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11-Year-Old Hits 110mph in Stolen Jeep: Police

Driver is too young to be held, so he went back to mom

(Newser) - Troopers chased down a stolen Jeep being driven at speeds reaching 110mph over the weekend, the Nebraska State Patrol said. When they caught it, the patrol said, troopers found an 11-year-old boy at the wheel—and two 14-year-old passengers. The chase began after the patrol received a report just before...

'We All Quit,' Burger King Marquee Sign Announces

9 employees in Lincoln, Neb., call it quits over work conditions

(Newser) - Visitors to a Burger King in Lincoln, Neb., may have come for a burger, but stayed for the sign Saturday. "WE ALL QUIT. SORRY FOR THE INCONVENIENCE," read the marquee sign beneath the Burger King logo, a photo of which has now gone viral. Former general manager Rachael...

Prison Official Resigns After Bosses Deny Inmate Abortion

'Jane Roe' had to sue to get the procedure, which took place Tuesday in Nebraska

(Newser) - A Nebraska inmate who fought to have an abortion was finally granted one, but not before a legal battle with corrections officials, one of whom ended up resigning due to the prison's initial denial of her request. Per the AP , the 22-year-old inmate, referred to as "Jane Roe,...

Governors Duel Over Whether to Eat Meat on Saturday

Colorado declares it 'MeatOut Day,' Nebraska declares it 'Meat On the Menu Day'

(Newser) - Last month, Colorado declared Saturday, March 20, "MeatOut Day," encouraging residents to go meatless on that day. Now, neighboring Nebraska has declared the same day "Meat On the Menu Day" in a direct rebuttal of Colorado's move. Nebraska Gov. Pete Ricketts said the nonbinding MeatOut Day,...

Attending Teen's Funeral: Police Chief Whose Officers Killed Her

'It's all about forgiveness'

(Newser) - An Oklahoma police chief drove seven hours to attend the Wednesday funeral for a 17-year-old runaway killed by his officers. Muskogee Police Chief Johnny Teehee says he was surprised but "humbled and honored" to be asked to attend the memorial of Farrah Rauch in Blair, Nebraska, where he spoke...

Creighton Coach Apologizes for 'Terribly Inappropriate' Remark

Greg McDermott pleaded with basketball players to 'stay on the plantation'

(Newser) - Creighton coach Greg McDermott apologized Tuesday for urging his players to "stay on the plantation" in a postgame locker room talk following a weekend loss. In a statement posted on Twitter , McDermott said he used a "terribly inappropriate analogy in making a point about staying together as a...

'He Was the DB Cooper of Nebraska'
'He Was the
DB Cooper
of Nebraska'

'He Was the DB Cooper of Nebraska'

Fugitive Howard Farley busted after 35 years on the lam with a fake identity

(Newser) - It was big news in Nebraska in 1985 when the feds busted a cocaine-distribution network and rounded up 73 of the 74 people charged. The person they didn't catch? Alleged kingpin Howard Farley, writes Rich Shapiro in a feature on the case at NBC News . Farley disappeared into the...

Governor Has Bad News for Undocumented Workers on Vaccine

Nebraska's Pete Ricketts suggests undocumented meatpacking employees won't be eligible to get it

(Newser) - Nebraska is where you'll find the bulk of the nation's meatpacking, so it makes sense that Nebraska is where the most coronavirus cases are popping up in meatpacking plants . What doesn't make sense to some are comments from the state's governor that suggest a portion of...

Server Fired for Shooting Viral Video of Maskless Governor

Nebraska bar employee recorded video of Pete Ricketts on election night

(Newser) - A server at an Omaha-area sports bar has been fired after a viral video she shot showed Nebraska Gov. Pete Ricketts celebrating a fellow Republican's win on election night. Per the Lincoln Journal Star , the 25-year-old employee can be heard in the Nov. 3 clip—which shows a maskless...

Why Many Midwestern Towns Are Shrugging Off the Virus

"If I get it, I get it. That's just how I feel'

(Newser) - Danny Rice has a good sense of how dangerous the coronavirus can be. What puzzles him are the people who have curtailed so much of their lives to avoid being infected by the virus. "I'm not going out and looking to catch it," he told the AP...

2 State Constitutions Allowed for Slavery. But No More
2 State Constitutions Allowed
for Slavery. But No More

2 State Constitutions Allowed for Slavery. But No More

Utah, Nebraska outlaw the practice, without exemptions

(Newser) - A person convicted of a crime in Utah or Nebraska could technically be punished with slavery under the state constitution, but no longer. Voters in both states chose to remove language describing the possible punishment on Tuesday. With passage of Amendment C, Article I, Section 21 of Utah's constitution—...

7 Hospitalized After Trump Airport Rally

Omaha supporters were stranded in freezing temperatures

(Newser) - At least seven people were taken to hospitals after an Omaha airport rally for President Trump drew thousands, many of whom were left stranded miles from their parked cars in freezing weather. Omaha police said in a written statement that first responders dealt with 30 people for medical reasons throughout...

Trump-Loving Brother Calls Cops on Biden-Loving Sister

Because that 49-year-old sister allegedly stole his Trump car magnet

(Newser) - She says her brother is "brainwashed." He says his sister is a thief. At the heart of the matter? Election 2020, naturally. The Omaha World-Herald reports on a family dispute out of Omaha that ended up involving police. A 52-year-old President Trump supporter says he was looking outside...

Sasse Slams Trump on Call: A GOP 'Bloodbath' Is Coming

Neb. senator didn't hold back in chat with constituents: 'I've never been on the Trump train'

(Newser) - Sen. Ben Sasse had a conference call with 17,000 constituents this week, and probably not unexpectedly, the subject of President Trump came up. What may have been unexpected, however, is what the New York Times calls a "dire nine-minute indictment" by the Nebraska senator on the president. In...

Family of Gunned-Down Protester Reacts to Suspect's Suicide

'Are we supposed to feel bad?' James Scurlock's sister asks after bar owner killed himself

(Newser) - Rather than face a manslaughter charge in the shooting death of Black protester James Scurlock, white Nebraska bar owner Jake Gardner apparently took his own life over the weekend. But while one of Gardner's attorneys called it an "extremely sad day," Scurlock's family doesn't feel...

Bar Owner Charged With Killing Protester Commits Suicide

Jake Gardner killed himself on the day he was to surrender in James Scurlock's shooting

(Newser) - The white Nebraska bar owner charged with the fatal shooting of a Black protester killed himself Sunday, his attorneys announced. Jake Gardner, 38, was in Oregon at the time; he had been scheduled to return to Omaha on Sunday night and surrender to authorities over James Scurlock's death, the...

Grand Jury Doesn't Buy White Bar Owner's Claim

Jake Gardner is charged with manslaughter in May 30 shooting death of James Scurlock

(Newser) - A white Nebraska bar owner says he was acting in self-defense when he shot and killed a young Black protester in the spring on the streets of Omaha, claiming the protester had put him in a chokehold. A grand jury, however, felt otherwise. Ex-Marine Jake Gardner, 38, was charged on...

State Dropping Social Distancing
Governor Cancels
Social Distancing

Governor Cancels Social Distancing

Nebraska bases decision on hospital beds' availability

(Newser) - Nebraska Gov. Pete Ricketts will end nearly all of his state's social-distancing restrictions on Monday, even as the number of new coronavirus cases has trended upward over the past few months. The new rules will still limit the size of large indoor gatherings, such as concerts, meeting halls and...

A Truck's Racist Message Sets Off Ruckus in Nebraska

Owner blames vandals, but witnesses disagree

(Newser) - A photo of a pickup truck with a racial slur painted across the back window went viral over the weekend, with Nebraska Gov. Pete Ricketts weighing in. Ricketts said the image , taken in Lincoln on Saturday, showed something "disgusting" and "hateful." Lincoln Mayor Leirion Gaylor said it...

Man's Plea to City About Boneless Wings Goes Viral

Ander Christensen worries kids are developing a fear of bones

(Newser) - "We have been living a lie for far too long," a man announced at a city council meeting in Lincoln, Nebraska, this week. That lie: boneless chicken wings. "We have been casually ignoring a problem that has gotten so out of control that our children are casually...

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