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COVID Strain Reaches US From Brazil

Variant found in Minnesota concerns Dr. Fauci because of the number of mutations

(Newser) - Minnesota health officials have confirmed they've found a new coronavirus variant in a patient, a strain that has been spreading fast in Brazil. It's the first known case in the US, the New York Times reports. The patient, who lives in the Twin Cities area and is now...

10 Best States for Retirement

Florida ranks No. 1 on WalletHub's list

(Newser) - If your golden years are approaching, or if early retirement is in the cards, where to decide to enjoy your post-work life can prove to be a challenge. WalletHub has tried to take some of the guesswork out of the process, examining nearly four dozen metrics in all 50 states,...

These States Are Safest During the Pandemic

You'll fare best dealing with COVID in Alaska, worst in Arizona

(Newser) - As the rollout of the various coronavirus vaccines continues, there's now a (still somewhat distant) light at the end of the pandemic tunnel. But with months to go before much of the population is vaccinated, it's important to keep up with safety and health guidelines, and to keep...

In Minneapolis, the First Police Killing Since George Floyd

City's police chief: Bodycam footage to be released of shootout that killed suspect

(Newser) - Less than a mile from where George Floyd was killed by Minneapolis police in the spring, a fatal police shooting during a traffic stop Wednesday evening spurred a protest and a plea from city officials to keep the calm. The city's police department says officers were conducting a traffic...

Minnesota Town Approves Permit for Whites-Only Church

Mayor says town couldn't afford legal battle

(Newser) - "Just because we voted yes doesn't mean we're racist," says Craig Kavanagh, mayor of a tiny Minnesota town that has granted a permit to a whites-only church. The Asatru Folk Assembly, which has been labeled a hate group by the Southern Poverty Law Center , says it...

Hunter Charged Over Bullet's Path

Minnesota's William Desmet charged with recklessly discharging a firearm

(Newser) - A Minnesota man's reckless shot while deer hunting could earn him prison time. William Desmet, 40, was hunting on property in central South Dakota with his uncle and another person on Nov. 14 when he allegedly shot through a shed and into a homeowner's bedroom, per the Mitchell ...

In Minnesota, a Showdown Between the State and a Bar

Minnesota has sued Alibi Drinkery and ordered it to stop serving patrons indoors

(Newser) - Another high-profile fight is taking place between a business trying to operate as usual amid the pandemic despite orders to curtail services. This time it's in Minnesota, where Democratic Gov. Tim Walz this week ordered bars and restaurants to cease offering indoor dining through Jan. 11. Coverage:
  • The bar:

Minnesota Decides to Free Myon Burrell

The 34-year-old was sentenced to life as a juvenile

(Newser) - A Black Minnesota man sent to prison for life as a teenager took his first steps of freedom Tuesday to the sound of ringing bells and cheering family members and supporters, hours after a pardons board commuted his sentence in a high-profile murder case. Myon Burrell's prosecution and harsh...

Minn. Drive-Thru Sees 2-Day, $10K Pay-It-Forward Chain

Minnesota nice is real

(Newser) - In a tough time for folks everywhere, a ray of holiday light seemed to concentrate on a Minnesota Dairy Queen last week, where one drive-thru customer began a pay-it-forward chain that continued for over 900 cars. Per CNN , it all began when one man offered to pay for the car...

Hunter Shot What He Thought Was a Deer. He Was Wrong

It was another hunter, who did not survive

(Newser) - Tragedy occurred last week in Minnesota when one hunter mistook another one for a deer and shot him—fatally. The surviving hunter told police he saw movement that looked like one of the animals, fired one round from his rifle, and then immediately called 911 upon discovering it had actually...

Here Are the Most Giving States in America

People there come together to help others through charity, volunteerism

(Newser) - Between charitable giving—last year, US donors ponied up nearly $450 billion for charity—and volunteerism, Americans keep opening up their wallets and their schedules to help those who are less fortunate. WalletHub wanted to see which states were especially benevolent, so it examined stats from all 50, looking at...

Hunter Got His Deer. Second Animal Was a Surprise

Minnesota man encounters an alligator

(Newser) - A Minnesota man who was tracking a large buck on the opening weekend of deer hunting season encountered a second animal he never expected—a 3-foot alligator, per the AP . Cory Klocek was hunting Saturday on farmland in East Bethel when he took down with a shotgun what he described...

Judge Allows Chauvin to Leave State for His Safety

Former officer charged in George Floyd's death can move while he awaits trial

(Newser) - The former Minneapolis police officer charged with killing George Floyd will be allowed to move out of Minnesota while he awaits trial. A judge gave "safety concerns" as the reason for the change in the terms of Derek Chauvin's release, the Star-Tribune reports. Chauvin was held in a...

Weird Coronavirus Find Turns Up in Lake Water

A University of Minnesota professor calls it 'very interesting'

(Newser) - A Minnesota professor has discovered the coronavirus in lake water—apparently the first such such find during the COVID-19 pandemic, the Pioneer Press reports. Richard Melvin of the University of Minnesota Medical School says he stumbled on SARS-CoV-2, which causes COVID-19, in samples culled from eight beaches along Lake Superior...

Congresswoman Sues Over Change in Election Day

Rep. Angie Craig doesn't want voting in her race postponed from November to February

(Newser) - Democratic Rep. Angie Craig is seeking a court order requiring that the November election in her Minnesota congressional race be held as scheduled instead of being delayed until February because a third-party candidate died, per the AP . Craig, who is seeking a second term in a competitive suburban and rural...

6 of the 10 Healthiest US Counties Are in One State

Colorado is doing something right

(Newser) - You can put good health habits into play no matter where you live, but some places just make it easier to adopt a healthy lifestyle. US News & World Report examined close to 3,000 counties (or county equivalents) across America, looking at more than 80 metrics across 10 categories:...

Pinned by a Tree for Days, He Broke Time Into Blocs

Minnesota's Jonathan Ceplecha was cutting down an oak tree when it fell on him

(Newser) - A Minnesota man who was taking down an oak tree on his property ended up being pinned by said oak tree for four long days. Now Jonathan Ceplecha, 59, has two broken legs and an amazing story of survival. The ordeal began on August 27, when Ceplecha tried to cut...

Guy Shows What to Do If You Get a $150K Surprise PPP Loan

Minnesota's Thomas Fahling doesn't own a small business but still got a chunk of pandemic cash

(Newser) - Imagine waking up and finding $150,000 magically deposited into your bank account. Thomas Fahling doesn't have to imagine it, because it happened to him one day this spring. The 73-year-old from Crystal, Minn., doesn't have his own business (he's a front-desk clerk), yet he somehow became...

Heroic Teenager Dies After Saving Her Family

Raina Lynn Neeland was only 18

(Newser) - A heroic Minnesota teenager is dead after saving her relatives from perilous river waters, the Star-Tribune reports. Raina Lynn Neeland, 18, pulled out the youngsters—including one who was only 6—from Clearwater Lake before losing her life. "Raina jumped in without hesitation and pulled three little ones out...

Looking for Stellar Health Care? Here's Where to Go

Massachusetts ranks No. 1 in WalletHub state rankings, Georgia brings up the rear

(Newser) - Health care is often at the top of many Americans' minds, but never has it been so critical as now, as we struggle through the coronavirus pandemic. To see which states have the best handle on health care, WalletHub looked at all 50 of them, plus the District of Columbia,...

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