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Stone Answers No Questions for Jan. 6 Panel

House committee wants to know about Trump rallies, Oath Keepers

(Newser) - Longtime Trump confidant Roger Stone said he asserted his Fifth Amendment right against self-incrimination in an interview Friday with the House panel investigating the Jan. 6 Capitol insurrection. Stone—who was convicted in 2019 of lying to Congress and subsequently pardoned by former President Trump—told reporters as he left...

7 Capitol Police Officers Sue Trump Over Riot
7 Capitol Police Officers
Sue Trump Over Riot
the rundown

7 Capitol Police Officers Sue Trump Over Riot

Lawsuit also names Roger Stone, members of the Proud Boys and Oath Keepers

(Newser) - Former President Trump just got with another lawsuit over the Capitol riot, this time by officers who were injured by his supporters. The lawsuit also implicates several Trump allies, including Roger Stone and members of the Proud Boys and Oath Keepers.
  • Main claim: The lawsuit filed in federal court in

FBI Sees No 'Grand Scheme' Behind Attack on Capitol

Investigators say few rioters had coordinated with an organization

(Newser) - The Jan. 6 attack on the US Capitol apparently wasn't a highly coordinated plot intended to negate the presidential election results. Citing current and former FBI officials, Reuters reports that investigators, who have arrested more than 570 people in the case, have found little to indicate any group coordinated...

Daily Beast: Associate's Letter Just Threw Gaetz Under the Bus

Congressman paid for sex with multiple girls, including a minor, Joel Greenberg confesses in note

(Newser) - Word on the DOJ investigation into GOP Rep. Matt Gaetz and associate Joel Greenberg over possible violations of federal sex-trafficking laws has been quiet over the past couple of weeks. That changed Thursday with an update from the Daily Beast . It got its hands on three drafts of a confessional...

DOJ Suit: Roger Stone Owes IRS $2M in Taxes

Complaint: Trump ally's tax troubles, which stretch back to 2007, didn't stop him from living it up

(Newser) - Former President Trump pardoned Roger Stone right before he left office, but that reprieve isn't going to help the GOP operative with his latest IRS troubles. NBC News reports that the Justice Department filed a lawsuit Friday in Florida against the 68-year-old Trump ally for the nearly $2 million...

Top Prosecutor Put on Running Clothes to See Riot Firsthand

Michael Sherwin, US attorney for DC, recounts how the day turned violent

(Newser) - At least some of the 400 people arrested so far in the Capitol riot might face the rare charge of sedition —or essentially trying to overthrow the government. Michael Sherwin, who led the Justice Department's initial investigation into the riot as acting US attorney for DC, spoke about...

High-Profile Trump Allies Eyed in Capitol Riot Probe

The Justice Dept. is reportedly investigating Alex Jones and Roger Stone

(Newser) - The Justice Department is reportedly investigating possible connections between some high profile Donald Trump allies and right-wing rioters who stormed the Capitol Jan. 6. Per the New York Times , investigators want to know whether longtime Trump associate Roger Stone, who the former president pardoned in December, "knew about or...

Trump Issues 26 More Pardons
Trump Issues 26 More Pardons

Trump Issues 26 More Pardons

They include Stone, Manafort, Kushner father

(Newser) - President Trump's pardon-palooza continued for a second night Wednesday, when he issued another 26 pardons—including ones for Roger Stone and Paul Manafort, who were convicted of multiple crimes after being indicted during Robert Mueller's investigation. Trump commuted longtime friend Stone's sentence in July , days before he...

Roger Stone Refers to Black Radio Host With Racial Slur

The Trump advisor was on the ' Mr. Mo'Kelly Show' in Los Angeles

(Newser) - Roger Stone went on an LA radio show Saturday and referred to his Black host with a racial slur, NBC News reports. The moment arose when host Morris W. O'Kelly was questioning the Trump confidant about his conviction last year and the president's commutation of his sentence. "...

Clemency Order Came With Extras for Stone

Trump ally also escapes probation, $20K fine

(Newser) - President Trump's clemency order doesn't just mean Roger Stone is free to campaign for him . It also means Trump's longtime ally will escape two years of probation in addition to a $20,000 fine, reports USA Today . That was clarified Monday as the Justice Department released Trump'...

Roger Stone 'Will Do Anything' to Help Trump Win Reelection

He'll be campaigning for president, he tells Axios, adding he'll stay within the boundaries of the law

(Newser) - Now that Roger Stone is once more a free man, Mike Allen of Axios was able to catch up with him for a chat over the phone, and he's got the scoop on Stone's next move: campaigning for President Trump's reelection. The 67-year-old Trump ally says now...

Sen. Graham: I'll Green-Light Mueller's Testimony

'That request will be granted,' says the South Carolina Republican

(Newser) - This time, Sen. Lindsey Graham is willing to listen. The chair of the Senate Judiciary Committee said Sunday he'll let Democrats call Robert Mueller to testify before the committee, the Washington Post reports. Graham had rejected such calls before but appeared to change his mind after Mueller penned a...

Robert Mueller Has a Point to Make About Roger Stone

'He remains a convicted felon, and rightly so'

(Newser) - President Trump handed Roger Stone his Get Out of Jail Free card , and the man who tried to send the former fixer to jail is weighing in on the ensuing brouhaha following Stone's commutation. Writing in the Washington Post , former special counsel Robert Mueller opines that "Stone was...

Roger Stone Commutation Is Called 'Unforgivable'
Roger Stone
Ups Outrage
to Fever Pitch

Roger Stone Commutation Ups Outrage to Fever Pitch

Mitt Romney calls it 'historic corruption'

(Newser) - If media pundits could use exclamation points, they surely would. A day after President Trump's commutation of Roger Stone's sentence, words like "outrage" and "unforgivable" are blazing across the media landscape in op-eds, tweets, and TV interviews. To recap, the president commuted the sentence of his...

Trump Commutes Sentence of Roger Stone

Ally was set to report to prison next week

(Newser) - Roger Stone won't be going to jail after all. On Friday evening, President Trump commuted the sentence of his longtime confidant, a move that came just days before the 67-year-old was to report to prison in Georgia. Stone was sentenced in February to three years and four months in...

Barr Accused of 'Dangerous Pattern of Conduct'

He agrees to testify before House Judicary Committee

(Newser) - Attorney General William Barr has been engaged in a "clear and dangerous pattern" of conduct, House Judiciary Committee Chairman Jerrold Nadler said at the start of a Wednesday hearing on alleged politicization of the Justice Department under Barr. The Democrat accused Barr of being "the president's fixer,...

Prosecutor: I Was Pressured to Cut Stone a 'Break'

He says Stone was being treated differently because of his relationship with Trump

(Newser) - One of four prosecutors who quit the Roger Stone case after Attorney General William Barr intervened to recommend a lighter sentence says there was "significant pressure" to cut Stone a "break" because he was close to President Trump. "What I heard—repeatedly—was that Roger Stone was...

Trump Drops Direct Hint on Pardoning Roger Stone

Longtime adviser is due in prison this month

(Newser) - Roger Stone is due to report to begin serving his prison sentence of more than three years on June 30. For most people convicted of crimes, that would be distressing. But President Trump suggested Thursday that his longtime adviser has nothing to worry about, the Washington Post reports. "Roger...

Stone to Assange: 'I'll Bring Down the Entire House of Cards'

Documents reveal 2017 communications, 2016 political influence campaign

(Newser) - President Trump's associate Roger Stone used hundreds of fake Facebook accounts to push stories related to Russia and WikiLeaks around the 2016 election, while keeping in contact with Julian Assange, according to former special counsel Robert Mueller's investigators. One of dozens of search warrants unsealed Tuesday indicates Stone...

Judge on Roger Stone Demand That She Disqualify Herself: No

His lawyers argued that Jackson is biased

(Newser) - The judge overseeing Roger Stone's case has firmly rejected his defense team's demand that she step aside because of alleged bias. US District Judge Amy Berman Jackson, who sentenced the Trump ally to 40 months in prison last week, dismissed the motion to disqualify her as a publicity...

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