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'She Was the Female Bob Dylan'
'She Was the Female
Bob Dylan,' Then Vanished

'She Was the Female Bob Dylan,' Then Vanished

Connie Converse was a folk pioneer before she disappeared, as the 'New York Times' explains

(Newser) - If she had recorded her songs just a few years later, Connie Converse might very likely be a household name to this day, writes Howard Fishman in the New York Times . Instead, she's an enigmatic footnote in modern music history, though interest appears to be growing in her legacy....

Santos' Alleged Scheme 'As Dumb as It Gets'
Santos' Alleged Scheme
'As Dumb as It Gets'

Santos' Alleged Scheme 'As Dumb as It Gets'

He could've raised funds for personal use with existing loopholes but didn't: David Firestone

(Newser) - Irksome as they may be, there are existing loopholes allowing politicians to raise money for personal expenses, like fancy clothes. But George Santos didn't take advantage of them. Instead, he allegedly chose a route "so flagrant, so spectacularly dumb in both conception and execution" that federal law enforcement,...

Trump's NYT Lawsuit Tossed; He's Ordered to Pay All Costs

Former president's claim against his niece, however, has not yet been ruled on

(Newser) - Former President Trump's lawsuit against the New York Times was dismissed by a judge Wednesday, the Daily Beast reports. Trump sued the newspaper, three of its reporters, and his niece, Mary Trump, in 2021, alleging that his estranged niece violated a settlement agreement and turned over confidential documents to...

2 Views on the Case Against Trump
2 Views on the
Case Against Trump

2 Views on the Case Against Trump

For some, it's 'weaker' than expected. For others, it's 'more significant'

(Newser) - We finally have a look at the New York case against former President Trump and "there are few surprises, except perhaps astonishment that Mr. Bragg's case looks even weaker than we expected," writes the Wall Street Journal editorial board, which is left asking, "Where is the...

Wordle Is About a Third as Popular as It Once Was

But NYT is still 'pleased'

(Newser) - There's no arguing Wordle was a massive phenomenon when its creator, Josh Wardle, sold it to the New York Times for somewhere in the low seven figures last year. As a society, however, we no longer seem to be quite as obsessed with it as we were back when...

Twitter Strips a Prominent First of Its Blue Checkmark

Tweets Musk after 'NYT' refuses to pay for Twitter Blue: 'Oh ok, we’ll take it off then.'

(Newser) - Twitter said it was going to start removing the blue "verified" checkmarks on accounts that aren't paying for Twitter Blue—and on Sunday, it did so, at least for one account. The New York Times' Twitter account has been stripped of the blue badge that used to denote...

Did You Hate-Watch Girls? You Might Empathize Now

Taking a closer look at what's spurring people to revisit this show, and other old favorites

(Newser) - The Last of Us has dominated the TV discourse over the past couple of months, but there's another show that has also been creeping up in chats: Girls, Lena Dunham's HBO "dramedy" that saw its final season end about six years ago. An HBO spokesperson tells...

Patti Davis: Bruce Willis' Diagnosis 'Rips Your Soul Apart'

Ronald Reagan's daughter compares his reveal on Alzheimer's to Willis family's reveal on dementia

(Newser) - Bruce Willis' recently revealed diagnosis of frontotemporal dementia, a blanket term for a rare group of disorders caused by progressive nerve cell loss in the brain's frontal lobes, shocked and saddened many. One of those now reacting to the news: Patti Davis, daughter of the late Ronald and Nancy...

Loved That Movie? Stick Around for the Credits
Loved That Movie? Stick
Around for the Credits

Loved That Movie? Stick Around for the Credits

And not just for the bonus scenes, Emma Kantor writes for the 'NYT'

(Newser) - If you've ever hung out in the theater after a movie's final frame in the hopes of catching a bonus scene, Emma Kantor is right there with you—though she's not sticking around simply for a possible post-credits Easter egg or sequel teaser. Instead, Kantor writes in...

NYT Chides Journalists Who Faulted Paper's Trans Coverage

Journalists behind Wednesday's open letter aren't pleased with the response

(Newser) - Hundreds of current and former New York Times contributors sent an open letter Wednesday criticizing the paper's coverage of transgender issues—and the Times apparently isn't having it. In an internal Thursday memo obtained by the Hill , executive editor Joe Kahn faulted the letter for containing "direct...

Surprise: Long-Ridiculed Bing May Out-Google Google
Reviewers Are Stunned
at How Good Bing Is
tech reviews

Reviewers Are Stunned at How Good Bing Is

Techies test the new AI search engine, which is still being rolled out

(Newser) - Kevin Roose is a tech columnist for the New York Times , and he's as surprised as you are that he concludes his latest column like so: "I'm switching my desktop computer's default search engine to Bing. And Google, my default source of information for my entire...

Veteran of Congress: No Way Santos Can Function

A GOP Veteran
of Congress
Says Santos
Has to Go

A GOP Veteran of Congress Says Santos Has to Go

Former Rep. Peter King says the serial fabricator cannot possibly be effective in the House

(Newser) - Lots of people think George Santos ought to resign from Congress because of the seemingly unending series of deceptions attributed to him (the latest involves a dying dog ). One person who might have better perspective than most is Peter King, who served in Congress for nearly three decades and...

Teachers, Stop Trying to Fight the Chatbot
Teachers, Stop Trying
to Fight the Chatbot

Teachers, Stop Trying to Fight the Chatbot

Tech columnist Kevin Roose suggests they help students use them properly instead

(Newser) - Late last year, the artificial intelligence tool ChatGPT arrived on the scene in a big way. Ever since, many US educators have been in a "panic," writes tech columnist Kevin Roose in the New York Times . The tool is so good (mostly) that it's become difficult to...

In NYT Story on Russian Troops, Source Code Leaked Too Much

Phone numbers of soldiers, others exposed, putting at risk those who criticized war and Putin

(Newser) - In late September, the New York Times published an interactive report that effectively spied on Russian soldiers' unauthorized calls home from the front lines of the Ukraine war, revealing a "crisis in morale" and "an inside view of a military in disarray." That story likely wasn't...

Grant Wahl's Widow: I Can't Ignore the Trolls Anymore

Celine Gounder, a doctor, says vaccine disinformation is too dangerous

(Newser) - Celine Gounder is an infectious-disease physician and epidemiologist, and she also happens to be the widow of renowned soccer writer Grant Wahl . After her husband died while covering the World Cup, the anti-vaccine brigade concluded that his COVID vaccine must have been the reason. (It wasn't—Wahl died of...

NYT Takes Heat for Crossword Puzzle With Disturbing Shape
NYT Takes Heat for
Crossword Puzzle's Shape

NYT Takes Heat for Crossword Puzzle's Shape

Many people said Sunday's game resembled a swastika, and right before first night of Hanukkah

(Newser) - When Caitlin Lovinger analyzed Sunday's crossword puzzle for the New York Times, the 23rd for the newspaper by data analytics consulting manager Ryan McCarty, she gushed over its puns and jokes, as well as its shape. "I love the geometry in this puzzle—so many stair steps!"...

After Incoming Lawmaker Accused of Faking Resume, a Fake Quote

'New York Times' suggests congressman-elect George Santos fudged key facts

(Newser) - Included in the statement from a congressman-elect who was accused of faking his resume was ... a fake Winston Churchill quote. Attorney Joseph Murray's statement concludes with the line, "As Winston Churchill famously stated, ‘You have enemies? Good. It means that you’ve stood up for something, sometime...

SBF May Have Ruined the Disheveled CEO Look
SBF May Have Ruined
the Disheveled CEO Look

SBF May Have Ruined the Disheveled CEO Look

It now sends a disturbing message, writes 'NYT' fashion critic Vanessa Friedman

(Newser) - The financial misdeeds of fallen crypto wunderkind Sam Bankman-Fried are being dissected everywhere. In the New York Times , fashion critic Vanessa Friedman explores an entirely different angle to the story, suggesting that SBF's demise might also spell the demise, finally, of the "schlubby" fashion style of tech CEOs....

Take a COVID Test or Jump Into the Sea. They Jumped

'NYT' explores the story of missing Americans Isaac Danian and Shukree Abdul-Rashed

(Newser) - By the account of the captain of their sailboat, Americans Isaac Danian and Shukree Abdul-Rashed jumped from the boat as they neared the Pacific island of Wallis. A monthslong inquiry by authorities concluded that the captain was telling the truth and that both men were swept out to sea and...

New York Times Hit With First Mass Walkout in Decades

News Guild urges readers not to cross the 'digital picket line,' meaning no Wordle Thursday

(Newser) - Some 1,100 New York Times employees walked off the job beginning at 12:01am Thursday to protest that they still don't have a fair contract after more than 20 months of negotiations—and they want your help . "Read local news. Listen to public radio. Pull out a...

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