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Business Closes for Juneteenth, With a Racist Message

Maine insurance agency is taking heat for sign referencing a well-worn stereotype

(Newser) - Many US businesses shuttered on Monday to mark the federal holiday Juneteenth, but one company in Maine is now taking heat for the way it chose to announce its closing. CNBC notes the import of the holiday, which commemorates June 19, 1865, when Union Army soldiers showed up in Texas...

Supreme Court Sides With Religious Schools Over Maine

Court's conservative majority sides against Maine and restriction on use of public money

(Newser) - As the nation awaits the Roe v. Wade decision , the Supreme Court continues to release other high-profile rulings from this year's term—including one on Tuesday that opens the door to lawsuits over the herbicide Roundup . Another on Tuesday has to do with the specific issue of education in...

SCOTUS Denies Penobscot Nation's Appeal Over River

Chief says case involves the 'core identity of the Penobscot Nation'

(Newser) - The US Supreme Court on Monday declined an appeal by the Penobscot Indian Nation in its fight with Maine over ownership and regulation of the tribe’s namesake river. It was a bitter defeat for the tribe that sued a decade ago, claiming the Penobscot River is part of its...

Students Praised for Quick Action After Bus Driver Collapses

Maine students steered school bus to safety

(Newser) - A group of Maine middle and high school students grabbed the wheel of their school bus Monday morning when their driver suffered a fatal medical condition, steering the vehicle to safety while another classmate attempted to administer first aid to the stricken driver. Topsham Police Chief Marc Hagan thanked the...

Hidden Work by 'the Painter of Maine' Surfaces in Bank Vault

Marsden Hartley's 'Friend Against the Wind' last seen in public 40 years ago

(Newser) - A painting by the American modernist Marsden Hartley that had been out of public sight for 40 years was located in a bank vault, a significant step toward uncovering the works of an increasingly appreciated artist who considered himself "the painter of Maine," reports the AP . The painting,...

Maine's Spinning Ice Disk Returns
Maine's Spinning
Ice Disk Returns

Maine's Spinning Ice Disk Returns

It formed over a vortex in the Presumpscot River

(Newser) - Maine's famous rotating ice disk is back. The disk has begun to form in the Presumpscot River, where it partially formed in 2020 but failed to draw a worldwide audience like in its first appearance in 2019. Westbrook city officials shared photos of the formation Wednesday on Facebook , encouraging...

Mom Saved by Clever Teen and a New Pair of Sneakers

16-year-old fashions tourniquet with shoelace

(Newser) - Thanks to quick-thinking and calm, a teen in eastern Maine was able to save his mom. Kristen Iarrobino just wanted to step outside in her slippers for a moment, and considered the possibility that the ground was more treacherous than it looked and she might need better footwear. “I...

Man's Death on a Maine Island Doesn't End as You'd Expect

6 witnesses told the same story, but no one was ever arrested

(Newser) - That there was enmity between Roger Feltis and Dorian and Briannah Ames was well-known. The source of it is murkier, but the outcome was painfully clear: on a June night in 2020, Feltis ended up dead. How is somewhat murky, too. In a lengthy piece for Esquire , Jesse Ellison first...

Man Who Stuffed Razor Blades in Pizza Dough Is Sentenced

Nicholas Mitchell to serve nearly 5 years in prison for effort to sabotage former employer

(Newser) - Update: A man who admitted to planting razor blades in pizza dough sold at a Maine-based supermarket chain was sentenced to 4 years and nine months in prison and ordered to pay nearly $230,000 in restitution on Thursday. "My intentions were never to harm anybody, only to disrupt...

COVID Patient Wakes on Day Family Was to Pull the Plug

Bettina Lerman, 69, has a long road of recovery ahead

(Newser) - Doctors were certain Bettina Lerman would not wake after more than a month on a ventilator battling COVID-19 at a hospital in Portland, Maine. So her family flew to Lerman's home in Florida, canceled her lease, got rid of many of her possessions, and began planning a funeral, reports...

On Maine's Vax Mandate, Supreme Court Turns Away

High court won't block the directive, which went into effect for health care workers in Maine on Friday

(Newser) - The Supreme Court has rejected an emergency appeal from health care workers in Maine to block a vaccine mandate that went into effect Friday. Three conservative justices noted their dissents. The state isn't offering a religious exemption to hospital and nursing home workers who risk losing their jobs if...

These Are the Safest States Amid the Pandemic
10 Safest, Least Safe
States in US

10 Safest, Least Safe States in US

Vermont is No. 1 and Louisiana is last

(Newser) - WalletHub usually considers a wide range of factors in determining the safest states in America, including the number of assaults, mass shootings, and terrorist attacks. This year, with the coronavirus pandemic still in play, it's also considering the percentage of residents who are fully vaccinated. That's one...

SCOTUS Won't Block Statewide Vaccine Mandate

Emergency appeal on Maine mandate rejected

(Newser) - The US Supreme Court declined Tuesday to block a vaccine requirement imposed on Maine health care workers, the latest defeat for opponents of vaccine mandates. It was the first time the Supreme Court weighed in on a statewide vaccine mandate, the AP reports. The court previously rejected challenges of vaccine...

Foul Language on Maine Plates Finally Hitting the Road

'If you want an offensive slogan on your car, then you can use a bumper sticker'

(Newser) - Removing the flipping obscenities from license plates on Maine's roads and highways isn't going to happen overnight, even though a law banning such profanities in a state where such regulation has been unusually lax goes into effect Monday. Currently, there are license plates with salty language including f-bombs,...

Woman Allegedly Made Bomb Threats to Get Boyfriend Off Work

Police say Kayla Blake told them she wanted to spend more time with him

(Newser) - A Maine woman who wanted to spend more time with her boyfriend came up with an incredibly stupid plan to get him off work, police say. Kayla Blake, 33, allegedly called in two bomb threats to her beau's workplace, the Portland Press Herald reports. Officials say the threats to...

These Parts of the US Face the Greatest Climate Risk
These Parts of the US Face
the Greatest Climate Risk
in case you missed it

These Parts of the US Face the Greatest Climate Risk

Multiple counties in Louisiana are looking at a dire situation, while Vermont offers possible refuge

(Newser) - If you've been looking for a reason to move to the Northeast, this might catch your attention. After the recent bleak climate report from the UN's Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, which notes a worrisome decade ahead in terms of global warming and its effects on the Earth,...

Looking for Gender Equality? Here's Where to Go

Nevada takes the top spot in WalletHub ranking, while Utah comes in last

(Newser) - The glass ceiling may have many deep cracks in it, but it hasn't yet been shattered—at least not in terms of the pay gap or women consistently finding equal footing in leadership positions. And the workplace isn't the only arena in which women are still battling gender...

People's Feet Turn Black From Walking Through Beach's Dead Bugs
Beachgoers Find Out
What's Been Staining
Their Feet and Ew, No
in case you missed it

Beachgoers Find Out What's Been Staining Their Feet and Ew, No

Millions of dead bugs make up black mystery substance at Maine's Wells Beach, scientists say

(Newser) - People who've recently visited Wells Beach in Maine have often gone home to find their feet stained black—and scientists say they've figured out the gross reason. State officials say it's millions of dead bugs, washed ashore to form a black, slimy substance that resembles tar. Local...

Tribe Buys Back Maine Island Stolen 160 Years Ago
A Treaty Gave Them the Island
in 1794. They Now Have It Back
in case you missed it

A Treaty Gave Them the Island in 1794. They Now Have It Back

'It's been every chief's goal ever since to return it,' says William Nicholas

(Newser) - Members of the Passamaquoddy tribe frequented Maine's Pine Island (Kuwesuwi Monihq) for millennia before the arrival of white settlers, who brought deadly diseases. Graves of tribal members who died of smallpox remain on the island, but prior to March, they hadn't been visited by members in more than...

Trouble May Lurk for Maine's Beloved Blueberries

Berry fields are warming faster than rest of the state, which doesn't bode well

(Newser) - Maine's beloved wild blueberry fields are home to one of the most important fruit crops in New England, and scientists have found they are warming at a faster rate than the rest of the state, per the AP . The warming of the blueberry fields could imperil the berries and...

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