol riot has prompted the conservative editorial page of the Wall Street Journal to weigh in, and the editorial has plenty of criticism for both Democrats and Republicans. It blasts two "false narratives" that have emerged, one pushed by...

Senator Accuses Left of Distorting His Words

Ron Johnson defends comparison between Capitol riot and Black Lives Matter unrest

(Newser) - Republican Sen. Ron Johnson of Wisconsin took much flak last week when he told interviewer Joe Pags that he was never concerned about his safety during the Capitol riot. "Now, had the tables been turned—Joe, this could get me in trouble—had the tables been turned, and President...

Somebody Put a 'Yay!' in a COVID Article

Wall Street Journal runs a correction on story about restrictions

(Newser) - A rare bit of cheerleading found its way into a Wall Street Journal news article, but it wasn't entirely clear what the message was. "The stray word 'Yay!' was inadvertently inserted," a correction in the Monday paper said, "during editing of an article on...

Call for GOP to Drop Trump Draws Anger

Wall Street Journal had listed the party's election losses under the former president

(Newser) - In an editorial this week, the Wall Street Journal built a case for the Republican Party leaving Donald Trump in its rearview mirror. Listing the party's election losses of the House, Senate, and White House under Trump, the newspaper's editorial board decided Trump's a drag. Referring to...

Wall Street Journal Calls on Trump to Resign

Editorial says president crossed a constitutional line this week

(Newser) - Calling President Trump's actions this week "a far greater dereliction of duty" than his communications with Ukraine that led to his impeachment, the Wall Street Journal has called for his resignation. "This would be the cleanest solution," the editorial says, "since it would immediately turn...

Here's the Latest Fallout From Dr. Biden Op-Ed

Northwestern denounces author, 'Wall Street Journal' editor stands by the piece

(Newser) - Northwestern University is making sure to point out that it does not agree with the controversial op-ed about Dr. Jill Biden written by one of its former lecturers. In fact, it calls Joseph Epstein's suggestion that Biden drop the honorific since she's not a medical doctor "misogynistic....

Chris Christie Speaks Out on His 'Serious Failure'

Former NJ governor regrets not wearing a mask at Rose Garden event, implores others to

(Newser) - Chris Christie is pushing for people to wear face masks, and he has good reason to push for them: He caught COVID-19 himself after attending the Rose Garden event last month for Amy Coney Barrett's nomination, and now he's regretting how lax he was about safety protocols. "...

Wall Street Journal Editorial Board: We Won't Budge

Conservative opinion section responds to 'cancel culture' criticism from within the newspaper

(Newser) - The editorial board of the Wall Street Journal—separate from its news division—has a strongly conservative view, and its pages often feature op-eds from the right. In a note to readers Friday, the editors say they're not going to change a thing amid a "wave of progressive...

WSJ Wants Trump to Quit the Scarborough 'Smears'

They accuse him of 'debasing his office' by 'trafficking in trash'

(Newser) - President Trump isn't doing himself—or the country—any favors by pushing unfounded conspiracy theories about MSNBC host Joe Scarborough, the editorial board of the Wall Street Journal warned Wednesday. The conservative publication's board, condemning the president's behavior in unusually strong terms, said Trump's claim that...

Investigation: Amazon Beats Own Sellers With Shady Tactics

'Wall Street Journal' says ex-employees admit looking at off-limits data on competitors

(Newser) - Amazon is selling more products under its own label as it directly competes against independent sellers on its own platform. The company swears up and down it doesn't peek at data deemed by those sellers as proprietary, but the Wall Street Journal reports the claim isn't true. The...

Court: 4 Men Jailed in Murder of WSJ Reporter Are Innocent

Ahmed Omar Saeed Sheikh, 3 others could go free in Pakistan

(Newser) - The four men jailed in Pakistan for the 2002 kidnapping and beheading of Wall Street Journal reporter Daniel Pearl are set to walk free. British national Ahmed Omar Saeed Sheikh has been awaiting the outcome of an appeal since he was sentenced to death for murder, terrorism, and kidnapping for...

China Makes Big Move Against Some American Journalists

Revokes media credentials of those working for WSJ, NYT, WaPo

(Newser) - China announced that it will revoke the media credentials of all American journalists at three major US news organizations, in effect expelling them from the country, in response to new US restrictions on Chinese state-controlled media. The foreign ministry said early Wednesday that American citizens working for the New York ...

China's Retaliation Against WSJ a First Since 1989

Expels 3 journalists over an opinion headline

(Newser) - China has yanked the press credentials of three Beijing-based Wall Street Journal reporters in retaliation for a Feb. 3 opinion piece published by the paper, per the country's foreign ministry. The Wall Street Journal reports the three have been given five days to exit the country. The offending opinion...

WSJ Editorial Puts Forth New Defense of Trump
WSJ Editorial
Puts Forth
New Defense
of Trump

WSJ Editorial Puts Forth New Defense of Trump

But he probably won't like it: Idea is that he wanted quid pro quo, but was too 'inept'

(Newser) - President Trump will likely agree with many points of a new editorial from the conservative pages of the Wall Street Journal . It blasts the "secret testimony" of impeachment witnesses, accuses Democrats of "selective leaks" to make Trump look as bad as possible, and calls on Democratic Rep. Adam...

Editorial: Trump's Critics Trampling Norms of Their Own
WSJ Sees Hypocrisy
Among Trump's Critics

WSJ Sees Hypocrisy Among Trump's Critics

'Wall Street Journal' editorial says his opponents are trampling constitutional norms

(Newser) - The conservative editorial page of the Wall Street Journal sees an "irony" at play in the current DC turmoil: "In the rush to impeach Mr. Trump for his real or imagined violations of political norms, his opponents have no problem violating norms themselves," declares an editorial. The...

Peggy Noonan: Let's Ditch This 'Imperious Twerp'

'Journal' columnist goes after Mark Zuckerberg and big tech

(Newser) - It's a safe bet that Wall Street Journal columnist Peggy Noonan won't be receiving any more invitations to a private gathering with Mark Zuckerberg. In her latest op-ed, Noonan refers to Zuckerberg as an "imperious twerp" who summons people as if he were a prince. More to...

Wall Street Journal: Trump Uttered Biggest Doozy of All

'We cannot recall a more absurd misstatement of history by an American President'

(Newser) - President Trump is used to taking flak from the editorial pages of the New York Times and the Washington Post. But a devastating criticism from the conservative editorial page of the Wall Street Journal was generating attention on Friday. The editorial came in response to the president's comments during...

One Newspaper Blasts Another Over Trump Story
One Newspaper
Blasts Another
Over Trump Story

One Newspaper Blasts Another Over Trump Story

Wall Street Journal editorial page sees bias in Washington Post coverage of Iraq trip

(Newser) - President Trump says the mainstream media is biased against him, and the editorial page of the Wall Street Journal thinks coverage of his surprise trip to Iraq proves the point. The editorial page, which has a conservative bent, specifically faults the Washington Post for the story that went up on...

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