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Man Accused of Bringing 153 Hikers to Grand Canyon

Alleged organizer of illegal hike during pandemic is now facing criminal charges

(Newser) - A 150-person hike of the Grand Canyon isn't allowed in any case, and certainly not in the midst of a brutal pandemic. That's a rule a Washington state man knew and ignored, according to a criminal complaint filed in Arizona federal court. Joseph Mount, 34, is facing five...

One Hiker Is Rescued, Another Is Dead

Arizona couple went missing in Death Valley National Park

(Newser) - A young congressional staffer has died after getting stranded for days in Death Valley National Park. Alexander Lofgren, 32, was pronounced dead after his rescue from a remote location in the park, according to a post by the Inyo County Sheriff's Office in California. Lofgren's girlfriend, 27-year-old Emily...

Cops: Hiker Stabbed Mountain Biker in Right-of-Way Dispute

Victim had to be airlifted to hospital 115 miles away

(Newser) - With more people enjoying the outdoors during the pandemic, tempers can sometimes fray on mixed-use trails. Stabbings like one that happened earlier this month in Washington state, however, are rare. The Whatcom County Sheriff's Office says a mountain biker in his 60s was stabbed by another man in his...

Missing Hiker's Dog Found 8 Days After Owner Vanished
Dog of Missing Hiker Makes
It Home

Dog of Missing Hiker Makes It Home

Josh Hall's dog Happy is safe while Hall remains missing

(Newser) - The family of a missing Colorado hiker had a bittersweet reunion when the man's dog was discovered walking a highway alone. Eight days after Josh Hall's disappearance in Boulder County, his dog Happy was found about seven to nine miles from the Hessie Trailhead that Hall set off...

Missing Yosemite Hiker Is Found Dead

'Alice' Yu Xie, 41, found dead on Jan. 16 in Yosemite National Park after ill-fated hike

(Newser) - A hiker who went missing at Yosemite National Park earlier this month has been found dead. National Park Service officials say the body of "Alice" Yu Xie, 41, was found Jan. 16 at the base of Upper Yosemite Fall, per KCRA . KTLA reports that Xie had traveled to the...

Mystery of Hiker Who Died in Tent Full of Cash Is Solved
Dark Story of Hiker Who Died
in Tent Full of Cash Emerges
in case you missed it

Dark Story of Hiker Who Died in Tent Full of Cash Emerges

'Mostly Harmless' turns out to be Vance John Rodriguez

(Newser) - It was a mystery that caught the internet's attention, so much so that a Facebook group engaged a company that conducts forensic genealogy to help solve the case. As Nicholas Thompson writes in a dark coda to the story for Wired , the mystery has now been solved. The big...

Hiker Falls 100 Feet, Saved by Homeless People

Man lands on cliff ledge, is heard by homeless individuals after 5 hours of calling for help

(Newser) - A Utah hiker has a few homeless people to thank for his rescue from a cliff ledge, where he spent five hours on Sunday. The 29-year-old, who set out around 4am, was walking near the base of Ensign Peak in the foothills north of Salt Lake City when he slipped...

The BBC Profiled Her. She Hasn't Been Heard From Since

British hiker-blogger Esther Dingley missing in the Pyrenees

(Newser) - A blogger who wrote about her extensive travels through Europe has vanished on one of the adventures her thousands of followers checked in to read about. Esther Dingley, 37—who ran the Esther & Dan blog with her partner of 18 years, Dan Colegate, 38—had set out from Benasque,...

A Hiker Died in a Tent Full of Cash, and the Mystery Began

The internet has so far been unable to identify the man who went by 'Mostly Harmless'

(Newser) - Over the summer, a Houston company that conducts DNA analysis and forensic geneaology to solve cold cases got a tip on its tip line: A Facebook group that had been working to track down the identity of a mysterious Appalachian Trail hiker wanted Othram's help. And as Nicholas Thompson...

'It Just Sucks': Hiker, Mom of 2 Dies Hours After Rescue

Cassandra Bravo spent 2 nights in the cold after fall on Mount Whitney

(Newser) - An injured hiker managed to survive two nights out in the cold on Mount Whitney, only to die hours after her rescue. It was a heartbreaking end for friends and family of Cassandra Bravo, a California nurse and single mother of a 10-year-old son and 7-year-old daughter. She fell roughly...

Missing Hiker Was Found. Now It's a Criminal Probe

A Utah sheriff says there are too many discrepancies

(Newser) - Authorities are investigating whether the 12-day disappearance of a Utah hiker was really on the up and up, the Salt Lake Tribune reports. The Washington County Sheriff's Office says its investigation of Holly Courtier, 38, is based on "numerous tips" that "the incident was possibly conceived and...

Prof Still Missing in Mt. Rainier 18 Days After Hike

Sam Dubal planned to leave Mt. Rainier National Park on Oct. 10

(Newser) - Rescuers have resumed searching for a University of Washington anthropology professor more than two weeks after he was last seen in Mount Rainier National Park. Sam Dubal, 33, was spotted Oct. 9 as he hiked the Mother Mountain Loop from Mowich Lake Trailhead, per ABC News . He failed to emerge...

Rescuer Thinks Missing Hiker's Story Is Fishy

Sheriff's sergeant says there are red flags in Holly Courtier's account

(Newser) - A crew member involved in the search for Holly Courtier, the hiker who was missing in Utah's Zion National Park for 12 days, doesn't buy her family's account of what happened . Sgt. Darrell Cashin of the Washington County Sheriff's Search and Rescue says the 38-year-old left...

Head Injury Left Lost Hiker Unable to Walk

Holly Courtier, since found safe in Zion National Park, hit her head on a tree, daughter tells CNN

(Newser) - The hiker found 12 days after disappearing in Zion National Park became disoriented after a head injury, according to her daughter, who never gave up hope of finding her mother. Holly Courtier, 38, was last seen getting off a shuttle at the Utah park on Oct. 6. She was to...

Missing Hiker Found After Nearly 2 Weeks

Holly Courtier's family says they're 'overwhelmed and grateful'

(Newser) - A mother who went missing in a Utah park nearly two weeks ago has turned up alive—and her family is overjoyed. Holly Courtier, 38, an experienced hiker, made headlines after vanishing in Zion National Park on Oct. 6. Details are scant, but the Salt Lake Tribune reports that search...

He Posed for a Pic on the Cliff's Edge. The Next Day He Died

Barefoot hiker Jordan Brashears, 29, died in apparently accidental fall in Sedona, Ariz.

(Newser) - The body of a 29-year-old Seattle hiker has been found in Sedona, Ariz., after an apparently accidental fall. The Mercury News reports that Jordan Brashears had recently become friends with two fellow hikers, and the three agreed to meet up on Oct. 8 to explore the archaeological ruins along the...

Mom Missing Nearly a Week After Hike in National Park

Holly Suzanne Courtier hasn't been heard from since entering Utah's Zion National Park

(Newser) - Authorities in Utah are searching for a missing mother and avid hiker, who hasn't been heard from since she was dropped off at Zion National Park a week ago. Holly Suzanne Courtier, 38, from Woodland Hills, Calif., was last seen around 1:30pm on Oct. 6, when she's...

Elderly Hiker Missing for Days Shows Up at Press Conference
Press Conference
for Missing Hiker
Gets Surprise
in case you missed it

Press Conference for Missing Hiker Gets Surprise Attendee

80-year-old Harry Harvey shows up at news conference about himself

(Newser) - It's not quite as jarring as dead people showing up at their own funerals , but Harry Harvey's reappearance was a shock just the same. The BBC reports that Harvey, 80, went for a hike Saturday in the Yorkshire Dales in Yorkshire, England, but he got separated from his...

Passerby Saves Near-Death Hiker, Stranded for 2 Weeks

'Never had we found somebody who had been out for that long'

(Newser) - John Utsey was hiking with his two kids in New Mexico's Santa Fe National Forest on Saturday when his daughter got out of sight. He called out loudly and heard her answer from around a bend, farther up the trail. "Then I heard somebody else answer from way...

One of 3 Who Went Missing in National Park Is Found Dead

Body of 28-year-old Matthew Bunker located Monday night in Mount Rainier NP

(Newser) - There's been a grim development in the search for three hikers who went missing separately in Mount Rainier National Park: USA Today reports that park rangers aboard a helicopter located the body Monday night of 28-year-old Matthew Bunker, who'd disappeared while skiing with a partner on Friday. Per...

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