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One Year After Abduction, Jayme Closs Speaks

'I feel stronger every day!' 14-year-old says, once more living the life of a 'typical teenager'

(Newser) - A year ago Tuesday, Jayme Closs' parents were killed and the young teen was abducted from her Wisconsin home. Today, nine months after she escaped from her captor, the 14-year-old is doing well. "Jayme continues to work very hard on her emotional well-being," a family statement reveals, per... More »

'Please Bring Cupcake Home': 3-Year-Old Kidnapped at Party

Alabama girl still missing after arrest made

(Newser) - "We're going to find her if it's the last thing I do on this earth," says Dominic McKinney, whose 3-year-old daughter, Kamille "Cupcake" McKinney, was kidnapped from a birthday party in Birmingham, Ala., on Saturday night. Police say a major breakthrough in the case was... More »

Teens' Attempt at Sting Operation Misfires Dangerously

Police say suspect drove off with 17-year-old, now faces kidnapping charges

(Newser) - Police in San Diego have a message for amateur crime fighters: Leave the undercover stuff to us. That's the upshot of an unusual case in which three teens tried to catch a man they say was trying to have sex with underage girls, reports the Los Angeles Times . At... More »

Tech Exec Found Dead Hours After Kidnapping

Police in Santa Cruz believe robbery was the motive

(Newser) - A wealthy tech executive was kidnapped from his oceanfront home in Santa Cruz at 3am Tuesday and found dead later that day, police in California say. Police say they received a 911 call reporting a kidnapping and home invasion early Tuesday from the home of Tushar Atre, the 50-year-old founder... More »

The Kidnappers Put Her in a Box. It Had One Fatal Flaw

Inside the 1981 kidnapping of Ursula Herrmann

(Newser) - On Sept. 15, 1981, Ursula Herrmann vanished while making the 10-minute bike ride through the spruce forest that linked her village with another in the south of Germany. The 10-year-old's bike was quickly found. Days later came the first strange calls—silence, then the brief jingle that accompanied the... More »

Rapper Testifies That Cardi B Is a Gang Member

Tekashi69 says Cardi B is a Blood

(Newser) - Cardi B, a gang member? A rapper said so Thursday in federal court and sparked a flurry of reactions from the media and Cardi B herself. Rapper Tekashi69, real name Daniel Hernandez, brought it up when testifying about two members of the Brooklyn gang Nine Trey Bloods who allegedly kidnapped... More »

Missing Toddler Found Dead in Park After Conflicting Stories

Nalani Johnson's dad says she was kidnapped by the woman driving them

(Newser) - Their stories clashed , but one grim detail is now clear: Nalani Johnson is dead. The 23-month-old Pennsylvania toddler's body was found Tuesday in Pine Ridge Park in Indiana County. Father Paul Johnson originally said the driver of the car he was in on Saturday drove off with the child;... More »

Cops: 7-Year-Old Girl Escapes Kidnapper's Vehicle

San Antonio man charged with grabbing girl, throwing her in his SUV

(Newser) - A 7-year-old girl was taking her dog out around 8:15pm on Aug. 8 outside her San Antonio apartment when a red SUV reversed toward her and stopped and a man got out, grabbed her, and threw her inside. As he waited for the gate to open so he could... More »

At FBI Agent's Retirement Party, a Wonderful Surprise Guest

Troy Sowers rescued abducted baby in 1997. Stewart Rembert, now in military, was that baby

(Newser) - Troy Sowers was a new FBI agent in 1997, with just a few months under his belt, when he had a huge get: He found a newborn who'd been abducted from a Washington state hospital, left in a box near a restaurant dumpster. It was a happy ending for... More »

Vacationing Teen's Dad Checked on Her, Found an Open Window

Nora Quoirin, a London 15-year-old with learning disability, missing from Malaysian resort

(Newser) - Nora Quoirin was enjoying a vacation in Malaysia last week, but now a desperate search effort is on for the London teen whose family says she's "not like other 15-year-olds." Nora, who has a learning disability, was staying with her parents at the remote Dusun resort , located... More »

Girl's Tragic Story Rocks Nation and Its Government

3 Romanian officials have lost their jobs over Alexandra Macesanu's disappearance

(Newser) - The plight of a missing girl has rocked Romania and forced three officials—including the nation's education minister—out of their jobs. The tragic story hinges on emergency phone calls made by Alexandra Macesanu, 15, saying she had been kidnapped and raped after disappearing Wednesday while hitchhiking with a... More »

After Woman Was Abducted, She Noticed the Orchids

Nathalie Birli says she gained her freedom by talking about them

(Newser) - An Austrian triathlete survived a kidnapping in which she was hit by a car, tied up with duct tape, and held for hours at a remote house before convincing her abductor to release her, police said. An unidentified 33-year-old man was arrested Wednesday by Austria's Cobra special forces, per... More »

'Main Hypothesis' Changes in Case of Tycoon's Missing Wife

Police now say Anne-Elisabeth Falkevik Hagen may have been killed

(Newser) - The wife of one of Norway's richest men who was apparently abducted eight months ago might have been killed, police said Wednesday, adding they "cannot exclude a staged kidnapping to hide it." Authorities have been tight-lipped about the case of 69-year-old Anne-Elisabeth Falkevik Hagen, who was last... More »

He Held His Stepdaughter Captive for 20 Years, Until Fateful Store Run

Rosalynn McGinnis' tormentor found guilty

(Newser) - Rosalynn McGinnis was just 12 in January 1997 when her stepfather, who had been sexually abusing her since she was 10, took her out of school and to a hotel room two hours from their Oklahoma home. Henri Michelle Piette told McGinnis her mother didn't want her anymore and... More »

Woman Posed as Social Worker in 'Scary' Kidnapping Try: Police

The suspect apparently tried to take woman's newborn baby

(Newser) - California police have detained a woman who allegedly posed as a social worker to kidnap a woman's newborn child, KABC-TV reports. The woman, who called herself Mayella Ortega, is accused of showing up at the Santa Ana home last Friday and saying she had to take the week-old into... More »

Judge Gives Kidnapper of Jayme Closs the Maximum

Victim wanted Jake Patterson 'locked up forever'

(Newser) - A Wisconsin man was sentenced Friday to life in prison for kidnapping 13-year-old Jayme Closs and killing her parents in a case that mystified authorities for months until the girl made a daring escape from the remote cabin where she was held for 88 days. Jake Patterson, 21, pleaded guilty... More »

Girl Snatched Off Street Found in Texas Hotel

Salem Sabatka, 8, was snatched right off the street

(Newser) - "We Got Her!" Those must have been sweet words for a Texas mother who had seen her 8-year-old girl snatched off the streets of Fort Worth on Saturday, the Fort Worth Star-Telegram reports. Thanks to surveillance video, social media, and two local church members, police were able to... More »

US Couple in Kenya: They Took Our 'Son' Without Explanation

Matt and Daisy Mazzoncini were 3-year-old Kiano's legal guardians, until authorities came for him

(Newser) - For two years, Matt and Daisy Mazzoncini, a Seattle couple living in Nairobi, Kenya, have called little Kiano, now 3, their son and cared for him as his legal guardians. That changed on April 5, when authorities swept into their home and took Kiano from them, which the Mazzoncinis now... More »

Penn State Professor Accused of Kidnapping 2 Women

He was moonlighting as an Uber driver

(Newser) - A Penn State professor is accused of putting two women through a terrifying experience while moonlighting as an Uber driver. Police in Pittsburgh say Richard Lomotey, 36, departed from the app's route after picking the two women up around 1:30am Saturday, the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette reports. He told them... More »

They Heard Faint Cries. In the 75-Foot Ravine: an Infant

Little Shaylie Madden's mother has been arrested for attempted murder

(Newser) - Little Shaylie Madden is lucky to be alive. Thanks to an alert couple in North Carolina, the 7-week-old is doing OK after she was found Thursday evening lying next to her car seat at the bottom of a 75-foot ravine outside of Chimney Rock—and her mother has now been... More »

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