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Glacier Yields Newspapers From 1966 Plane Crash

They're still in 'very good condition'

(Newser) - January 1966 was an eventful month in Indian history: Indira Gandhi became the country's first female prime minister, and Air India Flight 101 crashed into Mont Blanc in France, killing all 117 passengers and crew. Melting ice on the mountain has now yielded remarkably well-preserved newspapers from the flight,... More »

Man Convicted in Canada's Deadliest Mass Killing Is Free

Air India bomb maker Inderjit Singh Reyat granted parole

(Newser) - After two decades behind bars and a year in a halfway house, the only person ever convicted in the 1985 bombing of Air India Flight 182 is free in Canada. Inderjit Singh Reyat, an Indian immigrant and former member of an extremist group fighting for an independent Sikh homeland, was... More »

Flight Turns Back After Passengers Spot Rat

Rodent, stray dog, catering van made it a bad day for Air India

(Newser) - An Air India plane flying to London was forced to return to Mumbai after passengers spotted a rat on board, the airline said Thursday. Though the rat wasn't found, the pilot headed back to Mumbai on Wednesday keeping passenger safety in mind, Air India said in a statement. Passengers... More »

Airline Worker Sucked Into Plane Engine

He was standing near plane's nose when pilot turned on engine

(Newser) - You can add being sucked into an airplane engine to the list of ways you'd rather not end up 6 feet under. Airport authorities are investigating the death of a 56-year-old Air India employee who met such a fate at Mumbai's Chhatrapati Shivaji International Airport on Wednesday, reports... More »

Airline Has Bad News for 'Fat' Workers

Air India wants its cabin crew to be in shape

(Newser) - Air India has bad news for crew members it deems "overweight": Time for you to find a new job. The airline is planning to cut 125 workers after warning several hundred of them last year that it was time to get in shape, the BBC reports. Those who didn'... More »

Co-Pilot Accused of Hitting Pilot Before Takeoff

Both Air India aviators are said to be grounded while investigation continues

(Newser) - With nerves still frayed from last month's Germanwings crash , this latest incident may not expedite a return to calm. Unnamed sources say that the co-pilot of an Air India plane physically abused the pilot after an argument over paperwork last night—and that they then proceeded to take off... More »

Big Find Atop French Alps: Jewels

Best guess is that the treasure is from a decades-old plane crash

(Newser) - A very honest mountain climber in the French Alps has stumbled upon an amazing find: a small box crammed with emeralds, sapphires, and other gems, reports the AP . The loot has been valued at about $330,000, but the anonymous climber handed it over to police upon his descent from... More »

Pilot's Bathroom Break Forces Landing

Door jammed so he couldn't get back inside cockpit

(Newser) - A sillier reason to ground a plane than a woman singing Whitney Houston songs ? How about the pilot locking himself out of the cockpit? An Air India flight was forced to divert and land after a pilot went for a bathroom break ... and couldn't get back to his... More »

Diplomatic Mailbag Found in Alps ... 46 Years Later

Bag was amid debris from 1966 Air India crash

(Newser) - A bag of Indian diplomatic mail bound for the US has been found 46 years after the plane transporting it crashed in the Alps, killing all 117 people on board. A mountain rescue worker found the bag and other debris from the doomed Air India plane after tourists reported seeing... More »

Air India Fliers Stuck on Plane for 8 Hours

Waiting to be cleared to fly from London to ... London

(Newser) - Stunned Air India passengers found themselves trapped for eight hours on a fogbound plane sitting on the tarmac in London's Gatwick Airport. The real kicker? The flight's final destination was London's Heathrow Airport, just minutes away. As fury mounted, police were called to keep the peace, reports... More »

Co-Pilot Adjusts Seat, Plane Plunges

Report exposes crazy Air India near-disaster

(Newser) - The 113 passengers aboard an Air India flight earlier this year almost didn't survive the pilot's bathroom break, reports CNN . The co-pilot adjusted his seat while the pilot was out of the cockpit, accidentally bumping the control column and sending the plane into a sudden, steep 7,000-foot dive, according... More »

Black Boxes Found in India Crash

Air India won't speculate on cause of crash

(Newser) - Investigators searching for clues as to what caused India's worst air disaster in more than a decade recovered the cockpit voice recorder and flight data recorder today from the charred remains of an Air India flight. The crash yesterday of the Boeing 737-800, which overshot a hilltop runway in southern... More »

8 Survivors in India Plane Crash

The other 158 aboard were killed

(Newser) - A glimmer of positive news from today's plane crash in India: Eight people somehow survived. The other 158 aboard were killed when the Air India Express jet overshot the runway at a tricky hilltop airport in Mangalore, crashed over a cliff, and burst into flames. An Associated Press photo showed... More »

Hijack Plot Triggers India Terror Alert

India steps up airport security after hijack plot uncovered

(Newser) - India has issued a terror alert and stepped up airport security after intelligence agencies discovered a plot by militants linked to al-Qaeda to hijack an Air India plane bound for a neighboring South Asian country, AP reports. The threat was uncovered during the interrogation of a militant leader captured last... More »

Pilot, Crew Slug It Out on Air India Plane

Fisticuffs erupt over sex harassment complaint by flight attendant

(Newser) - Pilots and crew members on an Air India jet came to blows mid-flight in an argument about sex harassment. Stunned passengers watched grappling staffers spill out of the cockpit into a galley. The fight erupted when a flight attendant complained about harassment by the pilots en route from Pakistan to... More »

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