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Zelensky Says Russia-Backed Coup Was Planned Next Week

Ukraine leader says security services have recordings of officials discussing plot

(Newser) - Ukraine's president made some stunning allegations at a press conference Friday. Volodymyr Zelensky said Ukrainian intelligence had received information that a coup was being plotted for Wednesday or Thursday next week. He said security services had obtained recordings of Russian and Ukrainian officials discussing a coup and mentioning the...

Thousands of Stalin Victims Found in Mass Grave

Up to 8K bodies were buried at site near airport in Odessa, Ukraine

(Newser) - The horrors of the first half of the 20th century left plenty of mass graves scattered across Ukraine—and historians believe they have uncovered one of the largest yet. Researchers say between 5,000 and 8,000 bodies are in 29 graves at a site detected during work to expand...

Murder Probe Opened After Belarus Activist Found Hanged

Fellow exiles say they had been warned that Vitaly Shishov was being watched

(Newser) - A Belarusian activist who fled the country for Ukraine after taking part in antigovernment rallies has been found hanged in a park—and police have opened a murder investigation. Police say they are investigating whether Vitaly Shishov was killed and his death framed as a suicide, the BBC reports. The...

Chatting With Men Seeking Ukrainian Wives Wasn't So Great

Veronika Melkozerova recounts job with matchmaking agency

(Newser) - It's perhaps not the most typical job for a university student: pretending to be the female Ukrainian clients of a matchmaking agency. As Veronika Melkozerova explains for Vice , the then-21-year-old Ukrainian student took the job in 2012 and was given anemic details about two women looking for "Western...

Ukraine Backtracks on Making Women March in Heels

'Women, like men, fight in combat boots'

(Newser) - Defense officials in Ukraine are taking flak over plans to have female cadets march in military fatigues and high heels. Activists and opposition lawmakers slammed Defense Minister Andriy Taran last week after photo were released of the women marching in the pumps with heels, which are normally part of the...

He Thought He Found Love in Ukraine. Then a 'Surreal' Twist

UK man tells BBC how he lost $250K in a Ukraine scam

(Newser) - "I was such an idiot." So declares a UK man identified only as James as he explains to the BBC how he became the victim of a $250,000 scam. The 52-year-old charity worker was in Ukraine when his translator set him up on a blind date with...

Ukraine's Soccer Uniform Ticks Off Russia

Shirt unveiled ahead of Euro 2020 includes Russia-annexed Crimea within Ukraine's borders

(Newser) - There's a push in many corners to keep politics out of sports, but with its latest move, Ukraine has made it clear it isn't part of that movement. On Sunday, less than a week before the Euro 2020 soccer championship kicks off on Friday, the country unveiled its...

Report: Giuliani Probe Is Focused on Diplomat's Firing
Report: Giuliani Raids
Linked to Ukraine Work

Report: Giuliani Raids Linked to Ukraine Work

Sources say firing of US ambassador to Ukraine is investigation's main focus

(Newser) - Rudy Giuliani's successful push to have the American ambassador to Ukraine removed may have come back to haunt him—again. Sources tell the New York Times that the effort to oust Marie Yovanovitch, which was raised during Donald Trump's first impeachment trial, is a main focus of the...

Federal Investigators Swoop on Giuliani's Apartment, Office

Sources say search is part of Ukraine probe

(Newser) - Federal investigators from the office Rudy Giuliani used to lead searched the former New York City mayor's Manhattan apartment and Park Avenue office early Wednesday, sources tell numerous outlets. Insiders tell the New York Times that Giuliani's electronic devices were seized in connection with an investigation of his...

Ukraine Suggests Chernobyl Should Land on List of Wonders

UNESCO designation could bring in tourists and spread a message of hope

(Newser) - The Great Barrier Reef. The Grand Canyon. The Great Wall of China. The Galapagos Islands. Chernobyl. One of these things is not like the others, but the gap could close if Ukraine gets its way. Monday is the 35th anniversary of the worst nuclear disaster the world has seen: The...

Russia to Pull Troops Back Near Ukraine, Weapons to Remain

The heavy weapons will be used during military exercise later this year, per defense minister

(Newser) - Russia's defense minister on Thursday ordered troops back to their permanent bases following massive drills in Crimea that involved 10,000 troops, 1,200 military vehicles, 200 warplanes, and 60 navy ships in a show of force amid tensions with Ukraine. "I consider the goals of the snap...

The Big Question in Ukraine: What Exactly Is Russia Up To?

There is a massive military buildup at the border

(Newser) - The presence of Russian forces along Ukraine's borders is growing. So too is the speculation, reports the New York Times , which is quick to state that few in the West or in Ukraine believe Russia will actually invade eastern Ukraine, which has been the scene of a 7-year-long war...

Biden Has Another Tense Call With Putin

He urged Russian leader to 'de-escalate tensions' with Ukraine

(Newser) - President Biden urged Russian President Vladimir Putin on Tuesday to "de-escalate tensions" following a Russian military buildup on Ukraine's border in their second tense call of Biden's presidency. Biden also told Putin the US would "act firmly in defense of its national interests| regarding Russian cyber...

Couple's Breakup Solution: Handcuffs

These constantly bickering Ukrainians are definitely creative

(Newser) - When Viktoria Pustovitova told Alexandr Kudlay she wanted to break up with him (again) after a relationship marred by constant fighting, Kudlay didn't write her a love poem, buy her flowers, or blast romantic ballads with a boom box outside her bedroom window. Instead, the 33-year-old Ukrainian had a...

What World Leaders Are Saying About DC Violence

'Disgraceful,' 'shocking,' and 'concerning'

(Newser) - “Disgraceful." That’s Boris Johnson’s take on images of Trump supporters storming the US Capitol on Wednesday, according to the Guardian . “The United States stands for democracy around the world and it is now vital that there should be a peaceful and orderly transfer of power,...

A Life Bookended By the Holocaust and a Pandemic

A survivor says she is losing time to tell her story

(Newser) - Toby Levy lost her teenage years to the Holocaust, hiding in a barn in what was then Chodorow, Poland. Nine people lived in a 4-by-5 space, not knowing if each day was their last, unable to make any noise, often unable to even look outside. Now, at 87, Levy is...

Another World Leader Tests Positive for COVID

'It's gonna be fine,' says Ukrainian president

(Newser) - Ukraine's President Volodymyr Zelensky is the latest world leader to test positive for COVID-19. The 42-year-old confirmed the diagnosis Monday and said he plans to self-isolate, Fox reports. "Despite all the quarantine measures, I received a positive test. I feel good & take a lot of vitamins,"...

New Ukraine-Russia Battle Is Over Borscht

Ukraine wants UNESCO to recognize dish as 'intangible cultural heritage'

(Newser) - While it may not rival the intractable hummus conflicts of the Middle East or the battles over baklava from Greece to Iran, a borscht dispute is simmering between Ukraine and Russia. Kyiv chef Yevhen Klopotenko has spearheaded an effort to have the beloved beet soup recognized as Ukraine's "...

Reports: Trump Knew Russian Assets Were Using Giuliani

US intelligence found Giuliani was the target of a Russian intelligence operation in Ukraine

(Newser) - US intelligence agencies warned the White House that Rudy Giuliani was the target of a Russian intelligence operation, and had contact with Russian assets, while in Ukraine last year, according to reports from the Washington Post and New York Times . Giuliani visited the country in December seeking information he thought...

Senate Panel to Subpoena Twitter CEO Over Biden Story
Widens Over
NY Post Story
on Bidens
the rundown

Controversy Widens Over NY Post Story on Bidens

Senate panel plans to subpoena Twitter CEO over restrictions on story

(Newser) - The controversy over a New York Post story about Joe and Hunter Biden is apparently not going to fade quickly. The Senate Judiciary Committee plans to vote next week to subpoena Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey over the site's decision to restrict tweets and retweets about the story, reports the...

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